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Map Jam 5 : The Qonquer Map Jam RELEASED
The Conquer Map Jam contains 8 new levels where your skirmishing skills will be pushed to the limits.

Fight to the death in multiple arenas, many of which contain traps and tricks more deadly than the enemies themselves!

Thank you very much to the authors who submitted their work for this jam :


Additional thanks to Onetruepurple and Primal for additional testing!

Download Map Jam 5 :

Screenshot :

H Y P E ! ! !
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You did use func_detail, right? 
Damn, I feel bad playing some of these levels. .. you guys killed it! Really, really nice stuff... 
Cant Get Hypnos's Map To Run 
getting a hunc alloc failed on 160 bytes. 
Whoever Finds Where The Title Of Mine Comes From Wins Shambler Dung 
Arrrcee: I really liked the aesthetic of that one. It's a tad blocky but the textures work well and convey a very malevolent feel, something you'd see in Doom pretty often for instance. Fits the theme the most with WarrenM's. It's quite challenging because of low amount of health kits.

Fifth: Man I'm glad you decided to release it because it's a lot of fun. Good use of Lunaran's IKWhite textures and very interesting arena overall. It gets nasty pretty fast especially with all these Vores up high (and that one a bit below too). Clipping is a bit agressive in the alcoves but that is a nitpick. I'd have made the lower platform with the shell box an elevator, but that's about it. Had a lot of fun with that one.

Hypnos: Excellent first release. Welcome to the world of Quake! I love that foggy aesthetic and that castle looks pretty ominous in the white mist. Good use of the rusty water slime thing too. It's probably the most interesting arena with ijed's, and it is incredibly brutal and hard. I made it to wave 9 on my first run but didn't record a demo sadly. There are a couple of tiny issues with it, the most annoying being some sort of borked collision when descending to the small nail box from the golden backpack pad, which almost always results in you falling the slime. It's the only issue I have with it though!

ijed: Super interesting arena with various playstyles. It feels like an oldschool DM map and it's just a lot of fun. Reminded me of E3 on acid. I like the fact that the only healing source was a mega (at least in the style I played).

mfx: Insanely good, mate. Not a single nitpick except maybe the fact that the lava textures are misaligned BUT I don't think you can do anything about this. In any case I loved every second of it, especially the quad area in the sky arena. Bloody brilliant map.

Scampie: That one feels so cozy. It's like Unreal meets Spyro. Love the different arenas. Rocky Rapids is really fun and you are a vicious bastard throwing in Shamblers there. :p
The crusher/bars arena is pretty cool too but it would've worked better with A LOT more monsters imo.

WarrenM: LOVE the aesthetic of that one. It feels incredibly evil and fits the theme perfectly. I had throwbacks to both Doom and Warpspasm with that one. I've had monsters that didn't aggro properly and stayed where they were, which made me go treasure hunting. You still have some skip surfaces too. Other than that it's great. I like the armor mechanic too.

Skill 3 demos: 
skacky: Probably you saw some pareidolic labia in your favorite woman-filmed erotica? :P

hypnos' easily is my favourite, such great and unique atmosphere, only missing some rain effects and volumetric fog.

I tried playing the maps a bit but the gameplay bores me, it's like nazi zombies but slower. 
oh and mfx needs to install the soundtrack, you lunaran 
Cool Demos Skacky 
You did well. I was surprised that no shamblers spawned, very weird. I usually get 2-3 shamblers per round! Then I did some testing on nightmare to discover shamblers rarely, if ever, spawned but on easy and normal they flow like candy from a pedos van at the last school bell.

Maybe something broke on the mod? I didn't do anything with the difficulty settings (I probably should have). 
FWIW, Qonquer doesn't care about difficulty settings ... From what I can remember anyway. 
First runs on five maps by ArrrCee,FifthElephant,
hypnos,WarrenM and mfx recorded in this order: 
Trying To Download The Pack On Quake Injector 
"Couldn't open file! Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream"
Anybody know what's wrong here? 
I wasn't able to get it to install via Injector either. Had to do it manually... 
Darkplaces Demo Thing 
Apparently the demo format is a problem for Darkplaces, and causes it to stop with an somewhat uninformative error message. You can add an option to the command line to jump to a particular map, for example +map start to go to the start map. This skips playing the demo and it should work.

I only dusted off the DP engine I still have around to compare some rendering things versus Quakespasm. If I had done this while testing it would have been useful for Daz to know before the release, but I'm sorry to say, I didn't think of it then. 
I have the same problem as you with Hypnos' map :( I have no idea what causes it and none of the other testers had that problem so I assumed it was something silly with my set up.

Very strange! Can you post your config and startup parameters so I can compare and get to the bottom of this! 
Daz, Here's How I Roll - 
My game.bat file -

fitz.exe -heapsize 128000 -game func_mapjam5 +map qstart

And a pastebin of my .cfg files - 
I have deleted all my cfg files and it now works.

Something kooky with my configs then. 
That's what I told DaZ to do and he didn't do it. :p 
"Qonquer doesn't care about difficulty settings ... From what I can remember anyway."

There's at least some difference between normal and hard. In the first wave, hard will spawn 2 enemies at once whereas normal will only spawn 1. Not sure about the rest of the waves, but I bet it's much the same. Also, you do not regenerate health on hard. 
I'll try and find out which config setting is causing this crash. FOR SCIENCE! 
The Injector error might be due to the malformed filename of the zerst´┐Żrer.wad. At least I get garbage when I look at it with 7z or anything else here. There is also a .DS_Store dir in the qcc/ dir.

I guess it is not UTF-8 or something? 
Found The Crash 
gl_subdivide_size "16" causes Hypnos' map to crash out with the error FifthElephant gives.

If you change the variable back to its default of 128, the map loads just fine.

So, mystery solved :) 
Hypnos' Map 
Seems to need -heapsize 256, at least with fitz family engines.The high memory use is coming from the huge water surface being subdivided into little triangles for r_oldwater 1.
Performance is pretty rough with r_oldwater 1 as well (check out r_showtris 1 to see why!), best to use r_oldwater 0. 
Daz has the better answer, I also had gl_subdivide_size set to 16 for some reason. 
"There's at least some difference between normal and hard. In the first wave, hard will spawn 2 enemies at once whereas normal will only spawn 1. Not sure about the rest of the waves, but I bet it's much the same. Also, you do not regenerate health on hard. "

You're right! I noticed those things watching some of the demos so .. yes, it cares about skill level!

You'd think I would know that but ... well, it's been awhile. 
Qonquer is pretty cool but I wish it spawned monsters faster, at least on higher difficulty levels (or let the map designer choose the frequency). 
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