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Remix Quake Mapping Challenge
New Quake mapping challenge in the tradition of good ol' 100brush and Coagula contests. Only this time the theme is "remix".

Game: Quake, sp

Theme: remix/remake of an original Quake sp map.

You cant take first episode E1M*maps though (because Kell is doing them).

get original map sources here:

Mod: no mod

Engine : Fitz ( so go ahead use a skybox if you want)

Submission deadline is 1st June so you have more than 2 months.
(I think its more than enough time, considering you have small maps and the source files to build on. But if you dont think so - let me know )

Judges: yes there will be few, to review and rate the maps (metlslime is one of them)
Im not judging, I will be making a map myself.

people interested so far: Zwiffle, Trinca, Zombie, GomJabbar, Spirit

maybe Voodoochopstiks, Gibbie, Neg|ke�

Post comments if you want to take part.
Please state what map you are going to make. No more than two people on the same map please

(or catch me on IRC quakenet #terrafusion)
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They weren't pros back then, they were inventing the term. That's why its a great game.

I always found it to be a nightmare to fix all the errors - kind of took the fun out of it.

I wouldn't suggest copying the ents alone, either, since there's some mad alphanumerical naming system there that makes it next to inpenetrable since alot of the monsters use paths. It also limits you to the same crampt size that id built on.

Not many modern Quakers like getting stuck on small pieces of brushwork every two minutes, but maybe my method is the opposite extreme. 
Zwiffle explained it pretty well - the remix map should be recognizable in layout/style but you are free to alter it, change and add more (both visuals and gameplay). Improving the original ofcourse! E1M1rmx by Vondur and CZG is a great example.

Ofcourse the maps should be played as stand-alone (cause we wont have the whole episode). Its your choice wether you start with a shotgun or add all the weapons you are supposed to have at the very start, but make sure the difficulty curve is right.

neg|ke go ahead and prove yourself wrong and make a non-mediocre remix, we know you can
If you map just 1-2 hrs each day for 2 month its ~90hrs already. Lots of time to make a good map (considering the time it took you to make Zer maps)

About E1 "ban" - well I dont know already. Its the community event, so if anyone really wants to do e1m* remix ...

Ijed, Kell and gb: maybe you could enter a single map each into this challange too? Would be great 
Happy Eostre 

About GPL maps, I can only say that you will find it horribly hard to texture them properly. Plus what Ijed said about the numbers, spawning crap, paths... you won't know what is targetting what, it's all numbers... all one big mess.

I can't be part of this challenge I think, I'm planning on a pak. I also have 2 practically finished (ex)turtlemaps but they aren't remakes. Plus I have a life :-D which is the main point.

I look forward to some cool maps.

i will try to make a map but i dont promiss becouse my time is realy realy short and is about to get much shorter...

let�s see... 
I'll include e3m1, but as a preview of the full ep. Most likely it'll change for the final release but it's been almost ready for quite a while.

Don't know if its fair to judge the map the same, since it's had alot more time spent on it than two months.

If enough maps are made (and there aren't any objections) maybe we can bundle the whole thing together in the end under id1 and go for a remake of the entire game . . . 
There was a plan for a total remake before:
But this project looks like dead for a long time now.

Anyway, the idea is great (about the BIG remake and about the small remixes). (: 
Ok, I'll Join 
I finished dm2ish, dm3ish, dm4ish, dm6ish and e1m2ish. 
How About, Speeds 
you change the rules to make an e1 map remix in idbase style. Only.

Give out a wad that has to be used, and acceptable entity list too (possibly fgd). Like no knights or torches.

This post was sponsered by warm thoughts of a certain gentleman in northern Germany. 
Tell me who that gentleman is and he will get a visit from another nothern-german gentleman who really LOVES base maps. 
One Day 
It'll be finished . . . 
now add SP gameplay to them :)

+how's it going? 
I Could Do One. 
It'd be fun!

Ha-ha-ha! I can prove that I can make maps with reasonable speeds.

I'll do any one. 
RickyT23 sure, would be cool to have a map from you.

aard: yeah, but please read the challenge guidelines first :P
bambuz: ofcourse not (its been discussed with many people on tf) 
I Could Do An E#M1 Map . . . 
...but I am starting to feel like doing a non-base map...

And I've only just found the textures I was looking for - speedbz_fin.wad

Ok, not going to do a map now.

I could, e3m1rmx is pretty much ready to go, but I don't want to break the pack up into pieces. If I've resisted temptation for this long then there's no reason to break it up now. 
i will not make a map! my kid born last night and i will probably not have time to map... just maby some minutes at launch time... and is not enought to make a full rebuild!

so good luck to all and i hope to play some fun hardcore maps ;) 
Congrats on the baby ;) 
Yes Trinca 
Congratulations! Maybe when your kid grows up, you can teach her/him mapping for Quake! I believe this community can last that long! 
Same, And; 
Is your oldest mapping yet? 
Congratulations Trinca! 
Another Trophy To Trinca's Potency 
Cheers and Cigars 
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