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MapJam 8 - Film Noir
Cool jazz slides it's way into your eardrums, your companion draws in her cigarette, letting the smoke curl out slowly from her mouth. You take a sip of your vermouth and realise that it's time to get your black and white on.

This jam oozes sexiness and grittiness.

The rules are, greyscale only (fullbright color highlights are allowed). Being that making textures may be required, the deadline is Saturday October 8th.

The maps should be designed for or compatible with ARCANE DIMENSIONS so get with that shizzle yo.

For your consumption:

A small album with some theme images:

Some musics to get you in the mood:

Have fun mapping!
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Never underestimate the power of imagination. The oddest premises can boost creativity. If I was experienced enough, I know I would have loved the challenge. 
here are the desaturated wads you requested 
oh, thank you very much! BTW is semi-cyberpunk film noir theme fine too? I would like to combine technology a bit with that timeline. 
After all I need to do something like that, so it makes sense why there is monsters/laser enforcers and so on, they're from different planet I guess..

I really hope Quake didn't have any specific information about Earth and so on. It is a bit hard to figure out how to do things.. because I really want to include every jam map to bigger pack (episode) in the future. This maps theme is so different that it must be some kind of secret level.. like one in Episode 4 "The Nameless City". 
Personally I just got my motivation back after starting to listen this: 
Noir is a certain atmosphere, not a specific time period. Blade Runner can be considered noir, so your idea is perfectly valid. Plus, see post #86. 
By The Way 
This jam gave me some inspiration to experiment a few things on my own:
1) I need high contrast B&W textures with no greys, a la Frank Miller's Sin City, of different materials - wood, metal, stone, printed fabrics, ornaments, what-have-you... Does anyone know of such a texture pack or high contrast colored textures that could easily be converted to pure B&W?
2) Would it be feasible to have two fullbright rotfish, one red and one blue, as a tribute to Coppola's Rumble Fish? 
Here You Have WADs With High Contrast 
ID greyscale + high contrast
KNAVE greyscale + high contrast
KINGPIN greyscale + high contrast

I created them to make maps looking more like a comic book. When you set a proper light/shadow, it blends really nice.

Here I have some screens, but when used in darker light like this, they look kinda normal, they lose their potential:
Knave screenshot 01
Knave screenshot 02
Knave screenshot 03
Knave screenshot 04

But you could set some high "_minlight" to get nicer illustrative effects. Here are some fullbright screenshots from the editor:
Knave Fullbright screenshot from the editor 1
Knave Fullbright screenshot from the editor 2

So blending this two styles should give you nice effects. It's all about light and shadow.

(Caution: This WADs don't support fullbright colors yet. Buttons and arrows don't "glow" in the dark. I'll add them sometime this week.)

I keep original names, so you can just switch WADs to see how it works for you. It's much easier to see what's going on in the Editor too! You can just use them temporarily, during development process, and just switch back to Shamblernaut's WAD before final compilation. 
Thanks, Khreathor. That's not exactly what I wanted but it's a step in the right direction. I really need no greys at all, only textures made of pure black and pure white. I guess I could try to photoshop these. The only colors I would use would be for the couple of fullbright rotfish.

Speaking of, any idea about point #2? 
ye, get me one of those fancy blood-shimmer in the moonlight katanas done while you're at it. 
Is there a way to make a transparent brush blur the view behind it? I was thinking of having private eye office style doors with frosted glass. 
if you're looking for a pure black and white effect maybe look at sketchquake or NPR quake: 
Thanks Shamblernaut but these won't do. As I understand, SketchQuake and NPR are engines that modify the rendering style. That's interesting though, and I'll probably try them as a player at some point, but what I need is only textures, so that they can be used in any engine.

If I'm fast enough at building what I have in mind, it could even serve as a start map for this jam - I already have the skill names sorted out: The Big Easy, The Normaltese Falcon, Casablanc-hard and Nightmare Alley. 
As far as I know there aren't any engines that let you define brushes with specific shaders on them, which is the sort of thing you would need to change how geometry or textures looked through them. Sorry. 
Thanks Pritchard. I guess I'll have to make do with classic see-through transparency, then. 
Regarding A Start Map 
I'm already on it, looking forward to seeing your ideas though. 
What do you think about my idea for skill names inspired by movies? If you want you can use it, as is or modified to your liking. 
the start map is already movie themed, it might fit, i'll try it when i add the skills. 
Inside NEW Houses? 
Yeah, except those are mostly old houses/buildings* 
Yeah, retro theme and all... I was making a joke on your alias. 
Yeah, I know ~ I just didn't know NewHouse sounds weird/funny, if there is even Dr. Houses around. And it is literally converted from my surname which is "Uusitalo", but I can assume nobody could pronounce it properly enough.. so that is why I pick up "Newhouse" instead. 
Progress So Far? 
Just wondering, how people are doing, everything going as planned? 
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