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Map Jam 7 - Back To Base Released
Download (45 MB including Quoth):

Screenshot medley:

Map Jam 7 is a single player Quake experience employing the Quoth mod, comprising of a start map - jam7_start - and five technologically-inclined maps.

Thanks to the mappers that took part:

Please remember to record a demo of yourself playing each level. There's a few first-time mappers here, and I'm sure they'd love to get some feedback on their respective maps.
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Some "classic" Pro Tips For You 
gl_flashblend 1
gl_fullbrights 0
gl_overbright 0
gl_overbright_models 0

"Enjoy" your classic 1997 look. 
was going to say you could even use "-bpp 16" for that crunchy voodoo look, but I saw your blog mentioned Mac and QS doesn't seem to be able to get a 16-bit GL context on Mac. 
>I prefer the look of the game when it reached full maturity.
>GL Quake

GLQuake was never officially finished, and it is unsupported

The only fully mature port of the game is WinQuake. But I give up on stating facts.

Besides, what usually matters the most is the user perspective, and in this sense, "That is how I played back in the day" is what matters. 
Some "classic" Pro Tips For You #2 
gl_flashblend 1
gl_fullbrights 0
gl_overbright 0
gl_overbright_models 0

"Enjoy" your classic 1997 look.

And don't forget to turn off "model interpolation" 
Yes it can't be stressed enough that the look of crappy old GL Quake is not a "classic look", it's the look of a half-finished tech demo that was idly spunked out on a bored sunday by Carmack.

I do agree that 640x480 is optimal for quake, but yes I agree with others that - good lord - I have no earthly idea why you'd then want texture filtering and AA with that (and to be honest it would be more pleasant having battery acid squirted into my eyes, than to enable that simply ghastly old coloured .lit pack ~ shudder ~)

That said, this is just opinion and please don't take this as personal criticism - the important thing is that each individual can tweak the settings to their taste. 
Quake Hitler Strikes Again! 
Let me put it this way - I'd rather be chased down by a grizzly bear whilst lost in the woods at night, than play quake with those settings. And after hours of terrified running, I'd trip over a protruding tree root and collapse in a shattered heap as the grizzly bear immediately pounces on me, and proceeds to bugger me senseless. In my last dying seconds of consciousness, as I feel my ruptured bowels filling with rancid ursine semen, literally the only thought going through my head will be "Thank fuck I'm not playing Quake with those settings as described that one time in that thread on func, you know the ones I mean" 
In the same way that I played the GL version of Quake I also played the Doom 95 version of Doom the longest which upgraded the resolution to 640x480.

With broken proportions, IIRC (you had to use 640x400 to get the intended look).

And don't forget to turn off "model interpolation"

You're saying it like it's supposed to be on.

What I would do in addition to those settings is to find a way to tell the engine to molest all NPOT art assets into scaled ass. 
I Dont Think Quake Hitler Would Let Himself 
be buggered by a bear. 
#140 @killpixel 
host_maxfps 144

Isn't more than 72 breaking the physics?
Elevators hurting your ass etc. 
Nope, Not At That Fps (I Think) 
I would raise it some more but then things start to break. I use army guy on the first e1m1 elevator as a test. 
Had to Google ursine. Humorous and educational! 
Finally Played This 
demos here

There were some nice new ideas in a few of the maps. The one with the yellow rings in particular. With some more hand holding and polish it could be really great.

Ionous map as usual was bonkers detailed but was a bit short and I got stuck as I didn't see a ladder (daz'd it hard)

Rob's map initially was very interesting but ended up being pretty standard. Cool hero prop!

The one where you start in the vents was annoying and I died to 327 backspawned enemies. It was very dark and the start was not good as I stayed in the vent and slowly picked off each enforcer = not fun game play. Cool idea to let the player see various parts of the level in the vents. vent grates looked like they should break but didn't.

The level with the DOOM style area lockdowns and vending machines was cool but also way to dark and no way near enough supplies. Hilarious grenade vending machine. I thought it would give me ammo :) 
You can get more than enough ammo from the nail machine. Spend 5, get 50. Rinse and repeat. Also, you can pick up a flashlight somewhere. It should make your life easier. Will you make a YT video of this? 
It really made me happy to hear such a positive yet constructive 'good' feedback from you DaZ, it is really nice to hear how much you enjoyed gameplay and its challenge and wasn't annoying at all, such a pro player. And you even enjoyed darkness and colored lights, it sure gave such a creepy cold mood to the atmosphere. And ambushes felt really well done and thought out, yet so challenging compared to map's size. (sarcasm)

Don't worry, hopefully extended version has better everything even for you. 
Thanks Daz for playing my map, I have to admit that it was difficult to watch.

However, as you struggled through so did I and I got some nice pieces of feedback from you.

I like the idea of giving the player a "give me" ring so they know what to look for. I also will definitely plan on more visual language in the form of arrow textures and the like.

7 secrets is a pretty good for the first run and what a hilarious ending! 
Try out updated version, if you are interested even.

But seriously, there is couple things I need to figure out. BTW it was painful to watch, you just give up literally, and made everything look worse than it is really. And not getting mood at all, it felt like some kind of raging bee ready to attack.. totally not what to do in this specific map.

1) how to make players not running like madman, and more being patient "thief like". A) is it because the distance wasn't long enough or didn't elevator do its job already, how to make it dramatic/scary.
The actual blue color gives a mood of tactical element, am I right? B) I could place there moveblock and send message "wait..", but that is cheap to be honest. I can't force player to jump down, if he is too afraid facing couple more projectiles to be dodged while shooting.

2) I need to remove that blood effect, because it wasn't intended. And since everyone nowadays things they can break everything, it should be breakable even though it wasn't intended, I cut bars only so player can see through them, I didn't wanted to place there windows or something like that.

3) "cheap enforcers" maybe the only part were I didn't pull off good spawning, I just opened door, and spawned them in front of it "like they came from that door", but it indeed needs another door for that.

4) rocketeers are deadly when placed correctly, you just witnessed it. 
how to make players not running like madman

This is a tough one because after 20 years I feel like I can handle just about anything a map author throws at me, therefore there isn't really much fear of tearing it around a level and activating all the enemies. With that said, certain levels do get me to slow down and pay attention to the environments. Generally any Sock map achieves this because there is always something to find (secret, a shortcut, etc) which requires some study and thought.

The actual blue color gives a mood of tactical element, am I right?

I didn't feel that at all. Sorry :)

I can't force player to jump down

I think the solution would be to place the enforcers so that they cant see the player up in the vent, then see them once they drop down into the room.

everyone nowadays things they can break everything

It was the detail of the bars and the blood effect on first hit that made me think they would be breakable. If they looked more sturdy it wouldn't have been an issue.

cheap enforcers + rocketeers

The problem with this part was that I was already engaged in front of me and all my attention was there, and iirc there was no in indication of anything happening behind me until I had laser bolts up my arse.

I think the ambush could work but you need to afford the player some anticipation of it happening with some sort of environmental que, be it sound or visual (or both).

Sorry I didn't continue after that. Situations like that in levels feel really cheap to me and really grind my gears so I moved on. 
regarding part one, the quake ai isn't really geared up toward waiting because of the proximity aggression.

what you might consider doing is showing the player the path of the enemies first, so that they can then choose to fight or wait till they pass. 
Sorry, replace "waiting" for "stealth" in my first sentence. 
Shamblernaut & DaZ 
Thanks that makes it bit more clear how to continue working on these features.

One of the problems was this, in the beginning (while you being inside vents), enforcers(other enemies) can't see you until you touch trigger which kills viewblock. But if player runs over it, there is no viewblock and this happens. One thing is that player always running (default), what makes it harder to start slowly. Anyway, if player waits and follows, you can see enforcers marching to that other room with pillars.. grate's had cut bars, so player can focus their eyes on important things like "oh there is lighting gun", "..but there seems to be workers waiting for me".

'Enforcers from behind' I added sounds to those doors, so in updated version you should hear door opening noice behind you. But other than that, it is pretty much the same, it was meant to be a bit unfair situation.. because the following part is something, you need to be prepared to. 
Ursine Semen 
next jam theme pls 
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