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Quoth - Part 2
Finally. Quoth Part 2, the base-oriented update.

Note: the mapping tutorial is only half done. We've decided to release anyway, because it's taking too long, plus there are maps already finished that use this content and surely some more will follow.

Map sources for all the Quoth maps, including the previous pak0 maps, are downloadable from the tutorial page.

Have at it.

[edit: fixed URL]
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Examples And Tips 
You can get the source of kellbase1 from the quoth mapping tutorial, linked from the bottom of the quoth page. The tutorial's entry on trigger_ladder is complete, and it has lots of helpful advice. The two most important tips are:

1) To set the angle of the trigger to point out away from the surface of the ladder. This makes sure the player is correctly pulled in at the top.

2) Make sure that the top surface of the trigger is flush with the floor surface at the top of the ladder. This should also be a flat surface for best effect, it may not work so well if it's a slope. 
OK, so I could download the mapsource, but just in short:

"How do you create a Nail Sentinel?"

Is there a spawnflag for it to fire nails instead of lazers or something?


Still no Quoth2 fgd?


Loving the new monsters! :-P 
Nail Sentinels 
The third spawnflag (4 in binary) specifies a nail sentinel. This is something which will be added to the tutorial page soon, it's not quite complete as you can tell! At the moment, I don't know of anyone who's making a fgd for quoth2. 
Thanks Preach! 
My level will be ready for testing by Tuesday.

:D :D :D

I have added a few lines to my fgd, but its by no means complete.

Who wants to test? (the level, not the shitty fgd) 
Ladder Issue 
In kellbase1, in the room with the 3 ladders, it's not possible to climb up onto the upper level in DarkPlaces. 
It Seems 
that nowadays many mappers don't think it's a issue if their map can not run properly in Darkplaces.

Darkplaces used to be my favorite engine, but recent releases are too slow for my old rig. A real pity, for I still think it's the most advanced engine. 
seal it over dude

:D :P 
Mr D... 
...thanks, that's the job. These Quoth2 ladders are excellent for the long slow vertical climb, or the short one not featuring combat...but in a fight area I may have to tweak my existing mechanical ladders for the sake of speed. We'll see what the testers say this time round. 
Expanded Quoth .fgd 
Wasn't ijed working on one? 
that nowadays many mappers don't think it's a issue if their map can not run properly in Darkplaces.

It is not the fault of the mappers and modders who are doing nothing more than using standard compilers and writing in standard QuakeC. It is Dark Places that fails to comply. You will find many old mods bugged out when played in Dark Places. 
what HeadThump said. Darkplaces is that much away from standard Quake that it should not be considered for Singleplayer playing. Unless of course a mod has been coded specifically for it.

For a quoth.fgd you guys should maybe consider usign some wiki-sort of collaborative web thing. 
But I haven't looked at it in a while. I'll dig it out and post it. I remember it being 95% complete, but there's almost certainly holes in there somewhere - no updated info_trap etc.

That said all the basic stuff is on there with a few other additions for AguirRe's compilers, so it should make a fairly solid base if anyone wants to continue it.

I'll post it tonight. 
e1m2quoth : loved the trinity secret, outdoors area. I liked the colours and textures too - nice change for Q1, and not ~too~ loud.

Re Quoth2... damage from breakables, breakable crates and flashlights. Imho, not sure they're great ideas ... just make the game more complicated ???
Edie is a classic model. Very Q2-ish, but feels good :> The new features all look like quality programming. Was it much Quake C ? 
Oooh - dont start!

In my level, it wont spawn any of the doors at all!!

Also im running a 8800 GTS 512MB, and it RUNS real time lighting, but it looks TERRIBLE, full white in textures around the lights.

I recommend FitzQuake, AguirRe's GlQuake or JoeQuake. JoeQuake is pretty stable from my experience! And it looks cool too! Telejano? Thats pretty good also! I think I had problems in Telejano with altering the mouse-speed but excepting that everything worked fine!

Quoth2 - steven_a - I'm just guessing, but I think Quoth2 is a MILESTONE in Quake C. Theres more Quake C alterations and additions there that you could shake a stick at! Add a little skeletal animation and you would have Half-Life 1.

Quoth2 - Preach/Kell/Necros - I love you guys!! :D

Can I be your freind?

I am loving this stuff, incorporating what I can into my map has been really good fun, kept me up so late at night I was late to work!

I still use a func_illusionary/clip brush ladder though. But it's nice to know I have options ;-P 
Hi Ricky, feel free to send me your level for playtest (mail, icq 259689233). Try to make proper ladders please. Nail sentinel? I thought you are working on base, ratsack-like level! 
Hey Ricky, 
If you like Joequake, you can give Qrack a try. It's a spin-off of Joequake, but has got some nice improvements, such as autoloading a skybox (in Joequake you have to manually load the skybox, for example, in Travail), among other things. 
Quoth2 Fgd

Its almost certainly incomplete, but the basic stuff should be there. If you update it then reupload it, but be warned, I ended up using c+p alot instead of the cascades system. 
Thanks Ijed! 
Er.... It Says On Kells Site... 
...that there are forcefields. But there's no documentation to support this feature at all. Is it even used in any of the included maps?

How do you create a forcefield? :-) 
ricky, kellbase1 has a forcefield 
Forcefields are func_togglewalls with a spawnflag set. The details aren't written up in the tutorial yet, but here's enough details to get you started:

Spawnflag 2 turns on the particle effect, making this into a forcefield. While the func_togglewall is solid, a particle effect will scroll across it. The "worldtype" key takes values from 0 to 5 specifying the direction the effect scrolls: up, down, east, west, north or south. The "colour" key should be a quake palette index specifying the colour of the particles. "speed" specifies the speed at which the wave should travel. "style" specifies the number of particle bursts that should be generated per second. Take care that style is not set too high, or the player will be flooded with particle messages, causing lag in network games.

The network warning is especially important if you want to run the map in coop, you might want to consider using the coop spawnflags to change the entity setup to something less demanding for coop mode. 
Thanks For The Info ! 
I Take It That Info_command_spawn 
will just act as if the command was in the worldspawn?

"classname" "info_command_spawn"
"message" "r_wateralpha 0.4"

will just activate on the start of the level ? 
Yeah, the info_command_spawn intended for that kind of command, but it has two subtle extra points. The first is that it is applied when a player spawns, rather than when the map starts. The only time this makes a difference is in coop, but using it means that each player is sure to get the command when they connect. It also gets sent again if they respawn, so if you have different fog levels in different sections of the map, setting the initial fog level with info_command_spawn ensures respawning players will have the right fog for that location.

The other thing that it does is sets the "environment variable" for the client to the command in the info_command_spawn. This means that when they load a saved game on this map, the command from the environment variable will be sent again. Otherwise it's possible that they could load another map or restart the engine, which would reset the wateralpha value. There are ways to update the environment variable for different regions of the map, but that's only needed if you're doing different fog levels/wateralpha levels around the place. If you have a global setting for the whole map, put it in info_command_spawn and it's all handled for you.

Two important additions on how to format commands though:
1) Make it "r_wateralpha 0.4\n", the extra \n on the end of the command makes it execute, otherwise players can encounter a problem where the engine misses them pressing/releasing buttons.
2) If you had fog as well as wateralpha, you shouldn't add two info_command_spawn entities as only one of them will work. Instead make one entity containing both commands separated by semicolons. Like:
"fog 0.2 0.3 0.2 0.5;r_wateralpha 0.4\n" 
Sound Like I Need Me One Of Those! 
Nice one. 
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