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Quake For Oculus Rift
I found some time recently to update my fork of Quakespasm to support the current Oculus Rift 1.4 SDK. I also rebased everything on Quakespasm 0.91.0 today - this allows you to play Arcane Dimensions in all its VR glory.

Still a gorgeous game after all these years!

Some more info & video:

OMG I need to start saving money for the Rift. Guess it looks awesome. 
The Gpl Sucks. 
VR library licensing+GPL = noooooooes! :(
OSVR looks like the best bet in that regard, the others all had something that was obviously incompatible like no source or licenses that enforce vendor lock-in (I Am Not A Lawyer, there baker, are you happy now?). 
I just saw the video. Looks nice and steady. A really good job.

I just wanted to point out something about the console messages and the status bar (the 2D section of Quake): my personal preference regarding the location of these elements is to have them always visible in front. To do that in my project, I had to ditch the orthogonal matrix setup and use the SDK's perspective one, apply some scaling, no rotation of any kind, and then placing all 2D elements at z = -4 (done automatically in the vertex shaders for the 2D elements). It seems to work just fine in my setup, so if you're interested in doing the same that's the trick I used :)

(See, told ya: I simply cannot stop talking about it :D ) 
I Am Not A Lawyer, there baker, are you happy now?

Sure, hehehe ;-) 
Ultra sick. +1 for Vive support if you get the chance. Happy to test as needed. :) 
Rebase To 0.92.0 
You should rebase this to 0.92.0.

The unreleased 0.91.1 had a bad bug which is fixed in
0.92.0. (see: 
Nice One,. 
The game starts ... and sets the texture mode to NEAREST for the proper, pixelated oldschool vibe.

0/10, WNB etc 
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