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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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What if I have a bezier patch on my crack? I mean, do I need a shot or something? 
This Thread Is Obsolete 
Are there really any people that need mapping help ? 
I mean, unlike you, who knows EVERYTHING about mapping and never, EVER have any problems getting things running. 
i think so cos its useful as a discussion to solve bugs and other stuff even if some guys are "PROS". after all. not everyone is a l33t sp mapper. 
Q1 Mapping In Wc3.3 
like, hello, wtf is going on with teleports? Or am i just being dumbass cos i havent mapped since god knows when? 
<quote>Or am i just being dumbass cos i havent mapped since god knows when?</quote>

it's possible... ;)

seriously, make sure the info_teleport_destination has enough room for the player, and make sure the target/targetnames match up.

it would be nice to know a little more of your problem though, dude... 
2 Questions 
To bring more contrast in a map using Q1rad I'd like to change the radius of an ordinary light without changing the brightness.
(Sort of like the _cone2 function for a light_spot)?
Is this possible?

When starting up the map I get: edict.. yada yada... 'pitch' is not a field.
As far as i know I fed in proper values for the pitch of the light source and it displays correct in the map so no nead to worrie or..?!

Is it a question or my .fgd file not being able to handle this pitch function for Q1rad? 
But 'pitch' ISN'T A Field! 
it really isn't a field, in Quake at least. Most custom light compilers make their extra field names start with underscore so that the engine will ignore them. Example: _wait, _color, etc. If q1rad has a 'pitch' field added, then you're going to have to put up with the in-game warnings, unless you remove it from the bsp after running q1rad. I think this can be done with a program that tyrann wrote that remove everything except the 'classname' and 'light' fields from a light entity. Or maybe it's 'classname' and 'origin.' Look around for it. 
For Lights In A Bsp, 
only the classname is important. (and any target/targetname fields too). the actual entity is not even needed (i think) if the light is non-switchable, since all the lighting is already pasted onto the walls from the light utility. if you don't have tyrann's program, just go in edit.exe, (or notepad) and replace 'pitch' with '_pitch'. 
Sounds Interesting! 
Thanks, I'll try to get my bsp-act together :)

No way to change the radius (question1) I guess!? 
I'd like to know this too. It's quite difficult to light an area correctly if that light that will do it has to be blindingly bright... :( 
More Contrst With Radiocity 
lower -bounce # 
Well Yes.. 
but that is like -scale: lowering the range of all the lights in the map... 
its not really
lazy to explain, just try it
less bounce - more contrast 
Netvis For Q1 
Is there a netvis version for quake?
I saw it there ->>
but the link is dead.
anyone have this util? 
You could run Beowulf or some distributed computing software if you want to run vis on many PCs 
Refering To #15 
lazy to explain, but it's not the answer to Wazat's and my question. 
Win Xp And Worldcraft 
In case you missed the thread I again is my desperate plea for help...

I am having a lot of trouble getting Worldcraft v1.6a to work properly with Windows XP. I did not have these types of problems when running Worldcraft on Windows 98. The problems generally result when trying to compile a map.

Here is an error that I am currently getting:

A window pops up after attempting to run the map: �The file C:\QUAKE\ID1\maps\Test1e was not built, do you want to continue�
When I click �Yes� I get a new window with the following error:

�The command failed. Windows reported the error: �Invalid Argument� Do you want to continue?�

So I click Yes again and I get the following Error:
Quake Error: �W_LoadWadFile: couldn�t load gfx.wad�


A separate �Process Window� is also open from the time of the first error message and the following is diplayed:

** Executing...
** Command: C:\wc\Q1Tools\LIGHT.EXE
** Parameters: C:\QUAKE\ID1\maps\Test1e

----- LightFaces ----
************ ERROR ************
Error opening C:\QUAKE\ID1\maps\Test1e.bsp: No such file or directory

** Executing...
** Command: C:\wc\Q1Tools\Vis.exe
** Parameters: C:\QUAKE\ID1\maps\Test1e

---- vis ----
************ ERROR ************
Error opening C:\QUAKE\ID1\maps\Test1e.bsp: No such file or directory

** Executing...
** Command: Change Directory
** Parameters: c:\quake\winquake.exe

The command failed. Windows reported the error:
"Invalid argument"

** Executing...
** Command: C:\QUAKE\winquake.exe
** Parameters: +map Test1e

** Executing...
** Command: Copy File
** Parameters: "C:\QUAKE\OURMAP~1\" "C:\QUAKE\ID1\maps\"

** Executing...
** Command: C:\wc\Q1Tools\QBSP.EXE
** Parameters: C:\QUAKE\ID1\maps\Test1e

outputfile: C:\QUAKE\ID1\maps\Test1e.bsp
************ ERROR ************
Token too large on line 3

Can anyone offer some help with this problem and get me back on track with my map making hobby?

I am most grateful

I would also be grateful to learn if anyone is using a better editor for making Quake 1 maps, or if they have a program(s) that can compile and/or decompile maps. 
try this
place in the directory where your .map file is all the idutils, i.e. qbsp.exe, vis.exe, light.exe
open dosprompt, and go to that dir
and run all the compilers manually, i.e.
vis.exe yourmap.bsp
light.exe yourmap.bsp
if there will be any errors, report

and of course, youse gtkradiant to make q1 maps ( 
Thanks I'll Try It! 

Thank you, I will try it and see what happens.

I have been trying very hard to obtain information from the internet as to how to learn to make Quake-1 maps with either QERadiant or GTKRadiant, but have been largely unsuccessful. I understand that some modifications must be made to these programs in order to make Quake-1 maps, but I do not understand what they are.

I did find this link [url][/url] but it states there that a Quake game editing pack for GtkRadiant has not been released :(.

Do you (or anyone else) have information on how to modify GtkRadiant or QERadiant to make Quake-1 maps. If not, can you point me toward sources on the internet where I can find such information? In your response please bear in mind that I am only a novice.

Thanks Again,
:=) Go To 
Help On Terrain Mapping 
Is there tutorials on mapping rocks or mountains?
(just in map editor)
Help On Terrain Mapping 
Is there tutorials on mapping rocks or mountains?
(just in map editor)
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