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Q1SP (Quoth2) - Slave To A Machine
OK, here is my new map! There have been a l00t of high quality maps/mods to have come out in the past month or so, here's my contribution. This one is for Quoth2 so make sure you have the second part of Quoth installed.

Also note that this level is meant for GlQuake engines, preferably ones with .lit file support for coloured lighting. I would recommend FitzQuake or JoeQuake, both engines have been tested with this map, and work properly. (NOTE: JoeQuake users type "loadsky dragonheart" to view the skybox) Darkplaces has a bug which causes it to remove all of the doors from the map!!

This is a medium/large base map using Daikatana, Doom3 and Half-Life textures to give a tech/industrial feel. Almost 180 monsters on hard. Expect to see random telefraggings and in-fighting!

Here are some screenshots:

And heres a download or two:

And heres the mapsource:

Enjoy! :-)
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Nice Stuff As Always Ricky 
Lighting was a bit dark for my taste though, but everything else was great. Brushwork, texturing, gameplay balance, all good.

I'd like to see you do a medieval themed map. 
It's impressive how you can make such huge but detailed levels. And I like fact that you've been sticking with the hi-tech theme. The texture set was generally very good and blended in nicely with the skybox. The new monsters were used efficiently.

The level took me a bit less than 20 minutes. I didn't get myself killed on normal. Here's a demo of my first playthrough: 
Thanks Ricky 
for another good map. Your name has come to be associated with good atmosphere and intense combat and great fun in my mind! With just two previous releases and this one! 
shots look good, can't wait to play this. 
Those screenshots look great. 
My first run:
Crashed once (thus maybe the first demo is borked) and then died once later.

The map is impressive and the coloured lighting is used well.
Some minor things were annoying (apart from the hurting debris and missing "hit" feedback of breakables...), those were the brushes that stood in my way or affected my movement in combat. Most notably some structure in the floor or the black/yellow lights (? don't really remember) on the sides of ways. Those could have been skipped/"illusionaried" well. But that is my way of playing and taste.

Textures and brushwork are great. At first I thought the textures were external high-res ones.
The Quoth monsters and non-base Quake monsters made me really enjoy playing this one even though it was another base map. :p

One funny thing: When I came into that "outer rim" grey concrete way on the side of the map the engine somehow reset gamma to 1.0 making it pretty dark. At first I did not really notice, then I thought "hm, rather dark here", then "wow, did he just used some trick to add a day/night effect?". It looked so nice with the skybox. But then it was way too dark in the building again. :)

Great job! 

You have become a real good mapper fast!!! i�ve enjoy the map very much... i died in a easy place because my wife call me a lot of times :\ fuck women�s when they piss us of during pure pleasure(Quake SP), so there it goes my first demo that goes till there.

The rest of the map was very balance not as hard as previous releases from you, just think the map is to hard in final area, but maybe i�m just a fucking noob ;) the rest of map made it with no deaths.

love the brushwork and the layout!

thks for this 40 minutes of fun!!! :)

ahhh 1 complain didn�t run in joequake :p
play it with glquake ;)

fixing the link!!! 
Wow Nice Shots 
looking forward to playing this. Looks like you've actually used coloured lighting well too! 
The map looks fantastic, very nice texturing style and as others have said, the coloured lighting is done very tastefully. Nice skybox too :) It was however way to dark, I could not see my attackers 50% of the time so that kind of ruined the gameplay for me unfortunately. I took some screenshots so you can see what its like on my pc...

A good tip (in case you didn't know) if you want to have a dark map but keep enemies illuminated is to light the floor a lot brighter than the walls / roof as the characters are lit based on the brightness of the floor below them.

The areas that were brighter were great fun to play though, monsters were well thought out and placed intelligently. I did get a bit annoyed at the constant spawning of enemies behind me (usually fiends) that then proceeded to snap my neck in two. I finally worked out that the warning message was to warn of enemies from behind... ;)

Overall.. Very nice map but the darkness kinda ruined it for me at least. 
Ricky / DaZ 
Ricky: �ber map, thanks alot :D

there�s idgamma: (at the bottom)
These are the idgamma paks I use, maybe they can be of use:
Makes GL engines brighter without the washed-out look. 
Holy Shit 
Those shots look great, very impressive.

Feedback soon. 
Played around with the gamma a little and got it looking acceptable, second play through was much better as I could see what I was doing :) 
Thanks For The Feedback Guys! 
Im glad you're enjoying this map! I enjoyed making it, and the new Quoth monsters are really cool! I'd just like to thank Kell and Preach (and Necros) for Quoth. Especially the new monsters.

Its great that some of you have posted demos. Unfortunately I'm a little busy to watch them right now, but I definately want to ASAP!

Cheers! :D 
Looks like a custom Quake 2 map, with the type of wall panels and buttresses etc and how they are assembled. Plus the colored lighting. Do you have a Q2 background Ricky?

Outside reminds me a bit of Ijed's maps (fucking huge angular walls and red sky.)

One thing though, I'm pulling my hair out over maps that have a lot lower r_speeds. I hope to replay this and some other maps one day when all you gamer types sell off your hardware and I can snatch it up cheap.

I can't say more because I didn't finish it, need to buy a new computer first. :-P

Another thing regarding the use of Rocketeers in big maps: When they are far enough away, i.e. the area is large enough, it is possible for the player to not hear their firing sound. This has to do with the distance that sounds travel in Quake, and the effect is that guided rockets appear out of nowhere.

I just wanted to mention that. It's another practical limit to map size. 
[spam deleted by metlslime] 
I Was Wandering When Somebody 
would say something about r_speeds. They are quite high in places, particularily around the outside area. I know this. I mean Ill be the first to say that this map wouldnt do for old computers. And making it 10 years ago would have been nigh-on impossible. Vis times would have seemed infinate, and thus nobody would actually get round to compiling it! Throughout the build I have vised this map three times. It takes long enough! I wouldnt have wanted to do it on a 486 100mhz processor ten years ago!

So I would like to appologise for knowingly missing some people out who are using classic hardware. I would recommend running this map in some sort of OpenGl accellerated engine. The map should run in any Quake engine though! The only one which I wouldnt use is Darkplaces, because of a bug where all of the doors dissppear! I think this might be to do with one particular "logic gate" scenario, where I think four doors/buttons are right on to of eachother so to speak. If anyone can think of a solution to this, please let me know.

Trinca - Good demo! Which progs are you using? Some monster spawning and more importantly the sentinals did not appear 100% correct. 
Not possible for me to play it now, as I'm in Phoenix, and my laptop do not have Quoth installed yet (shame on me... I know) So I'll come back soon for sure.
Regarding the shots, it indeed looks great, while a little bit dark... And I joined Trinca on the fact you made really good progress in a very few time... nice to see that ;) 
It's "wondering" ...with an O not an A
"wandering" is a totally different word.

Nice map btw. 
Another thing regarding the use of Rocketeers in big maps: When they are far enough away, i.e. the area is large enough, it is possible for the player to not hear their firing sound. This has to do with the distance that sounds travel in Quake, and the effect is that guided rockets appear out of nowhere.

I've realised this too, and it's annoying. Because 'far away' is one of the things rocketeers are supposed to be useful for.

My suggestion would be to have the rockets themselves makes a distinct roaring sound, which might be enough to give the player a warning as they approach, in time to dodge a bit.

Attenuation can also be mucked about with. Necros decreased the attenuation on the gaunt idle sounds, so that they travel across large areas to create spooky ambience.

Will see what Preach has to say about it. 
More Feedback 
Haven't quite finished the map yet, but I've got most of the way through before dying. Shold have quicksaved :P

You seem to like the ALien3 style, and that's good. Cause no other bugger has ever tried it except me, and you've got it better than I did in kdmw. The heavy doorway surrounds are fucking class.

Your use of colored lighting is the best in Q1SP so far. Admitedly, no-one has done that much either, but your most recent mappage is a good demonstration of how colored lighting can/should be done for Q1.
The grubby yellow general industrial lights, the emergency-red in specific locations, the cool-blue against the less frequent gray metals. Good stuff.

Your style overall - texture choice, skybox choice, brushwork, monster placement - is still a bit haphazard. There's a lack of coherency or overall concept. At least, one that's visible.
But still, I attribute this to a volatile mixture of talent and enthusiasm, which are both very welcome.

Rock on. 
Excellent stuff Ricky. Not so thrilled with the textures, but your brushwork, layout and detailing are all spot-on. And I really did dig the colored lighting, to boot. And yeah, the overall feel and "fuse hunt" reminded me of Q2 immediately -- but nothing wrong with that. You are the bomb, sir! 
Good Map 
Almost felt like another game - not a bad thing.

Not quite Quake2 (not as stupidly slow) but it shows what can be done with good old Quake still.

My favourite bits were the exploration and manic telefrag spawns.

Some of the eldritch monsters felt a bit out of place, but nothing too invasive. Would have liked to see some more combinations of the new base monsters, but can't have everything.

Nice work. 
that looks class. i cant wait to play this when i get back. 
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