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Quake Live Workshop
Quake Live it have a workshop

Enjoy map's from our community and Favorite and Vote them up =)
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Let's Try Some! 
Hmm, nothing is tagged? I was hoping the Maps tag would work. 
I don't think many authors are uploading their own works... just a handful, and the rest are people going through LvL and uploading stuff without much care. Don't maps need to be recompiled (or packaged?) specially for them to work on QuakeLive? 
QL no longer requires that you munge the pk3 through an xor encoding. However the textures and sounds available out-of-the-box in QuakeLive are different than in Q3. 
mm, maybe I should put my q3 maps up then, at least the couple more recent ones at least. 
Do It 
Everyone. Then makes func msgboard list that I can follow and get all the maps :) 
Anyone Plays CTF In Europe? 
By the way, QL is on sale for 2 bucks at the moment. Not as good as free, but still a fine game to have in one's library. And now that the F2P model has been dropped, everyone has the ability to create and customize private or public matches. 
Kind of strange that Quake Live was turned into a paid item but I never had to pay for it. It doesn't show up in my library properly but I get the option to install it when I go on the purchase page. I'm guessing if you had already installed it previously then you get it for free? 
Yes, it's tied to your account if you installed it through Steam at any time before the switch. The store page says 17 people on my friends list own the game, yet the detailed page only shows 7. Some of you might just be able to simply install it from the store page as well. 
I had installed it through Steam when it was free, but I uninstalled it before it became paid. I wonder if Steam will allow me to install it for free again.

Anyway, that's more a question about how Steam tracks ownership of free games than about QL itself. I don't play online. 
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