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Quakespasm Engine
This engine needs its own thread.

Feedback: I like the OS X version, but I have to start it from the terminal for it to work and can't just double-click it like a traditional OS X app. I'm sure you guys already know this, either way great engine.
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New Builds (0.85.10-r980) 
New prerelease builds uploaded at




Linux users can checkout the svn and build for themselves.

Changes since the previous r958 test builds from Aug. 08 include:
FSAA support, fence textures support, brush model drawing speedup,
better cross-map demo playback support, and increased limits for
MAX_ENT_LEAFS (32), MAX_EFRAGS (4096) and MAX_CHANNELS (1024).
For more detailed list of changes see the READE file (or browse the
svn history.) 
Orl's test map is playable now :). Nice one.

Any likely/possible regressions with the new brush model code ? 
I tried the OS X version, and I don't see any FSAA option.
Where is it ? 
Nice, Thanks 
Though what bothers me a little is that the readmes are called README.* instead of quakespasm.* - with all the stuff in my Quake dir, I prefer it all easily recognizable (without having to rename the files with every new version I install). </Spirit> 

You shouldn't have to read a manual for a graphical option . It needs to be shown with any other graphical option in the interface.

This is nonsense ! 
I support negke's cause at least for "extract and go" packages. All files should have unique names.</honk> 
Lava And Teleport Alpha ? 
Is there any lava and teleport field alpha parameters now ? I don't see anything related to these, in the readme. 
If there were, they would be documented in the readme. 
Fantastic Job 
My hats off to you Quakespasm team. My map now runs at a constant 60 frames per second or higher, never dropping below that. It even runs well on my laptop with much weaker hardware. Great job guys! 
Thanks for putting up the builds szo.

Orl, glad I could help. :-) Your map looks wicked!

There are still a couple more optimizations I want to look at some time, namely using vertex arrays for world/bmodels and alias models.

Barnak, I tried to put fsaa in the menu but it requires a cascade of deeper changes in the engine that need a lot of care to get right. You can just set vid_fsaa in the console and it'll get written to your config.cfg, and used on all subsequent launches. 
Thanks for the info.

Now, what's up with a separate alpha for water, lava and teleporters ? 
Rome wasnt build in a day.

@szo, ericw, steven you rock! Thanks guys! 
Sndspeed Issue In QS-0.85.10-r980 Win X64 
- If you change 'sndspeed' in the console, the value is not saved in the config.cfg.

- If you manually add 'sndspeed' to the config.cfg (I was adding 'sndspeed "44100"'), the engine uses the new value, bit it disappears from the config.cfg after closing the engine. 
AFAIK sndspeed wasn't automatically saved in 0.85.9 either. config.cfg is just for things the engine saves itself, you should put that a custom sndspeed setting autoexec.cfg.

I know it's confusing. i don't know if it's documented anywhere other than the source code which cvars are saved in config.cfg or not!

Also just a note, the meaning of sndspeed was changed slightly in this release. QS now opens the OS audio device at 44100hz by default, and internally upsamples the sfx to 44100.

If you were setting sndspeed 44100 for better quality with replacement sounds, keep doing that and it will work as it was before.

If you were setting it to 44100 to hear the music at full quality, there's no need to do that any more, the music will be output at 44100Hz even if sndspeed is at the default of 11025. 
Speaking of which: section 3.1 in the Readme needs to be modified a bit now, and 6.1 could be clearer about how music is affected (or isn't). 
Good Catch, Will Update That 

(Especially the fence texture support) 
Expect To Be Seeing That In A Map 
Sometime soon :) 
Thanks Baker! 
I pretty much just nabbed it from Mark V :) 
No Locs, Timer Is Tiny 
Hi guys for multiplayer play, I have some issues.

1) There is no .loc support, which makes the engine unusable for DM :(
2) The timer in the bottom right is very small, there's no way to scale it other than to also make the HUD big. Can we have some sort of command to scale the timer? Thanks! 
C&P From 

Baker says:

Unfortunately there are 2 standards for loc files:

1. The Quakeworld way (ezQuake, FTEQW, ZQuake, DarkPlaces)
2. The ProQuake way (ProQuake, Qrack, DarkPlaces)

There are about 160 loc files for Quakeworld, about 120 for the "ProQuake way".

The ProQuake way is harder to make, but far more accurate about your actual location (a series of 3d "boxes" defines where you are), the Quakeworld way is easier to make (a series of points, closest point matches).

Personally, I'd opt for the Quakeworld way as a priority because it is easier to get the Quakeworld community to play a custom map (the NQ community is more set on long-time favorite maps).

draw your own conclusions.. 
how about supporting both? or are the file formats hard to distinguish when parsing them? 
I dont have a clue actually:)

Here�s the link to the forumthread: 
FTE does both, so its definitely possible.
different number of tokens per line or something.
although the box vs sphere thing does require special handling. 
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