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MapJam 8 - Film Noir
Cool jazz slides it's way into your eardrums, your companion draws in her cigarette, letting the smoke curl out slowly from her mouth. You take a sip of your vermouth and realise that it's time to get your black and white on.

This jam oozes sexiness and grittiness.

The rules are, greyscale only (fullbright color highlights are allowed). Being that making textures may be required, the deadline is Saturday October 8th.

The maps should be designed for or compatible with ARCANE DIMENSIONS so get with that shizzle yo.

For your consumption:

A small album with some theme images:

Some musics to get you in the mood:

Have fun mapping!
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Roll Call? 
Excited for this jam to release, but I am looking back at the last 50 and do not see a recent roll call.

From what I can gather it looks like Pritchard, NewHouse, and Shamblernaut...possibly Ionous?

Just curious! 
from memory it is skacky, pritchard, newhouse, and ionous with submissions, me with the start map

and any others that want to surprise us with a submission.

I've received 2 of the 4 entries so far :) 
so is the deadline in midnight 15th? I'm possible in a different time zone that you guys from usa I can assume? It will be hard for me to pull off everything in time. There is couple rooms that are very necessary I have to do in one day basically + play testing if there is enough time for that.

I focused more on middle part testing last week, and this week I have been spent on working on starting areas... please forgive me if something is totally shit, If I might rush it too much. 
Two rooms I need to finish then it is done - but it needs a lot of play testing (but I can only assume there is not enough time for that) : 
we'll wait for you to finish up your existing features... don't go adding more though =P

scope creep is a real thing. 
I will not add anything new, especially because I constantly find out that I haven't even finished other parts that I started. >_>;

what will be the name of my map file? jam8_newhouse?
and it teleports to what map? jam8_start? 
yep those are the names :) 
Hey, I'm play testing my map, how do you put name to your map? It wasn't mapname key? 
"message" key in the worldspawn entity. 
Post Count +1 Hype 
...3 years you said you've been practising mapping. It's pretty unbelievable you wouldn't know the answer already. Or how to find out 
That question has been a common one for legitimate reasons for ages. It's also hard to search for. 
I sent mail* 
Release The Kraken !!! 
Yeah, Gimme 
I have been refreshing all day ;-; 
ETA Approx 12 Hours. 
Sorry guys, it will be released in about 12 hours.

I've had a busy day and I found a secret map I had stashed away to pad the content a bit. Otherwise it would have been just 3 maps. 
I'd say that's worth it. Sadly the turnout for this jam has been quite low :(
I wonder if it's because of the theme, it's certainly... non-traditional. I think it's a nice theme, but it was obvious that people weren't so keen pretty early on.

Oh well! I'm sure it'll be a great release anyway, after all my map is in it.

Someday I wish to reach the point where I have almost-ready-to-go maps just laying around on my computer, to the degree that I can forget they exist and then rediscover them at a convenient time... 
To be honest, because of playtesting it took 2-3 hours more for me to be sure I can sent my map even for this contest. I started pretty early but my school and social life ate so much time. Hopefully things I made created at least decent amount of gameplay.

So I used desaturated texture wads but didn't tested it on with that specific palette you shared.. because I assumed in the end I just need to send bsp(+lit) files only? So hopefully everything else is, something I didn't need to focus on that much? It is going to be black and white anyway. 
Did you get my mail btw? 
Yeah, I Have All The Maps. 
Just a little bit of polish on my end here then it will be good to go :)

bsp, lit, map (if you want) and readme 
I will not share my .map because it is like total mess. ;) 
So how many maps in the end? 4 maps + start map? 
I will not share my map neither, because it's just a simple box with a dog standing in the middle. ;) 
Good Enough For Texan Style 
I Submitted A News Thread 
I'm waiting for it to be approved by a mod.

Remember to record demos :)

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