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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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If the texture name start with a "*" it's liquid. 
Don't box your maps because you can't find a leak. Every editor loads pointfiles, just use the tools to fix the leak. Otherwise you're tripling the size of your .bsp with a ton of useless surfaces, all lightmapped with acres of black.

The compiler needs a leak-free hull to know what surfaces to prune away. When you put the whole map in a box, the compiler prunes away just the outside of that box and keeps everything else
yeah, it was a temporary measure, now that I've changed my sky back to a solid >_> there are no leaks 
I liked the navigation. Actually I'm resisting the temptation to steal your level.

Here is a demo with the Reaperbot: 
Thanks man.

Whenever I see bots play I'm always reminded that they're accurate idiots.

I'm still not sold on the teleporter destinations. When I first made the map it had really good flow, but would have been confusing for players, as the teleporters they came out by didn't teleport them to where they came from.

So I decided to make the borders of the teleporters and the destination pads textured similarly, so that the player would get used to what comes out where.

In hindsight I'm not sure if adding a mnemonic to remember destinations is worth the sacrifice. 
I missed it because I don't have the textures. I played on checkers, mostly. If you don't mind I'd love to make a "reload", new version or whatever (of a map that's not even finished, I know). But if you mind, no problem, looking forward to play it :D 
Sure Thing 
Let me know if you need me to reupload the .map file as I removed it from dropbox.

If you want to play the textured (latest) version to get a better feel for what I was going for I've uploaded it:

It's still incomplete but it's getting there. 
The message is:
WARNING: CutNodePortals_r:new portal was clipped away

This is the only warning I'm getting. No more warnings about leaks, but it still won't vis. It's not writing the prt file, but it's also not writing a .por file either, so I can't pinpoint the clipping portals, or the leaks.

Sorry it took me so long to write this. 
That Warning 
Is not stopping Vis AFAIK... 
Paste The Complete Qbsp Output Please 
use pastebin. 
I get about 5,000 of those warnings every time I make a map. I wouldn't worry about it. I can't remember the last map I made that had clean output from QBSP... 
I usually fix those, because i can. 
How? I'm willing to learn but I have no idea what it's even talking about so ... 
Well, i had the intent to document my experiences with all those errors (and how to fix them) anyway.
Thing is, i probably need visual examples, be it drawings or map snippets to explain this in detail.

But, for those errors to appear in thousands, you prolly have to raise the machine epsilon first.
Try a value of -epsilon 0.0125, raising in 0.0025 steps.

I compile often, just to look at the output, not loading the map in engine. I do this regularly, after adding rooms, rockwork, special detailed structures..

So i am able to nail those errors down very early, not having to check whole maps afterwards.

Next thing to check are those suspicious coords like having a vertex at 800 -64 - 128.0000023.

Those are the bane mostly, locking them to grid fixes portal cut away errors, at least for me.

When i find a portal error i cant fix with above methods/precautions, i make a new small brush at the specified coords, and look to "expand" existing brushwork to cover that brush.

Can be anything, pillars, more rocky wobbles, anything. Usually this all leaves me with no errors in the end.

I admit, the "real" reason for those is cloudy to me too, looking at the src left me shaking my head til dizzyness. :)

More later, must consult a friend. 
floating point stuff is the main reason for those errors to appear, just reassured. Build stuff on grid! 
Thanks a ton, man! I'll try to put that into practice on my next map and see what happens... Clean compiler output would be nice for a change. :P 
Mfx... Unless You Already Know... 
You should read the Quake mapping Holy Bible, the Q1 tooltips from aguirRe ( 
I recite that before going to sleep. Everyday. Out of my head...! 
Good ! 
You are forgiven, sinner ! 
Don't remember that page, looks like a gem! 
Yep Its Gold. 
And as it states, those portal cut away errors are not critical, you may end up with a total errorfree BSP that still has those errors when compiled.

Nowadays compilers aren't vulnerable to those errors, thanks to rebb and ericw!

Still you may find missing faces, small HOMs, nonsolid floors, all that jazz.

So better stackenblock* all on grid.

Well, it's less the compiler I'm concerned about and more the engine. I'm sure those errors don't help with mysterious collision problems and such. 
As you said. Fuck. 
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