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4 maps by negke, Spirit and Trinca. sm143_negke2 was his map for the "Quake Lake" theme that was not thaaat popular... (1.3 Megabytes)

Someone else do the screenshots please, I've got enough of Quake for today. :)
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Trinca - nice style, good concept, too random deathknight behaviour, didn't try to complete.

Spirit - nice style, very hard, purely down to luck whether it goes first time, took several goes to learn / get right monster behaviour.

Negke1 - bonkers, kinda fun.

Negke2 - nice style, nice features, quite fun. 
No Screenshots? You Lazy Bum 
Trinca: Nice looks, proper carnage. The challenge is to kill all Hellknights before the Quad runs out.

Spirit: So laxative - quite hard as I managed to pick up all shells at once by accident had ran low later on. Nice pit.

Looking forward to some speedruns. 
Neg!ke - Not enough beasties but a nice psychedelic ending :) Second map was good fun using the voreballs to ones advantage. Nice touches of imagination as usual. Unfortunately forgot to record them :/

Spirit - heh, second attempt demo.

Trinca - Third attempt demo :)

I liked the fact that two Knights spotted me running through the corridors.
Thanks chaps.


*(sorry about the zips, think I deleted Dzip, but I seem to rem AVG was complaining about a Zmist virus in the dzip29.exe. A false positive ?) 
The challenge is to somehow get through the map just once before patience runs out.
nice maps...

Spirit map is not that hard!!!

neg|ke nice idear in sm143_2

love all the maps and there it goes my first demos!!! 
Monday Quake 
Pretty good.

Spirit - Tough, but a nice blast. The vore was annoying and something that kills instead of just the message in the pit would have been better.

Trinca - Carnage, the Quad grenades were suicidal fun.

Negke1 - Refreshing, clambering around on the aztec lego was good.

Negke2 - Mixed bag. I liked the Rotfish school and the raised fortress was very nice, but hunting the switches and the combat felt a bit flat. 
Yup - Brilliant!!! 
Loved them all!

Neg - I think I nearly managed neg1, but died on neg2. I died on both! I could see how another attemp of neg2 would have been fun, loved jumping around on Negke1!!!! Jump Around. Jump around. Jump up jump up and get down.

Spirit - My kind of map ;)

Trinca - My personal favourite, tried this about 20 times! Ownage!!!!!

(Skill 3 demos for everyone!!! :)
(Neg - sorry I died...... :(

Me go to sleep now 
dogToffee :p you wasted the quad :)

RickyT23 pure ownage 
Two Demos (sm143_negke & Sm143_negke2)

(i'm sorry i accidentially uploaded the demos into wrong directory) :)

i couldn't find the 3rd button in negke2 (god dammit)

nice maps guys 
Thanks For The Demos 
Ricky: neg1, you played extremely cautiously and managed to get through tricky nightmare situations, yet died in such a pitiful way. :D
neg2 death was asked for. Well, it was late...
Just why did you play with Quoth?

spy: heh, you swam by it several times. Look up more often.
Just why did you play with SOA? 
Awright, NM Demos... 
Showing the sissy that I am:

Trinca, I love your map the best, always athletic violent fun, your maps!!!
Be nice to me ;) I luv you too!

Negke's are as usual very thoughtful and funny.

Spirit's good, a little cramped, if you're big enough a coward, there's no problem(see demo)...

Great pack! Thank to you all!!!

P.S. Hope the demos work right, I recorded them on a Mac. Oh, and no Dzip here, also... ;P 
I Played With Quoth 
Just because I launched Quake via my desktop shortcut which has -game quoth in the command line.

How could you tell? The demos should run under ID1 just the same...... ?

Heh - thanks again for the fun guys! :) 
Spirit Oyaebu :) Tnx 

why not? ('bout hipnotic) 
Quoth Demo Compatibility 
It's unlikely that the demos would playback entirely correctly, and one of the reasons for that is the way quake sends models over the network. It assigns every model a "modelindex" according to when it first gets precached. The problem is that this list is rebuilt on the computer running the demo based on the mod that computer is running.

Quoth precaches a few extra weapon models at the start of the server, for the plasma gun and the hammer. So all the numbers will be incorrect for someone playing with the standard ID1 progs, and you can end up with things like ogre models being replaced with weapon models. The same kind of thing happens when you save a game with one version of a mod, then load it with another. If the new version has done anything to change the order of precaches then you get the same graphical glitches. 
I Beat Trinca's On Hard 
took a while though.

The quake lake map was really neat. Actually, I wasn't sure which of neg's maps was the quake lake one since they were both based around pools of fluid but I'm assuming it's the one with the bigger lake. 
without the appropriate mods, the demos can't be watched in regular engines. Ricky's demo even crashed Fitz. BJP showed "sounds not precached" warnings in the console and I figured from the file names which mod each of you used. Only recognized Quoth2 because I recently had some trouble with r_exp1.wav which replaces r_exp3.wav (now silent). 
Soory . 
Fine Fine Fine ! 
Played it and liked it: My order of preference is

1/ Trinca
2/ Spirit
3/ Negke
4/ Negke2

Trinca is the most "carnageous" and visually good. Spirit has also very good visuals, but it easier to pass the stuff. Negke has a nice concept, and so damned sexy texes. Negke2 (make) is not carnage, except for the fishes...

Anyway: cool pack ! 
Fun Pack! 
Trinca's was the most fun and looked good also. It was so frantic! Spirit's was very hectic also. It was easy to pass some of the monsters but it was very luck dependant. Both maps from neg!ke looked very good. I liked the trees and the castle and also the gameplay in the "big lake" map. The other one looked strange with the sky texture and that red fluid falling down from the sky. The ending was great. The gameplay wasn't my taste that much.
Great job from all of you!

Here are my demos. I had luck to survve all maps on skill 2 on first try: 
nice demos!!! thks guys :)

is possible to kill all hell_nights with Quad :) i already did all the map in 38 seconds 
Good Stuff 
Negke: nice pseudo-coagula weirdness, cool ending

Negke2: once again a touch of genius...nuff said

Spirit: good blast but felt like "something" was missing

Trinca: 0:36 - say rouuuullfff :)

Thanks all. 
can someone post screenshots? 
Sielwolf :[ bitch chi chif my best is 39 
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