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Quake Live Workshop
Quake Live it have a workshop

Enjoy map's from our community and Favorite and Vote them up =)
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You'll Shoot Your Eyes Out 
Is Lunaran's level workshopped? 
I Haven't Done It 
I don't mean to be the guy who posts an allcaps facebook update declaring that mark zuckerberg doesn't have my permission to own my photos, but I am curious about licensing/ownership surrounding what's added to the workshop.

Section 6 seems intended to grant Valve the right to take screenshots and pimp your shit on the Steam frontpage with them if it wants, but does so by declaring that it has right to anything that falls under the definition of derivative works with regard to anything related to the operation of Steam.

Can any legal/licensing mavens clarify? 
My gut feeling is it's a boilerplate agreement and Valve didn't read it closely enough or give enough of a shit to change it. They don't want your maps. 
Never Attribute To Stupidity What Can Be Explained By Malice 
I'm sure Gabe is sitting in his golden tower, fingers tented, smiling a shark-like grin as he consumes Quake deathmatch levels and adds them to his empire. He feeds on your suffering. 
I Don't Care 
as long as someone plays my old cobwebbed shit 
I wouldn't really worry too much about it that much. If Valve wanted to steal your map they'd likely instead just pay you like $5k for it which is far easier than any legal battle... I very much doubt that small paragraph is anywhere near enough to take your intellectual property or copyrights if you ever actually went to court over it. 
I think someone is trying to contact you about your maps, they seem to be on workshop already! :) 
In Moments Such As This 
The masters of the dark arts, such as myself, say 'ayyy lmao' 
The guy says he'd sent you an email asking for permission but it bounced. 
searching my name only brings up a single map Ididn't upload myself!...

vondur's... a map I tested and he thanked me in the readme... 
Put "Feel the Way you Hate" up!

I also had "Space Invaders N Junk" up too... but it was super broken in Quakelive... so I'll have to fix that someday... 
(someday is likely codeword for 'never') 
They don't want your maps.

I'm sure Valve is a rosy, angelic organization that would never do anything heinous and has only your best interests at heart. I'm less sure that they're "never" going to be bought by an organization that isn't and would and doesn't. Everyone would have followed Reddit's beneficent, hands-off management into battle the day before jailbait shockingly stopped being okay anymore. Legal agreements last a longer than your positive attitude toward a company.

ayyy lmao

I think asking about licensing is a pretty reasonable thing to do in this case. 

I don't have feelings about Valve one way or the other. But they're a business out to make money ... Taking jer Q3 mapz isn't going to make them money. So the odds are good that this isn't a honeypot they set up to trap unsuspecting mappers. 
> But they're a business out to make money ...

> Taking jer Q3 mapz isn't going to make them money.

Why are they doing it then? 
Because Steam. Steam makes money. Stealing your Quake3 maps does not.

Keeping people engaged with Steam makes Valve money over the long term.

That's why they do it. 
Frankly, I would have assumed everyone here would have inherently known that but ... well, hope that helps! 
I've made a collection on steam of everyone's QL maps so that grabbing all of them will be easy. I will update the collection as and when people convert their Q3 maps over to QL and upload them to workshop.

This should be handy for when people join us on our custom maps servers once we get the stupid port forwarding shite worked out! 
I'll say it again.

I don't give a shit what their intentions are right now.

I don't give a shit what their business model is right now.

What concerns me is what they have the legal power to ever do.

If you don't think a big game publisher with bored, expensive lawyers on retainer would try to seize ownership of something that they have no idea how to monetize just in case someone else out there does, you should try working for Activision. I've dealt with this before and I'm not fucking dealing with it again.

My original question "Can anyone here clarify?" has been answered. I'll ask someone else. 
Sure, do what you gotta do. Happy New Year! :) 
If I buy QL for 2 bucks, can I play Lun's maps or not? 
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