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New Q1SP: FMB-bdg2
As close to being finished as it will ever be, the end is not as originally planned but it is still playable.

Only tested in Fitzquake. Some music switches missing in the last map so you will either put up with it, or not play it :)

Not all short-cuts bring reward, and if you play on hard AND find the runes, you will get a nominally different ending.

UPDATE: quaddicted mirror:
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Red Window. 
Ah, tried that and did it first go. Cool secret. So much detail in these secrets.

I like the few one-shot secrets, surprisingly. Just goes with the style of the maps. 
Zombie Grate 
@the silent, you have to shoot the hinge of the grate to make it drop, which sort of makes sense, but it was missing the visual language! Secrets ending in frustration don't feel good when complete. 
Ah, Yes... 
I did shoot a DS round, so I did not catch the fact that you had to shoot the hinge. Bullets spread did the trick...

Tbh, I think that I opened it first time by chance in the process of circle strafing ogres while DSing... 
SPOILER (Map 3): Finishing Without The Runes 
Once you have the gold key, make your way top of the tower (use RL if your way is locked). Jump at the roof of the final buildings whose door is the golden door. Quickly jump in front of the golden door and enter in before guardians attack kill you. If you get the pentagram before jumping down on the roof it will be a lot easier. 
If you play on Hard and find the runes, you get a small treat at the end of the map (don't expect too much!)

Two runes are visible but not easy to get to; two runes are hidden and require exploration. Some jumping is required but no trick jumps. 
Where;s My Treat Motherfucker?? 
Completed it once with 3 runes and a pent, and then again with 4 runes, I didn't get any treats, I want chocolate or something... 
I am SO sorry, I hadn't spotted the "Chocolate bonus fell out of level at 0,0,0" error. I guess that's my mapping career well and truly over then :( 
Is where this joint really shines.

Epic. (Death Knights by the dozen in narrow corridors armed only with shotgun suck Mean Bananas, though).

Did not find any difference (apart from the obvious) in map 3. Played on Hard, got all secrets, got all runes... What would the "nominally different ending" be? 
Where The Hell Is Thr Fourth Rune? 
htH x 
If It's Not There 
try down in the big lava cave. 
Cant Find Four Runes 
got the one in the lava cave so obviously missing some other one.

Anyhow, decided to not look anymore for it and just got the pent secret to get past the guardians. Anticlimactic end with the 4 ogres behind the door but everything up until then I really really liked.

Gameplay was occasionally more of a grind than fun but it wasnt as relentless as in some of tronyn's maps and so oyu had plenty of downtime to admire the scenery and soak it all in.

Really classy stuff. 
Same Story, Different Ending... 
The difference on hard is that if you get the 4 runes, you get the 'DKnight's tribute' at the exit. They don't appear in the easier skill levels and are missing if you get the Pent in Hard mode. (There is also one other way that you get the tribute without the runes but that was a result of never finishing the map and although I should take complete responsibility for that error, I have decided instead to blame my dead pet spider)

That's why I said nominally different. But of course if you only played on hard AND got the runes first time, you wouldn't see even a nominal difference, would you. Could be a reason to play it again on wimp mode jut to see what the plebs see (snigger, snigger). 
Had a lot of fun playing these. Got my ass handed to me a lot at various stages, but I just got used to saving a lot (I'm a bit out of practice with quake too).

Can see a few ways in which this isn't really "finished", but what the hell, I still had a great time. Thanks for getting this out!

Going to have to play again now I know roughly speaking what's going on... 
I just watched Than's demo, which was great until he died.

I am archiving all my Quake stuff (for posterity, you understand) and would love to see any more demos that anyone made of any of the BDG2 maps. Watching someone else play my maps is such great fun: I'm shouting at the screen, "you walked past that secret", "watch your back here", "noooo, don't go in there yet you haven't got enough ammo to survive".

And I also marvel at the mouse and jumping skills, which I just never mastered, and the different ways that players attack things. Anyway, if anyone has got any 'ego boosts' for me I would be grateful. 

Not first runs by a long way but the maps are confusing enough (in a good way) that they might as well be. I did try to recreate some of the chaos and nonsense of my first runs, especially in maps 1 and 2 where I try pretty hard to break the progression.

1 + 1a - first map, think I died in lava.

2 + abcd - second map, I really fucked the progression in this one AND died in lava.

3 _ a + a_alt - third map, with a choice of endings. 
I really appreciate the time and trouble you have taken.

I have only watched the first one but from my point of view it was brilliant. You took all sorts of short cuts and although the Slaughter Room didn't work as planned, it was still good to watch. And the map still stood up well even though you were hitting triggers at the wrong time and in the wrong order.

I am sorry you fell in the lava right near the end; I think the Vermis was just about to die but it meant you missed my explosions there, and I had spent a lot of time on those trying to get the timing right.

I will watch the rest soon and give you a response.

Thanks again. 
I will definitely record a demo this weekend. After all, you deserve as much love as Sock has been getting lately :) 
Excellent news, thanks. 
Worked through them; it was quite intense in places and they were great fun to watch. I could almost hear you saying to yourself sometimes, "I know I am supposed to go that way but I'm going THIS way". That made me smile.

And some of the jumping skills were very impressive. I had placed a red armour in a position that you could see early but would not get until later. But oh no, Shambler wanted it early and jumping off two walls managed to get it.

There was several hundred man-hours work in the maps but seeing these demos makes it all worthwhile. Once again, thanks for taking time out. 
Tried Again 
to complete the map, I'm finding it way too hard to do. I got fairly far but I was god mode-ing through and I accidently switched off god mode and died immediately.
For some reason I found I had way more grenades than shells/nails, I was always stocked.

The map is sexy as heck but I personally didn't enjoy the binary nature of the map. Way too many insta-death scenarios, not enough ammo. :-/ 
Getting the rl secret at the start of map 1 makes it way too easy imho. If I get bored at work next week I'll try to record a demo or two :) 
still trying to record a demo for mr. woodham, but my skills are too limited i think.
those fuckin fuckers with ammo. ..
Glad you liked them. Sorry I didn't record first runs, but the amount of dicking around I did was probably fairly similar.

The whole "going the wrong way" thing was one of the cool parts of the maps. When I first played them I was trying to get the YA and dropped down into the passage into the lava pit, I had no idea if I'd broken it or what, and just kept was good fun that way.

I think I know the RA you mean, that was definitely speedrunner-style dicking around, I broke it pretty well getting the gold key and going to the exit there lol! I have no idea how I survived until the shambler thing before the MH alcove.... 
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