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Jury-Rigged BJP Tools
These are essentially modified versions of TxQBSP and WVis with a few features added, the main ones being :

- improved skip support ( courtesy of mh & Baker )
- detail- and hint-brush support

The detail and hint code is largely ported from Alexander Malmberg's Quest Editor compilers, so full credit goes to him.

Coincidence and feature overlap with the newly released TyrUtils v0.5 can only be seen as a sign of the elder gods, and hopefully it helps
making those features more of a standard.

Tests so far have not shown any obvious problems with these new features, but i'm still inclined to call them experimental until proven
otherwise ;).

Please report problems as needed.

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Cool Stuff! 
One question, did you rip out the code that does the memory management in qbsp? Because that makes it compile only on Windows. 
Haven't ripped out anything so far, but i can look into it. 
Updated the source with some changes by SleepwalkR to make it more cross-platform, thx ! 
Trying to compile a leaking map gives me an hard error about the number of leaks being > the number of portals. 
Should be fixed now, thanks for the report. 
Can you include Light, too? Would make this a nice all-in-one pack to link for new people. 
Light and Bspinfo are now included, but they are completely unmodified.

Just link TyrUtils ;) 
qbsp cant run from within netradiant apparently 
or just doesnt run on windows XP at all 
Radiant's build script is designed for the Quake 3 compiler. You'd have to edit the default_build_menu.xml file and change it to work with the Q1 utils. Or simply run the compilers in a command prompt window. 
It's not netradiant issue, wvis_xt.exe and txqbsp_xt.exe simply don't run at all (win XP sp3).

(Yes I know how to edit radiants xml configs.) 
Since negke already suggested running them directly via the command-prompt, are there any error messages when you try to run them ? 
It's True 
Just tried it myself and they show "Not a valid Win32 application" errors. Did you accidentally compile them for 64bit? 
not a win32 application 
Strange, the target definitely isn't 64Bit.

@negke : You're on XP too i suppose ?

@slapmap : If you're up for it, could you send me an eMail to the one mentioned in the readme.txt ? That would be great. Otherwise i'll just ask/force negke. 
Thanks for reporting this one, guys - i'm on Win7 and just assumed compiling would work fine for WinXP as well - turns out the compiler had to be updated first to support that - oh well.

The main package in the first thread is updated now. 
Greatest Tools Ever, 
supporting all the goods
shame it didnt get the attention it deserves.
thank you rebb! 
Can't Download 
Hey, the file says that it is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous. any way to fix this? 
Yeah, use a browser that let's you embrace the non-mainstream hipster downloader in you. Or disable the malware that showed you the message. 
Fixed the problem, I disabled the detection system. 
A Wild Update Appears 
Main changes ( see readme for details ) :
- BSP2 support
- additional HOM countermeasures
- assorted fixes

It's now hosted on a dedicated page instead of being a monolithic file download.

Internet Link  
Oh And 
Many thanks to everyone who helped testing and provided feedback so far ! 
Which BSP2 Is It? 
Is it RMQ's BSP2 format (known as 2psb, or BSP29a) or the other BSP2 format? 
It's BSP2, Not 2PSB 
Floating point bounds etc. 
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