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New Q1SP: "Quakeshift" By Elvis
Elvis writes:
I've resently finnished my second quake SP map called quakeshift and also this time the map dosn't have dm in it. skills: easy 124, normal 139 and on hard 155 monsters. Hope you all will like it :)


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Based On Screens Alone... 
Looks like high quality texturing and geometry. Unfortunate use of minlight, but maybe it looks better in-game. 
It looks pretty good, except for the flat lighting.

Unfortunately these days I don't play Quake--I just look at screenshots. 
The shots look interesting: I'll fly through the map ASAP... It's promising ! 
I tried to speedrun it, without success. I got stuck to everything imaginable. :P Sometimes I have this bug in quake that makes everything look green (wtf). So I can't say anything about lightning/textures and stuff. :) 
'pon The Download 
Looks pretty nice yo. 
Good To See Lots Of New Maps 
And this looks like a nice one.

downloading . . . 
Played It 
Liked it. A good choice of theme with fine brushwork. I did'nt mind the sometimes cramped rooms, as I like tight combat. But really dark areas is kind of a turn off for me. I got lost a few times because I couldn't find the path to take because it was hidden by darkness.

The first portion of the map seemed much harder than the last. I died only a few times, but nothing to overly difficult.

Overall, this is a great effort. I recommend to anyone who enjoys Quake single player. Nice work Elvis, keep mapping. 
Pretty Good. 
Quite a "full" map with a good theme and some nice details. It is fairly cramped in places, moving around some scenery is awkward.

I found it fairly tough, the start was a bit annoying with the knights and health supplies right next to ammo, in fact health was fairly sparse. The balance was good though, maintained interest and the sewers had interesting battles. 
Unfortunate use of minlight

I got lost a few times because I couldn't find the path to take because it was hidden by darkness

are we all playing the same map? 
Great detailing, layout and combat. The lighting is too flat and more contrast would have helped.

The other thing was I felt like I should have had some sort of close combat weapon, the Zer chainsaw or Qouth hammer, just to deal with the hordes of knights when the SSG felt slow.

Very nice work. 
Good and bad. Definitely good combat and flow, offering a good challenge, maybe, as stated by Orl, the ending was a little bit of a lackluster, being able to get rid of the shambler without even exiting the underground, from a safe spot. The initial building being really too tight and with way too cramped architecture, giving a very unrealistic feeling. On the other hand, very nice architecture in the underground section, maybe with a couple of boxy rooms that could be avoided. Ammo wise, I found it adequate, a bit on the scarce side, but adequate. Lighting is really to be worked on. 
Quake With XP 
I wish I could get Quake to work with XP good? 
Quake On Xp 
Good work! You might try going back and lighting this one differently, though. AguirRe will no doubt be able to give you a few good suggestions ;-)

As far as the crampedness is concerned, I think it is a result of trying to map "to scale." I didn't really have any problems negotiating most of the architecture except for a few spots underground. 
Nice Map 
good build, solid texturing, tough gameplay.

But my god the lighting, this would be so much better if it wasnt lit so bad. The other issue is crampedness liek peopl mentioned but I to used to that. 
Hard Ass Hell. 
Close combat with blasted sword wielding monsters. Not much ammo, and not much lighting.

It's hard, but a good map. 
i don't get it why all are so obsest with the lighting, i just use lights to show the way more or less and besides it's supposed to be abit dark anyway 
I think a lot of mappers like to think of lighting how a photographer might think of it. In other words, using lighting to "set up a scene," instead of just using it to allow a player to see the environment.

I'm no photografer tho' so maybe I'm talking out of my arse. 
i suppose i could have edit the lighting abit beter but as i saw it it looked ok, eather you like it or you don't, i consentrated abit more on the map itself
i used some light things atleast to try and make the map look abit different but i mostly used tourches as it's a medieval type map so it fits but in general this is how i map... 
for a very simple explanation, it lacks contrast 
that dosn't say much to me, to me they are just light
i had one say that the place where there where so many monsters where to dark so i added some extra light but apparently they became to strong, not on my screen tho 
Everybody plays with a different gamma. You Elvis, must play with a high gamma so it looks as though everything is even with the lighting and bright. Me on the other hand, I like my Quake dark, so I have to rely on the lighting of the map to see, not the gamma. The very small staircase inside the house in the tight hallway I could not see because it was so dark. I found it by luck... 
I have problems with light as well - I make it far too dark. Basicly on your screen how you set up light it probably looks great to you, but you have to allow for how it will look on everyone else�s.

For me alot of maps have very bleached lighting. But for most people they�re lit perfectly. I reckon the idea is to find the balence. 
I suggested some things on that for the beta already:

It would have been quite easy: - original - -range 1.05 -dist 0.7 -fast -soft - -range 1.05 -dist 0.7 -fast -soft plus some sunlight

Bland lighting can kill the best map.

I had the same problem like Orl with the staircase. The texturing was not too lucky. 
Q1 Still Alive ! 
Keep on mapping, guys !

I'm still playing Q1, after all these years. It's fun to see the game isn't dead. I played that new map and found it to be pretty cool. Thanks ! 
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