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Q1SP (Quoth2) - Slave To A Machine
OK, here is my new map! There have been a l00t of high quality maps/mods to have come out in the past month or so, here's my contribution. This one is for Quoth2 so make sure you have the second part of Quoth installed.

Also note that this level is meant for GlQuake engines, preferably ones with .lit file support for coloured lighting. I would recommend FitzQuake or JoeQuake, both engines have been tested with this map, and work properly. (NOTE: JoeQuake users type "loadsky dragonheart" to view the skybox) Darkplaces has a bug which causes it to remove all of the doors from the map!!

This is a medium/large base map using Daikatana, Doom3 and Half-Life textures to give a tech/industrial feel. Almost 180 monsters on hard. Expect to see random telefraggings and in-fighting!

Here are some screenshots:

And heres a download or two:

And heres the mapsource:

Enjoy! :-)
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I liked it overall. I thought it felt like a Quake2 map which I guess was the point (obviously that's due to the colored lighting and the use of the Quake2-ish texture set).

I found the monster mix to be alright actually. Not sure why I didn't mind the wide selection. Maybe the place didn't establish enough of a familiar theme for me to mentally rule some of them out. Like how when you see a base.wad level you really notice the medieval monsters a lot.

Anyway, good work! 
Slave To A Machine & Darkplaces 
to play this great level with darkplaces you have to do only one simple thing. load level in any alternative engine (maybe not ANY...i tried only vengeanceR2, tremor and joequake :-). save level immediately, quit quake, start darkplaces as usual (-hipnotic -game quoth) and load level from save. all doors will be in place and working. 
Wow, Great Tip! 
Thanks Jakub!

Still hope lordhavoc can fix it, though. 
Yeah! Very Nice Tip! 
Im gonna try that later! (me likes eye candy) 
wow, congrats Ricky, very great map :) 
Another great Q2ish map with a good layout, some non-linearity, tasteful coloured lighting and gameplay that felt pretty fair on Hard (and yes, that means dying a few times.)

I liked the small touches like the broken door going up and down and the spiral things in the generator room and other unique details. Great ceilings - I looked up a lot.

I found 3 secrets - not bad but most took a few tries to find.

I found the light levels to be just fine on my machine. I really wonder if this is an NVidia vs. ATI thing since I had complaints about my maps being too dark when I thought they were just right. I used Fitz and while there was some slowdown, framerates were still good on my 5+ year old machine.

So thanks Ricky for a fine map to add to 2008's collection. 
this is more quake2 than quake2 ever was!!

I really really liked this map. The most impressive aspect (and there are many) is the atmosphere, its so...oppressive. You always feel under threat, exploration feels dangerous, and theres just a general air of unease about the whole thing which caught my attention straight away.

The look is definitely impressive, I loved the use of the main texture set (is it daikatana textures on the main bttresses and walls?) and the coloured lighting usage is easily the best in q1. And I also dig the big, chunky brushwork.

As for the gameplay, its just heaps of fun. Its hard, but I had no real prblems with ammo or health. There were a couple of areas where thebrushwork gets in the way of movement (maybe some judicious clipping could have fixed this). And the non-linear layout is also very nifty, you can go either way and will still end up on the correct path to progress.

Definitely one of may favorite recent releases. 
Oh And No Problems With The Light Levels Here 
I use idgamma though so maybe it doesnt work right without it. 
Another Good Map 
Though I enjoyed "Sick base" and "The Hand that feeds you" a bit more. Texture set is Ok. Good use of colored lights.

light level is always a problem: wehereas I can play quake with gamma 1 on my TFT It is really dark on a CRT. 
Just Finished It, Ricky 
That is one sweet ass layout. I may have to revisit it later for some highly inappropriate fondling and hit the cam record so you can watch. 
That Would Be Cool 
Hmm, is the world ready for a 5 minute spoilers speedrun yet?

(I've got one ready)

I've also got a Nightmare run demo with 0 secrets, 23 minutes. 
Better Than DKT :) 
Ok Iv played it and its quite cool and rather Q2/D3-like.
Very nice architechture details, and believable building structure but the texturing could be more effective to highlight the shapes and the edges.
Lighting is interesting, with the nice use of color but it should be brighter for sure and again highlight the areas of importance, like passages and spots to look at (which it does in some places indeed, but not everywhere)

The whole idea with the objectives and locations that make sense isnt carried far unfortunately and you still have 'some bars have opened' and many other things that dont make any sense. Still its pretty cool that you tried to give more purpose to the usuall "press some button to go further" stuff. Thumbs up!
Combat gameplay well ... I played with cautiousness and didnt get 'fucked', but overall there were many unfair situations, like the totally unseen grenaders somwhere above you in the complete darkness. Those generous RAs helped big time... hmm cant think of much else now, Im fairlty tired atm
Also the RL secret - if you dont get out on time the bars lock you and you cant get out!
So overall its a cool map with high quality brushwork and the right ideas which need to be carried further but gameplay could be more 'clear' and less 'wtf just hit me' 
....when did you become so wise recently? 
Although I did enjoy this map a lot, you seem to be making a habit of putting gugs on top of platforms that can only be accessed via lifts. This makes it unfair IMO because if you fall off, chances are you will not have enough health to make it back up.

I'm personally not a fan of the gugs earthquake attack. I can see why it was put in to create a tense situation where the player cannot hide for too long. But I think the radius is too large, and when used improperly it's to easy to create hopeless situations for a player who accidentally goes the wrong way.

If you're going to have a gug, make sure the player is 'locked in' to the arena so they cannot stray too far (as done on red777 and the test maps). This I believe also creates the kind of epic battle the monster was designed for. 
you playing with quoth2? I didnt notice any gugs (or is that what he's done on hard?) 
Well Here Goes . . . 
SPOILERS ! ! ! (I Mean ^ ^ ^ >:- D ) 
Fuck The File Must Be In Configs Dir 
Thanks Spirit! 
OK, not drunk anymore, just to clarify; There are two demos in the file linked to above, one is a nightmare run with zero secrets, about 23 minutes. The second is an easy speedrun with all of the secrets there. It took me five minutes, but I'm sure that time could be greatly improved on! 
Go On Then 
Here's a sloppy easy run:

1:42, 17/111 kills, 2/4 secrets. 
Easy Run In 1:04

Thanks again Ricky for the great map. 
Your architecture keeps getting better and better, but you keep pulling bullshit maneuvers with the gameplay like the ever-so-tiring "Look behind you, it's a surprise vore and now you're just fucked because there's nowhere to go."

Went up the gold key lift and was faced with about thirty guys all jammed in my face. Great. And what's my reward for surviving? A Gug, and a shoebox to fight him in. stopped playing at that point. 
Gug was Sielwolf's idea. Glad you played though. Blunt but helpfull.

Honestly, this map was another big learning curve for me. The hardest thing was vis-blocking (which as you will notice there are large areas with shit vis-blocking). Second hardest thing was conception and texturing. I was determined to move away from the IDbase texture set, cause I'd had enough of it. The textures I was using were just what I picked out by eye when browsing through what was on offer. Hence the lack of theme I suppose.

As for the gameplay I really dont know. Parts of it worked out in a way I liked, but other parts could be volatile. I wanted the player to enjoy the NG/SNG, but then get thrown out a bit when supplies ran out of nails and have to use their imagination with explosives and shotgun.

Heh! I tested on Skill2 then moved up to Nightmare and downscaled from there.

Skill2 I thought worked quite well, with the Vores I mean. The area where the Eliminators start is fun because you can use the Vore-balls to take down other enemies, run round the crates in the middle quite easily. Skill3 however this becomes a lot more difficult. My tactic was to retreat and attack the enemies as they came to you to an extent, but you cant avoid taking damage when the Vores first spawn in. The Gug could back you into a corner in the top room outside with the computers on it (the shoebox) but I figured with the YA and PG you could hopefully take him down. I figured it would work because there would be a panic moment where the player is faced from all sides , but the Gug was far enough away that the player would be able to get to a position where they could kill the Gug quite quickly. I the idea of having a Gug on the balcony because I figured it would be pretty climatic. I think what I did wrong was to have the Gug spawn in from behind.

I also think what I did wrong was to start playtesting in skill2. Skill3 would have been better, because I would get to see the 'worst case scenarios' and Nightmare players would be protected from unfairness.

Did you play in Nightmare Lunaran? 
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