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Q1SP: Three Towers And A Sick Base!
Here is my new map! Its a medium to large sized Base themed map, wide open spaces, semi-non-linear, uses the Quoth pack. This map is not without a few bugs, however it took six and a half days to vis, and I'm not going to do it again!

easy on easy
176 monsters on normal
270-odd monsters on hard



I would stick to AguirRe's engine, availiable. If anyone manages to use another engine, I'd love to hear about it:

Last one to the top is a rotten egg!!
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I mixed things up here; the demos will work but the flickering ents will still be there as this info is taken from the demo. Still no worse than before.

However, the savegames won't work if you replace the bsp, all the models will be messed up. You'll get a lot of warnings when loading such a savegame.

Thanks for the heads up. 
I just found the penta secret ...

With this, it's definitely possible to get from the RL via quad to the end balcony in almost no time, skipping GK altogether. Next question is if it's possible to get to the RL without the SK? 
Im Not Sure About This 
But I think you're suggesting rocket jumping with the pent and the quad almost the entire height of the building.

Demo anyone? 
Ignoring All 
monsters, you can jump from the GL/SK tower directly to the RL, then down to the quad, use it to quickly get to the penta tele and then RJ from penta to balcony.

You'd better have some penta/quad/ammo/health left, though ...

The open/tall layout of this map offers amazing possibilities for jumping shortcuts, I don't know if I've ever been able to quad RJ this high before without hitting the ceiling. 
Has that 'flying' section secret in the base map towards the end, but I think you hit the skybrush there as well. 
Good Stuff! 
I finally made it to this one :) Very good architecture in parts, without any framerate considerations whatsoever. It was fairly non-linear but I walked into many areas with serious lack of ammo. The drole surprise was very cool. Many of the other ambushes, however, were just too difficult (on normal) to survive. A little more ammo and a few fairer fights and you have yourself a winner.

Keep on keepin' on! 
finally ticked over to the new billing month for my ISP. Planning to check this and Deja Vu out over the next few days. 
if you do play Sickbase, try the newer release (#83) - AguirRe fixed some bugs and gameplay is a bit fairer - could you also update the link at the top of the post please? 
played it finally. i'm not sure what version it was because i downloaded it quite a long ago, but played only a few days ago. so:

great scale (i always loved large scaled maps), some nice brushwork, but pretty unbalanced gameplay (i suppose i played one of the early versions), i don't like fights with many base enemies because their attacks are much harder to avoid unlike the attacks of medieval baddies. also i met one unkillable drole and it was disturbing me from time to time.

overall a pretty good map, next time you'll need just a proper testing before the final release 
updated the news link to the new file 
Played It 
pretty nice map.

Good things are the level size and immersion factor, it's very detailed (although it looks a bit messy in parts construction wise) and the general gameplay. I didnt find it too hard (played on normal) and you managed to avoid the sniping gameplay present in most base levels.

Things to take into consideration for the future are some gameplay annoyances like forcing player to take lifts up and having 3-4 enemies waiting at the top each time. Als, lighting was decent but could have been better. Few bugs such as unkillable bobs and bobs shooting through platforms but I take it they are quoth related??

anyway, nice job and there's definitely some good imagination on display. keep it up. 
Really Enjoyable Map! 
Have got it sitting in my HDD for a long time, but never gave it a serious try.

Well, yesterday night I sat down and loaded it in Warp and, wow, this is another really cool map!

The difficulty is definitely very high, proved by the fact that I F6ed and F9ed countless times. But every fight, except the end battle against two gugs, which depends to some extent on luck, is still possible without cheating, although I believe what I played through was the version with difficulty fixed by aguirRe.

All in all, really like this map. Challenging, but still very good. 
OK - Sielwolf - Superhuman Motion-Sickness Crazy Dude!!! :D 
Well, before he changes his mind, not much to say except this IS impressive....

Two versions here - one on the original map, before I added any 'help' (or AguirRe fixed flickering ents) and one on the easier version, shaving five minutes off the time....

These demos have Sielwolf Quad-Damage Rocket-Jumping the full height of the map (which is one of the highest maps ever...)

Thanks Mr Sielwolf!! 
As Usual 
impressive stuff, thanks for sharing this! 
The demo by Sielwolf cost me my one precious and only jaw...

Now I can't find it everywhere! 
Which One? 
(Which demo d'you think is best?)
1st demo - impossible, cant believe he managed it TBH. Gritty at start.
2nd demo - OK easier with SNG + more health/armour, but 5 mins faster too!!!

? :D 
I suppose I can't view the first demo with the fixed version of the map?
Don't know if anywhere I can still grab the unfixed version.

Anyway, the 2nd demo is still amazing for me, because I literally struggled through this map. It was fun, but it was STRUGGLE for me. 
Oops, silly me, I exchanged the place for my name and the title. 
Doomer/The Second One/Whatever.... 
You can watch both demos on the new version of the map!!

The old version has some flickering entities (func_walls sometimes disappear) and although the new version fixes this in-play, when you view the demo even in the fixed map the func_walls will still flicker. But you can watch both demos in either version of the map!

Weird eh? 
The colours (lack of lit - cloured lightning says its word here) and lighting may not be so impressive like in "the hand..." map, but the architecture is impressive. I liked it. The battle on normal difficulty level was tough sometimes. I remember for example trying to get up the 2nd and 3rd tower. not so good placing for grenade launcher. i was doing the supernailgun and suddenly found popping myself a grenade in front of the guy at only 2 meters from me. depends on luck what corner im retreating.
I liked the spiral stairs shooting mayhem with lot of enemy, altough had to reload due to that fiend surprise.
Also there was a bug with a drone that was appearing after the 2nd tower, it was invicible and stucked in the air (somewhat in the corner opposite to starting point underground lift). at least not so a big annoyance.
did not start with joequake. rather bad performance with darkplaces at least at 1280x1024. worked well with that glquake assumed to be aquire's modified, altough had to type +mlook in console.
And again: great design/architecture. 
Does anybody still have any demos of this map? 
I Have 
I've got Sielwolf doing a NH run in ><19 minutes.
Would you like me to mail it to you? 
Can you mail it to, Thx 
Have you mailed the demo yet, Ricky? 
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