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Q1SP - Freaky Base
Medium size map from end of 2006 that was suppose to go to recycle but i think twice and finish the little bastard... to many brushes to ignore! This map don�t show my current skills, but i think is a fun blast.

P.S -> probably my last base map


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You suck.

Will download when I get home. 
Hi Trinca! Im Gonna Play This Now! 
What is a QKM file? Is it a mapsource? 
This map is pretty massive!

Heh - OK, I've been playing skill2 and died 3 times. The third time I was quite near the end! This is the demo I have uploaded:

The map is quite hard, but I wouldn't say it's too hard, just action-packed! There's always plenty room to retreat, shells arent completely abundant, but there are enough. You have many choices as to which way you play this map - its pretty non-linear. Also it's quite maze-like in its constuction, and fun to explore - slime areas are cool! Frequent spawn appearances make for tense combat.

Brushwork is quite plain in some areas but very effective in its constuction towards good r_speeds and a grand scale! Many of the 'tighter' areas sport some fine brushwork - lots of curves and some nicely detailed ceilings in places! There's also quite a good overall theme... Texture-alignment is very good IMHO, as is lighting! Lighting is really very good - not to dark, not too bright, excellent contrasts, and some of the moodier areas make for a very forboding atmosphere!

Horde combat is common, with plenty of long-ranged battles, mixed in with some tense short-ranged battles! Battle is the operative word here - the map feels pretty well balanced and the gameplay is IMHO 2nd to none!

I will definately be playing this again!

Thanks Trinca for a fun and gigantic map!! 
shoot some computer .. what? 
Freaky Base? 
More like Fucky Base. 
Nah I'm just kiddin. It wasn't too bad Trinca, a bit too much horde combat, and spawns were annoying, but overall it was good. Got like 199/210 enemies and 2/3 secrets. Wasn't sure what happened with the end, I think I walked into a teleport on accident or something cuz it seemed to end all of a sudden. Wasn't quite sure what was up there. I give it a C+. 
Active Teleport First 
Freaky "no Health" Base 
There is one thing that makes stupid grunts even more annoying: No health. Apart from that the map feels quite fun like Doom. 
I Enjoyed This. 
Map was bland in some places, good in some other places. But gameplay was fun and exciting throughout. I liked the blend of ambushes, hordes, sniping, and in particular non-base monsters. Kept it interesting. The end wasn't as stimulating though. I died once, errr, from alerting too many Shamblers to my presence, I think. 
I liked it as well!
Sure plain brushwork someplaces but overall the map was very good.
Played on hard. Died twice and had a hard time at the end.
Nice map Trinca! 
Globally nothing to add compared to what others said. The very good thing is that you didn't threw away this map...
Good to see you're back on the scene ;) 
I Like It 
I really like this one. Very large and non-linear. Feels simple (almost doomish as mentioned above), but with lotsa nice details all around. 
nice demo RickyT23 :) nice death to! :) you should leave the bunker sooner ;)

more 1� demos please? ;)

Playing in non-opengl engine, in 320x200, sucks or I'm just blind? (; 
cant open this file :\ .tar? wtf!!! 
that's a bzipped tar archive, the most common archive format in Linux etc. You need to un-bzip then un-tar it. It's also called a tarball.

nice map btw. forgot to record a demo, but died early anyway :-) Speeds, you play quite damn well! 
and yeah, I can't open it either (bzip: not a bz2 file) lazy_bum? 
found the problem: It is actually a .tar.gz file (misnamed) and you can extract it by using first gzip, then tar. Perhaps winrar can deal with it if you rename it to *.tgz 
its prolly boring to watch cause Iv been hiding behind a corner all the time peeking out to snipe grunts ;/
cause theres very little health and too many grunts and some nasty surprizes 
Yeah, I thought you played super-cautiously.

It was actually very cool to watch. I like to play all-guns-blazing, so I rely on enough health and armor. I died to the first spawn twice here (the same that got lazy_bum.) *embarrassed*

I didn't see the grenade launcher, and would have liked some more equipment against the spawns and for the horde combats. 
Ooops. Sorry, tested bzip and gzip for best compression and had to mismatch filenames.

I also died second time on that spawn... 
Again: really very, very nice and enjoyable map. Combats with non-base monstaz and hordes of grunts are just edgy. Corona Radiata track from new (free) NIN release The SLip heavily recommended as a background soundscape to this one. Thanks Trinca 
Freakishly good. Lots of fast combat, very exhilarating. :) Detail was doomish, but when your blasting through a map like this, it won't matter. You won't have time to admire the scenery because you'll have a shambler and 15 other guards after your ass.

As requested by Trinca, I recorded a demo. This was my second time through, the first time I played I did not record.

Very nice map Trinca :) I look forward to your next. 
Had fun playing this level until I hit the last big area with the Rocket Launcher & Shambler. At this point I had 8hp left so there was nothing I could do. Health was pretty scarce throughout the map but I managed to survive without dying until the area in question. 
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