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Remix Quake Mapping Challenge
New Quake mapping challenge in the tradition of good ol' 100brush and Coagula contests. Only this time the theme is "remix".

Game: Quake, sp

Theme: remix/remake of an original Quake sp map.

You cant take first episode E1M*maps though (because Kell is doing them).

get original map sources here:

Mod: no mod

Engine : Fitz ( so go ahead use a skybox if you want)

Submission deadline is 1st June so you have more than 2 months.
(I think its more than enough time, considering you have small maps and the source files to build on. But if you dont think so - let me know )

Judges: yes there will be few, to review and rate the maps (metlslime is one of them)
Im not judging, I will be making a map myself.

people interested so far: Zwiffle, Trinca, Zombie, GomJabbar, Spirit

maybe Voodoochopstiks, Gibbie, Neg|ke�

Post comments if you want to take part.
Please state what map you are going to make. No more than two people on the same map please

(or catch me on IRC quakenet #terrafusion)
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Yeah Thats A Plan! 
Saves having to felate Spds!

Curious though - what's that got to do with Quoth? 
Anyone else? 
There are three maps. Qexpo is almost here. Should we just put the three maps in a zip, and release the pack during qexpo? Or will there be more maps? 
^ Sounds Good 
I just remembered that I even made a start map. With, well, corridors to 8 maps... Guess that is worth nothing more than a laugh now. :)

Willem said above he send something to Speedy?
HeadThump, what about yours?

Don't be so perfectionistic, just throw out what you made, you can always refine and re-release something later. 
Start Map Looks Cool 
So... I was reading through this thread trying to comprehend how the entire first quarter of the game has been shotgunned when I realised something...

I think I can actually summon DaMaul. He was working in Oxford a few years back same time I was with than/pingu. Afaik Pingu is in touch with him...

Ofc, this may be late night insanity. According to irc Lun is asleep before me despite being 8 hours in the past. This worries me. (The fact I believe timezones to work like time machines doesn't ;) 
Anyone who can summon DaMaul on demand has great power at his fingertips... TREMBLE IN FEAR, MORTALS! 
why didn't you ask him about inventing bears? That's the first thing i would have asked damaul. 
I have no idea what you mean. Don't forget that I am not in the Quake community for a long time either. 
it's one of the old things people always say about damaul, that he invented bears. the origin is actually before i joined the qboard/qmap group, so i don't know the details. 
"What Do We Want?!!?" 
RMX maps to be released!!!!

"When do we want it?!?!"

Preferably some time before the end of Quake Expo 2008! :P 
DaMaul also invented Mill-K. 
the pack is coming, speedy came back as a zombie. 
I Heart U 
yes yes....downloading and looking forward to play it. even the screenshots look great. thanks to all involved :-) 
Hey, this looks like crap. Why the fuck would you unleash this plague upon our peaceful community, spd? Why do you hate us so much? 
Really Gad To Se Willems!!! 
:D :D :D :o

Nice one - worth the wait!!! 
Eh - GLad To SeE 
fgdfgnsdf csdmfvsdb quake 
Yet Another... 
.. moron camper... 
He's Got A Point 
Sums up the content of the discussion on this board quite well. 
Bees Motherfucker Hippy Lizard and Three Point Clipping Tool 

There is a download link from, accessible via my website ^_^

Maybe a mod should link Spirit's mirror in the sticky? 
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