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Retro Jam 4: Episode 4 Released. Boo!
Retro Jam 4 is a pack of eight Elder World themed, old school designed levels created just in time for All Elders Day. Err...

Thanks to everyone who took part in this spontaneous mapping outburst:


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That Scampie's Angled Teleporter 
was the second wow moment of this jam. I walked 3 or 4 times there just to enjoy that effect.
The first wow moment for me was Tens' "lights off and spawn sounds nearby". I was sure that quake maps could not scare me anymore. But I was wrong.

I love surprises in quake maps (if they don't insantly kill you). I hope to see more sudden things like those in quake maps in future. 
A Lot 
Of wacky ideas all cool stuff was explored though - Negke's stuff comes to mind. 
Nothing New Under The Sun. 
Many thanks to Daz and Elgu for streaming and showing the skills:)

Nightmare 100% on Red Hatred:

Playthrough on nightmare in two parts with loading a save before the pit:

Shambler, you could also choose not to jump down into the pit.

The effect in Scampie's can be found in the first 100brush competition: stamppot by zippie is the map.

Hard 100%demo on retrojam4_pulsar:

I recall what I read in the Nehahra thread:

#82 posted by HeadThump [] on 2005/10/25 15:22:53

'Inside of every player is a masochist, inside of every mapper is a sadist, and most often they cohabitate in the same specimen --'

Inside Of Every Mapper Is A Sadist
#83 posted by PuLSaR [] on 2005/10/25 16:17:03

'yeah it is' 
I Wonder 
why negke didn't make a map for this jam, considering his love to spawns.

So that makes me a spawn king of this jam =) 
Don't remember the session, must have been in the early 2000s. There was a angled door with fantasy (Alice?) textures iirc. 
100 Brush Map, In The First Pack 
Not a sm. 
Yep, that was the one.

All it takes is an 'angles' '0 0 -90' key on the teleport destination. Sadly it seems the view angle can only be tilted so much in either direction... But it does rotate monsters!

Originally the map was going to be 'just give the player all the powerups in the world', and I just had a shit ton of monsters and quads and pents and all 4 runes everywhere... but a tarbaby kept accidentally going into that teleporter and rotating which was absolute nightmare fuel. Also the map wasn't interesting at all, you need so much space for 'lots of powerups' to really work... so I changed it to be more of a small lowkey puzzle. 
Retrojam4_PuLSaR Easy Runs
I think the second route should be faster, though much harder too.
The quad gj might be doable without the RA. It should be possible
to do it much farther from the exit, possibly off a fiend. 
Are We Certain That Tens Isn't French? 
Are We Certain That Parubaru's Second Route... 
...isn't just the same as the first route with a very slow Quad gj added? 
You're Right, It's Pretty Much The Same. Apologies. 
Also, my quad gj is very slow indeed.
However, taking the RA makes the beginning a bit slower, but the quad boost should more than compensate for it, I thought. Unfortunately I lack the skill to demonstrate it clearly. 
Less "My Tower Is An Eye Full" 
More "Yank My Doodle, It's a Dandy". My paternal grandfather's side of the family tree was Belgian, but that's the closest I've ever been to French. Sorry.

Hon hon hon. 
Honk Honk Honk. 
Nice runs! I was wondering if anyone could find the GL secret. It requires some patience and ammo. It was added in the last minutes just for fun. 
I don't know what's wrong with these people, your Sandy's Hollow is my favorite. Well paced, not crazy hard but challenging, enough variation and beautiful, very well finished.

The other one that striked me by the looks was Zwiffle's Shotgun Fornication. Moody atmosphere, very evil and well finished. Short, but fun.

Its same-episode brother is Textfish's The Wretched Alcazar. I liked Zwiffle's looks better, but this one has more fun gameplay.

About the demos... you don't wanna see them, it's embarassing. 
Overall comment, to make our jam host hate me even more: Tarbaby is a lame fucked up monster. Sorry. 
It's nice for the panic it induces in a player, but the outcome of a spawn encounter is just too random, and hitting them at the right time/at all is too based on luck, for me to see them as useful for anything other than the occasional comedy monster. Not without tweaking them. 
^ Exactly 
Thanks for the kind words adib.

As for spawns, I don't think they need to be serious. Quake was never pitched as a serious shooter, there's a dark humour in it that is quite unique. When placed correctly the spawn is fairly predictable, usually long corridors. In smaller rooms they are much less predictable.

The whole point of the SNG trap in my level was to do a "gotcha" on the player, this is the same with most of the monster placement in the map too. 
The nail traps helped me beat some monsters. I always try to use them. I wish I could use one as a turret, like a fixed cannon or chaingun. Some games have these. 
The Wretched Alcazar has no intermission camera. Just a heads up. 
Nought Wrong With Spawns 
Spawns are only as unfair as the designer who places them. Hell, after you hear their sight sound you have about 3 hours to shoot them before they even start moving.

Disagree about spawn combat being random. Just slap em with shotgun at distance and dodge them if close. 100% skill. 
That's Interesting. 
I didn't know that Spawn movement was predictable enough to reliably slap them with shotgun at distance and dodge them if close as a matter entirely of skill, certainly compared to Fiends. I always thought that Spawns had no indication of their facing so no indication where they were jumping until they actually did so.

Could you show some examples of this predictability and thus 100% skill -based tactics to dealing with them? 
Obviously I know full well they have a mouth thing. But that doesn't seem to reliably show their precise jump direction compared to a Fiend's facing. 
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