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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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Terrain Mapping 
Texturing Question 
When you want a damaging liquid there only seems to be three choices: red lava, green slime, brown toxic waste. And even the toxic waste is rather unusual. Are there any other options out there? Particularly for Q3.

It would be cool to have some sort of non-transparent blue liquid with lighting arcing acorss it, but that's well beyond my skills to do. :) 
Well in Q1 it's easy, just create the texture and call it something with either *water *slime or *lava at the front of the name.

Q3 you can do it, just mess around with the shaders. 
Scrags In The Void 
Quake, WC1.6 full

I don't want unlit scrags pounding players from out in the void.
I understand the level of monster illumination is a function of the light level of the surface beneath the baddie.
Possible solution: "sunlight" = 100 with an a mangle of 0 90 0 in the worldspawn then use neg lights around the columns descending into the void.
Does this sound right? Don't want to place a gazillion neg lights if it ain't gonna work. 
You Can Also 
make sure the sky is black, then make a func_illusionary brush of black that hovers a few units above the sky floor, then make a spotlight with light value of 150-200, no falloff and angle of 180 
sky surfaces don't have lightmaps. 
under the sky floor, have a real floor. and forget about the func_illusionary. 
I Guess That Is What I Meant... 
I just need people to translate my invalid suggestions first... 
And The Illusionary... 
was suggested to be placed there because ...use neg lights around the columns descending into the void. implies that there will be columns going down there, and if one puts a spotlight by them then you'll see one or two lightmap-units of brightness on said columns... 
And right now I understood what was meant in post #32, so I'll just STFU and go sit in the corner for a while 
Sky surfaces don't have lightmaps That's a very handy piece of info to know. Thanx metl and czg (get out of that corner man!) I'm using a starfield so the "real" floor under the skytexz will do the trick.

Oh...and the way I'm building should stop the annoying horizontal skytexz warping.

<beer> all round 
What If You Put 
a brush inside the skybrush? would the lightmap of the brush work, or would the skybrush's lightmap still be used instead... 
Texturing Question Redux 
I'm aware that with a little shader manipulation I could make a plaid sea of death, but I was wondering if anybody else has already come across/made any interesting alternatives. 
Batch Files? Batch Files? We Don't Have No Stinkin' Batch Files! 
Thank you Vondur, Hrimfaxi, and Necros for the replies. I tried your advice Vondur but I end up with error messages still.

Can someone explain what a batch file is and how to implement it? Or can you at least direct me to where I can read about this?

Again My Thanks 
an batch file is just a text file which contains bunches of commands, one after another in order.

say, you wanted to open the windows/temp folder, backup everything, then delete everything in thee.

you would write in the batch file:
copy *.* c:\backup

making a batch file for compiling is very similar.

if you wanted one to compile a map, you would put in your qbsp, vis and light commands in there.

a handy thing you can do, is use %1 %2 %3...%9 to pass on commands from the prompt.
%1 is simply the next string of text after the batch program's name.
example: if the program is called n.bat
you type:
n var1

if you put %1 anywhere in your batch file, it will be replaced with var1
vis %1.bsp
light %1.bsp
copy %1.bsp c:\quake

all the '%1' would read as 'var1' instead, giving you:
vis var1.bsp
light var1.bsp
copy var1.bsp c:\quake

if you still are unsure, check out my guide again ( the blue text at the bottom is an example of my batch file. the lines starting with 'rem' are remarks. (and don't do anything. sort of line comments in qc (//) or qbasic (') or whatever)

finaly, to make a batch file, you must either: go into dos prompt (or command prompt if your using XP) and type 'edit'. write all your stuff and save, or use notepad (or similar text program) and replace the '.txt' or '.doc' with '.bat'.

not sure if this will make it totally clear or not. i'm considering adding this type of explanation to my guide, btw... 
The Guide, Btw Is Supposed To Be:

metlslime, you really gotta get rid of that line saving thing... it's killing the urls... 
I Agree 
It's hard to see where a link is supposed to go. :( 'twas a good idea tho. 
necros, Wazat: hover your mouse over the link and read the address on the bottom of the browser window? 
I Know, But It's Unattractive Still. 
Yeah, But If The Link Is Busted, Ie: 
or if someone types

it's annoying to have to retype it just so people can see it. at least before, if you busted a link, people would still be able to tell what the url was. 
I Agree With Necros! 
its awkward for no good reason :P

and things that are awkward for no good reason suck. in fact, there is no good reason for a thing to ever be awkward. 
Agreed. See my "Celebrity Look Alikes" thread. 
It Builds Character! 
...But so does freaky prison-rape sex.

Wait, forget I said that. I'm afraid of what you're response will be.

<RPG> metlslime, if I told you to go to would you go?
<metlslime> rpg: no, unless they have new pics.
Should Be "your" Not "you're" 
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