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Quoth - Part 2
Finally. Quoth Part 2, the base-oriented update.

Note: the mapping tutorial is only half done. We've decided to release anyway, because it's taking too long, plus there are maps already finished that use this content and surely some more will follow.

Map sources for all the Quoth maps, including the previous pak0 maps, are downloadable from the tutorial page.

Have at it.

[edit: fixed URL]
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About The Map List, 
Does Warpspasm count for a quoth map pack? 
There are some maps/paks that contain Quoth or Chapters content, but don't use regular Quoth. IIRC Warpspasm is one of them. fmb_bdg is another. 
has also a Quoth2 based version, I just have to find it.... 
SRC: Bis 
Small errata: it was based on the preliminary version of Quoth2, so maybe it is not still compliant. 
Map List For Quoth 
I would add

tris (hrim_sp2) 
It should be. Check breakables. Need playtester? Send map. :-P Can't speak. Too happy. 
SRC: Ter 
OK, I found it, I will update my website ASAP, and post a new thread for that ;)
Wait and see :D 
I will sodomize the first who adds a flashlight to his map, puts an indistinguishable breakable in a dark corner and think that it is ok as a secret. Yes, I will!

Awesome update but I really don't like something:
The breakables have no different "shot-at" effects than any solid brush plus their debris hurts the player. :( 
You gay pervert :P 
Nice Work 
Are breakable transparent brushes possible?
And transparent func_Illusionaries? 
Your offer sounds tempting... ;-)

And the rubble doing damage is somewhat of a bug. Nearly everyone who implements it blindly has the rubble do damage on contact with the player, without checking first that the rubble is actually moving... 
I Thought 
It was nice physical feedback to have chunks of flying glass actually hurt the player - its not as if the pieces exist for very long anyhow. 
only damages you while falling on/hitting you. Once on the ground it's harmless. 
They fixed the rubble then? good to know...

e1m2quoth is a very nice map to play through. I liked the "super-secret", even if I did have to save a couple of times, and the "quad" secret is just am amazing piece of map programming... 
Walking On Gilded Splinters 
Yeah, to confirm: rubble does damage proportional to the speed the rubble is travelling at - so once it's stationary it does nothing. On the decision of whether rubble does damage, it had to be an all or nothing thing, making it selectable by the mapper would be unfair to the player. Once you know that rubble is dangerous in Quoth it's usually very easy to avoid. If you do miss the red blood indications on breakables, you can always make your breakables with a targetname, and a corresponding shootable trigger to target them. 
This might be a stupid question, but will there be any QuakeC release? 
Giving slowshooting flaknailgun to the slipgate traveller instead of his simple shotgun would be nice IMHO. Yet hard to think out and make weapon model with proper quakey feel, I know. I love the sound when flak ogre uses this gun! Mechanical scorpions! What a suprise, they are not mentioned on the web in the new enemies list. Sorry for spoiling them. 
Here's first run demo through the e1m2quoth:

As for the rest of the stuff, very well done! You managed to revive quake once again, all those sentries, breakables and uberogre and what forth! I wanna map again :) 
Aye, this is impressive. Can't wait for .ent/.def to get something started on this. e1m2quoth was very good, nice display of the tech and redesign of this classic map.

When's Quoth 3 coming out???? :D 
I Was Trying To Play Bioshock Lately... 
...but quoth2, qonquer and cjhsp1 made me forget it.
e1m2quoth is a great fun, and the structures made with blocks make the all thing solid.
The hammer part is cool too. 
Random Feedback... 
Let's assume that i've already mentioned that this is awesome and cool. And now i've moved on to talking about the tiniest minutiae:

- why does the plasma enforcer not have EF_MUZZLEFLASH when he shoots?

- also, the shotgun enforcer doesn't have EF_MUZZLEFLASH for his shotgun, only his grenade launcher?

- also, the new grenades look cool

- also, the flak ogre's nails come out in a symmerical pattern that looks too perfect, i think it would look better if the spread was somewhat randomized. On the other hand, maybe you wanted it to be a pattern players would learn to avoid? 
Holy Fucking Shit 
I had given up hope on this but awesome work anyways. Now for my unasked-for opinions:

I like:
- Ogre boss, sentinels, new maps, anything not mentioned below :) .

Not so much a fan of:
- Too many enforcer re-skins, and the pretty colour coding make them look like they walked out of a packet of M&Ms. Less bright colours and some customisations to the mesh would have looked a lot better. OTOH, were you trying to save on model precaches?
- The tentacles on the laser sentinel look too much like flames, IMO makes it look a bit like a flying walltorch. I would have given it a chunky, pink texture (brains).
- Not all breakable debris should do damage. I mean flesh is pretty soft right? And wood splinters wouldn't hurt as much as glass.

Can't wait to play Base Pack, if/when it comes out (I'll believe anything now :) ). 
OK, Played A Bit E1m2quoth Yesterday, And 
Found something interesting...

I was playing with Glqrack 1.85, and with its bundled new v_* and g_* models. However, while playing e1m2quoth I noticed that the replacement models were not showing up! In their stead were the original ones, by their look.Other maps seem to be all right, just e1m2quoth.

So I switched to darkplaces with some replacement models, and the same happened again.

Then I went to a drastic move, by deleting all the v_* and g_* models in .\id1\pak0.pak (backed up this file first, of course), and tried again with glqrack and darkplaces. Guess what, in e1m2quoth, the old weapon models were still shown!!

At that time I began to feel unbelieving, because how could the model still show up when the model files had been deleted? I went to check .\quoth\pak1.pak, and found some thing like c_shot, c_shot2, ...

So, in the end, my question is, are the authors experimenting some method trying to combine the v_* and g_* in a c_*, or is this an easter egg of some sort? 
Combined Weapon Models 
Yes, one of the options quoth offers is to combine the v_ and g_weapons into a single model. This is necessary for e1m2quoth as it hits the model limits exactly under the current configuration. It's an option that is specified per map. It has the added benefit of forcing models consistent with the quoth plasma gun and hammer : - p. 
Nice, Thanks For Explanation! 
a bit written in readme would be good too, though. 
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