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Q1SP - Freaky Base
Medium size map from end of 2006 that was suppose to go to recycle but i think twice and finish the little bastard... to many brushes to ignore! This map don�t show my current skills, but i think is a fun blast.

P.S -> probably my last base map


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its prolly boring to watch cause Iv been hiding behind a corner all the time peeking out to snipe grunts ;/
cause theres very little health and too many grunts and some nasty surprizes 
Yeah, I thought you played super-cautiously.

It was actually very cool to watch. I like to play all-guns-blazing, so I rely on enough health and armor. I died to the first spawn twice here (the same that got lazy_bum.) *embarrassed*

I didn't see the grenade launcher, and would have liked some more equipment against the spawns and for the horde combats. 
Ooops. Sorry, tested bzip and gzip for best compression and had to mismatch filenames.

I also died second time on that spawn... 
Again: really very, very nice and enjoyable map. Combats with non-base monstaz and hordes of grunts are just edgy. Corona Radiata track from new (free) NIN release The SLip heavily recommended as a background soundscape to this one. Thanks Trinca 
Freakishly good. Lots of fast combat, very exhilarating. :) Detail was doomish, but when your blasting through a map like this, it won't matter. You won't have time to admire the scenery because you'll have a shambler and 15 other guards after your ass.

As requested by Trinca, I recorded a demo. This was my second time through, the first time I played I did not record.

Very nice map Trinca :) I look forward to your next. 
Had fun playing this level until I hit the last big area with the Rocket Launcher & Shambler. At this point I had 8hp left so there was nothing I could do. Health was pretty scarce throughout the map but I managed to survive without dying until the area in question. 
:) i think map is pretty easy on hard :) of course first runs are nightmare but is possible to survive at first run on hard! 
dont like it much, looks fairly bland, particularly the lighting and brushwork. Gameplay is so so, I found it pretty boring and tedious personally.

But worth releasing for sure. Whats your next one trinca? 
a Maya map if ever finish it... 
Looks Good 
although add with only egyptian textures in a mayan setting. Have you tried converting the textures sock used in this q3 map : 
That Should Be 
'odd' not add. 
Im using those -_o 
speeds you that saw .bsp does it look that odd? 
no. but doesnt look very mayan either 
since when do style, origin and setting have go together in Quake? 
i was pleased that i could survive 2 vores and a shambler with 7 health and not take any damage. The large pillar in the room made it possible :) 
Some Comments 
i've just finished it on normal and i was pretty hard for me. i play all maps usually on hard but this was hard enough on normal. but nothing just have to pay attention to every single fight :). the cental area with sidewalks looks nice..especially in darkplaces with all eyecandy (bloom/blur...) settings on.

i used some external textures from qrp and other sources to improve graphics..but personally didn't help much due to many custom textures which stay the same. as i've said there wasn't to much time to examine the layout and look for details...fight was intense. which is good 'cause i think q1 is not good for this type of levels - big rooms with big computers etc... q1 should be more klaustrofobic experience. therea are only few big base levels in q1 which are REALLY good and i gave up all hopes for another insomnia-like level pack long time ago :-). the end it isn't bad level but is quite "empty" and there is too much open space for me. enemy placement is also strange. is base level. i found shamblers and vores quite out of place in level like this. would be much better with quoth2 bestiary. but don't take it personally and keep mapping. screenies from that maya level looks really good. hope you will finish it someday. 
Nice Map 
Good map again Trinca! I liked the fights and the map itself. Many ambushes and some nice design. Kep it up!
I have recorded a first play demo on hard skill. Died once at a vore ambush: 
Finally played this - I mistook it for wbase since I was on holiday when it was released.

Good solid quaking, although I missed both nailguns on my first run and so had to replay from the start - useless save.

The grunts in the large tiered areas got annoying, otherwise gameplay was nicely done.

Cruel ending ;) 
nobody read the lovely story i wrote?
chif chif.... 
Fucking The General's Daughter? 
Can spot your classical education there Trinca ;) 
Lighting's a bit bland for my tastes. Other than that, the map's pretty good, with nice setups here and there. As for the demo... 
nice demos erc thks :)

2nd demo! yeeee that�s the way!!! sng is more then enought for tyhat shamby! to bad the others kill you :)

3nd oh well you finish in first try :\ lucky... ;)

glad you play it!

promiss my next map will be less bland ;) 
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