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Idbase Replacement Textures Released By Starbuck
Well I've finished, finally. These textures replace idbase textures wherever they find them, in their eternal mission to make base levels look sharper and prettier.

Currently there are 300 textures in the gang. They are all TGAs. The plan is to take on one map at a time. So far the maps that have been dominated are:

e1m1 e2m1 e3m1 e4m1 dm3 aerowalk e1m1rmx

Note: These maps are only a few of the manythat work, I haven't had time to check many maps thoroughly. Other maps that look good include Slipstream by Inertia, and Agressor by Tyrann

Check out screenshots at my QExpo Booth:

The direct download link is here:
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Looks kickass. I'll have to give these a whirl later, and replay DM3RMX with em. Nice work. 
You fucking legend 
You fucking legend 
seriously though, this is how hi-res textures SHOULD be done, none of this shitty new textures crap, but enhancing the old textures to look shiny and new without making them look totally shite.

Well done! Have you got plans to do the other id sets Starbuck...hope so :) 
From afar things look the same, it's only when you get upclose that you notice the textures are sharp instead of all the details being blurred out.

I love these, I think the biggest testament is that I jumped around in a couple of maps which used idbase textures mixed with a couple of altered idbase textures (such as trondm1) and there was no jarring transition. Where the high-res textures met others apart from the change in resolution there wasn't really any change in feel/colour and from afar I couldn't notice anything.

Now do the rest of Quake! ;) 
Great Work Starbuck. :) 
Projects like this do ten times more for Quakes visuals than any bump mapping/gloss/dynamic lighting/etc.

Plat_top1 appears to have missed out on its makeover though. :P 
Very Cool 
also - pixies reference? 
You rock so hard, please explain to these other slackers who are bastardizing our poor Quake that this is what it is, and they should stop. 
good work man :) love then a lot!!! 
fucking hot mang 
GG, Starbuck 
sexy from what I have seen in game so far. 300 Textures?! And you have only done the base. Wow. I'll have to open up the pack sometime to see what variations you have produced. 
Another Beer For You 
Excellent work starbuck! 
this is the second idbase texture pack that doesn't suck! (first one was by gibbie)

i liked that they really look crisp and quakeish, not plastic and lifeless as lousy texes by retexture project which i loathe. you hit the point here, starbuck!

very well done! now proceed with wizard.wad please ;) 
That Doesn't Suck! (first One Was By Gibbie) 
Is that texture set still available somewhere?

Back to thread:

Btw, great work Starbuck. I'll have to check that out.

(I never would have guessed that a replacement texture set would come out of the blue with 300+ textures!) 
mighty fine work there, sir! :D 
Good Job 
what are the lumas for? and what engine they work in 
Good Job 
what are the lumas for? and what engine they work in 
Good Job 
what are the lumas for? and what engine they work in 
Good Job 
what are the lumas for? and what engine they work in 
Oh Dear God 
can people making idbase maps from now on, please use this ? Please.

And aguire, please support tga's in your engine, if only for this release. 
i�d love to see that also aguire with option like -24bits in run :) to people that dont like new stuff... 
It Already Does 
Just enable gl_exttex 1
Dear God had heard your words long before you even thought of them. Now go read readme to uderstand how to make the textures work with existing idbase maps.
+ what aguirRe said
fitz works too 
luma textures are, to quote dpextensions.qc
"fullbrights or other glowing overlay stuff, NOTE: this is done using additive blend, not alpha"
So basically it's a way to do fullbrights for tga textures. I don't think they work in fitzquake right now, they do work in darkplaces. Some other texture sets call _luma textures _glow instead.

Also, awesome set of texture, really love the designs of the computer stuff, they've got a crude, cobbled-together machine feel that's really apt for idbase. 
Yes Yes My Bad 
should have read the readme(s).

But there's a slight issue in using with maps that use other textures too.

This set is darker than the original so you have to turn up brightness to get the same look as standard idbase. But this makes the non-hires textures look too washed out.

But I'm bitching now, this is a great set. I now just want all my quake to look just as good :) 
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