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Remix Quake Mapping Challenge
New Quake mapping challenge in the tradition of good ol' 100brush and Coagula contests. Only this time the theme is "remix".

Game: Quake, sp

Theme: remix/remake of an original Quake sp map.

You cant take first episode E1M*maps though (because Kell is doing them).

get original map sources here:

Mod: no mod

Engine : Fitz ( so go ahead use a skybox if you want)

Submission deadline is 1st June so you have more than 2 months.
(I think its more than enough time, considering you have small maps and the source files to build on. But if you dont think so - let me know )

Judges: yes there will be few, to review and rate the maps (metlslime is one of them)
Im not judging, I will be making a map myself.

people interested so far: Zwiffle, Trinca, Zombie, GomJabbar, Spirit

maybe Voodoochopstiks, Gibbie, Neg|ke�

Post comments if you want to take part.
Please state what map you are going to make. No more than two people on the same map please

(or catch me on IRC quakenet #terrafusion)
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Any News About Upcuming RMX Pak? 
I submitted to Lunaran, so he has mine now since spd fell off the face of the earth. 
So I wonder if I'll get my next project (an episode) finished before the judges feel like they are ready to release our hard love's labours? 
It's dead, Jim. Move on. :) 
What Do You Mean "its Dead"? 
I don't understand! 
Damnit Jim 
I'm a doctor, not a mathematician. 
the lizard's dance or whatever was released on its own, zwiffle sent me one I haven't played, and ricky sent me one and I'm afraid I lost it could you send it again plz :(

Who else was mapping? 
I was but forget it. My entry sucked balls. :) 
if i ever see a second entry, i might actually judge them. 
This Is Silly 
Okay I Played Them! 
Tested them all on skill 2 in fitzquake.

e4m1rmx (ricky)
Best architecture, hardest. Respawning biosuits were clever and added some tension, but it was a pain getting caught without one. Bonus points for lasers. first run demo:

Easiest, neatest exit. Fun secrets. Looks like it was built by a reviewer. :) first run demo:

e4m7rmx (zwiffle)
Cool architectural set pieces and details but visually unconnected - the sea of blue brick between them looked blank. Most vicious, flying vore circus wtf. I somehow bypassed 20 monsters in this map. first and second run demos: 
Please let's not release the maps as "singles". If all participants feel like releasing must happen now, then let's package the maps into one nice solid zip with readme and stuff. This zip then would go to the judges. I have no idea what their job actually is but I guess it would be something that would go into the zip too (textfile?).
And then it shall be released. But why not wait three more weeks until QExpo for this. :)

If you want I would do the packaging.

Speedy, you are reading this, what's wrong? :( 
So When The Pak Will Be Released? 
lovely looking map! The lighting and brushwork are absolutely superb.

Was never of the original's layout and the remix suffers a bit for sticking pretty close to it but having said that there's still quite a few nice gameplay bits. 
Release them on the QExpo. 
yes nitin, RickyT23 improved so fast that put everybody nuts :)
he become a great mapper! 
Please compile the maps into a pak file, or maybe better a zip file and post em on a newsthread! Then the judging can commence!

Or gimme some URL's mappers, via em@il, and I'll do it myself.

Willem - Is you're map playable? The early screenies looked buff, and you said all along (except for the later hours when gears2 consumed your time) that it was playable. Except for the other time I recall when you said that the mapsource had seeded corrupt brushes, - but you said you fixed that!!

How far did you get? You plan to pick it up for a later release?

Feel free to play mine people, link's above. It's on the hub.

Or if you plan to Quake expo it then you'd better moderate it out.

Whatever man. 
Ah Well 
Would have been nice to have a coordinated qexpy release, but if they're done they're done - no need to stand on ceremony.

Ricky, I'll play it tommorow. 
i think the more important stuff in this pack is lost...

Speeds please comeback!!! you are a huge stone in this game. 
And My Kidney 
So it's just those three then? 
The hub link is dead. 
because the nazi host does not like chickening out of a pack even if the starter is AWOL when there are better alternatives. 
What's the delay again? 
Waiting For Quoth3 
Ok, Let's Pretend Quoth2_1 = Quoth3 
Unless any of the participants objects, let's do this:

Participants send maps to me.
I put them into a zip and send it to Metlslime, CZG, Lunaran and Bal.
They sent whatever they are supposed to do back to me before QExpo.
I bundle it into a proper zip and it gets released during QExpo.

So send me your maps (Ricky, I already snatched yours from the Shub-Hub of course). 
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