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Quoth - Part 2
Finally. Quoth Part 2, the base-oriented update.

Note: the mapping tutorial is only half done. We've decided to release anyway, because it's taking too long, plus there are maps already finished that use this content and surely some more will follow.

Map sources for all the Quoth maps, including the previous pak0 maps, are downloadable from the tutorial page.

Have at it.

[edit: fixed URL]
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A Cvar To Disable The Combined Weapon Model 
and use the replacement or original instead?

Might be useful in the future. 
OK, Maybe A Ent File Can Do The Trick. 
Looked around
and found the aflag value in worldspawn.

So it seems that I as a player can create a ent file, and then modify the aflag value in it, then use it together with darkplaces or other engines that support ent file to override the c_* models. Though this method will not work with glqrack.

When will ent file, lit file, external texture, model interpolation, raised limits, and etc etc become standard and incorporated into every engine...... 
When will ent file, lit file, external texture, model interpolation, raised limits, and etc etc become standard and incorporated into every engine......

I think we as players should be modest.Quake is an old game, and people are creating all this wonderful content like Quoth II in their spare time and for free.

Btw most of the features you mention are available in aguirRe�s engines already; except lits, but those are supported by FitzQuake, which will also have interpolation in the next version. 
don�t friggin triple post, makes the digestive process of people here go awry.

Except czg�s :P 
Sorry For Triple Post, 
but it was not intentional, more like, had something to say, and then after browsing a bit, there was something more to say about the topic, but couldn't edit the previous post, so had to make another post.

Back to the features, first, I was not complaining. More of a dream, maybe an unrealistic one.

Second, about aguirRe's engine supporting ent file, I was not aware of that. Thanks for the info. About Fitzquake, it's great news to hear it will finally support interpolation. 
Better Fix 
The best fix would be to get a set of replacement models that's designed to work with Quoth, because it's unfair to expect custom content from one mod to always work with another. It wouldn't be very hard to take the v_models and add an extra g_model frame after the attack animation, which is all that a c_weapon is. And this pack would then have the opportunity to provide a replacement plasma gun and hammer, which would be nice and consistent. I thought of having a cvar that would control this option, but it wouldn't work because you'd enable it, then you'd load this map and the engine would crash. And it would always crash on maps that had this option, because they wouldn't set it if they weren't near the model limits. On other maps it would have no effect. So it seemed like an option that we couldn't provide. 
e1m2quoth on hard got duplicate os monsters and items two monsters in same place near the ambush of the green bastards! 
Right: Downloading Now! 
I'll start working some stuff out with these new dudes 'n stuff right away!!

Should be fun! 
Good news Ricky, looking forward for playing your masterpiece(in summer?). But keep it simple please, the pack-included e1m2quoth is nice representation of all of the quoth2 potential, but I found it a bit garish, if you know what I mean. 
(On the new stuff)

the base-oriented update - personally I'm not convinced by the need to boost the base enemy repetoire. I guess I'm used to base having less hardcore monsters, but also that many of Quake's monsters (i.e. all but knights) can be used in base regardless.

Sentinel - fine, less irritating than Bobs, like the tentacles on top, will have to get used to rest of model.

Pyro - pretty cool attack, effective in combat as makes circle strafing harder, sprites could do with some work, model a bit yellow, could do with some re-modelling.

Eliminator - okay but don't really see the need. Prefer Zer's mega-Enforcer for looks, diversity, and combat.

Flak Ogre - good overall, nicely subtle skin, a bit of remodelling would be nice too.

Eddie - good addition to the repetoire, nice to have a new monster rather than a reskinned Enforcer. Quite Quakey in some ways but also quite derivative of Armagon + Q2 Gunner + Q2 Gladiator. So not sure what I make of the vibe of it. Weapons good as is combat. I think it just needed something to break free from it's influences, and it would be great.

Backpacks - not a fan. Could be done subtler.

Flashlight - great, works well, simple but effective, like the idea of it alerting monsters!

Forcefield - absolutely fine.

Ladders - absolutely fine, work well.

Breakables - great in both looks and sound, work nicely, like the different debris and different sounds for each genre. Damage is okay but maybe a bit less would be good. Having different damage feedback (i.e. not the usual grey dots) would be very useful.

Explosions - good. 
Breakable - map of the decade :)

Kelltest5 - ummm.

Kellbase1 - a proper map!! Quite hard first time, easier when you know what's coming up (like dropping down into the "no chance of survival first go" final Enforcer pit. Good showcase of new enemy tho.

E1M2Quoth - very good. Again quite tough. Easy to run out of health and ammo near the end. Some of the new stylistic tweaks are great, the flooded missing-brick floors especially. Not always as coherently done as E1m1RMX though. The outside scenes you see outside the window are is the super-secret, one of the coolest scenes yet in a Quake map, really great. 
OK, Gettin It Together!! 
Does anybody have an FGD for this mod yet? 
Ricky, please make it dark Ogre Den (dwelled by flak ogres+grenade ogres) or cyborg+pyros+mechascorion military base! 
Its The Latter... 
e1m2quoth is awesomely brilliant ! Very good work ! 
Oh Look... There IS A Kellbase1! 
I didn't even see it before. I liked it a lot. I liked everything in it. I have no polite words to describe how happy I am that you made and released this for all . Except... Thank you Kell. 
Technical Question 
I like Quoth a lot and have just one technican question. Is there any way (console command?) to make lasers fired by enemies and weapon shots make "glow" (orange light) in Quoth mod while using Fitzquake080 engine? Thanks 
1 or 0, not sure which you want. 
Kinda, But... 
The effect is turned on by the command gl_flashblend 1, but there is a reason why it is disabled by default. That reason is that if you have it turned on, then the flashlight is not going to illuminate walls. It will still light up models that happen to be in the flashlight's beam, but you aren't going to be able to navigate with it. When you have gl_flashblend 0, then rockets and the flashlight beam dynamically light the surroundings, rather than just render the orange glow - which was originally added for performance reasons. If you still want to change the variable, add the command to autoexec.cfg in the quoth folder(create one if it's not there). Adding it to config.cfg will not work. 
As long as flashlight is contained in one level of all only, I will change the value to 1 to improve look of other quoth idbase levels. Thanks 
So is that gl_flashblend "1"
at the end of C:\games\quake\quoth\autoexec.cfg file, right? (or +gl_flashblend 1?) It seems to be switching back to default 0 value after finishing first level.

Map, map, map mappers, looking forward for combination of new idbase levels (without flashlight) with new cyborgs and lost chapters styled maps full of droles, sentinels and new nail-shooting ogres!:)

Undreamed Shores forever. 
gl_flashblend 1, no quotes on anything, tested this just now and it works. 
Those outdoor areas are an appropriate Quake-y kind of way ;)

I am seriously looking forward to mapping with all this new content :) 
yee go map generic you are getting to lazy... 
Kell And Preach... 
...I'm close to release here, but am having difficulty implementing the ladders. They work fine from the ground up to the top step but then the players progress judders and slows as he gets off. Is there a tute or example .map somewhere?

And if anyone's thinking of going Benny Hill on this post, forget it :P 
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