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New Q1SP: "Antediluvian" By Metlslime
Here's a little Q1SP treat to start your holiday weekend off right. Antediluvian is a Q1SP with a rusty, damp "Wind Tunnels" theme. It was originally started in 2001, but only this year did I finally pick it back up and finish it.

Download: (1609k)

I've also released the .map source for this level under GPL. You can download that here: (353k)
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i reallyreally like this map. it is so small and though so full of great stuff. just played a nightmare 100%, something that i don't do very often. maps in this style are the perfect motivation for secret hunting for me.
ant.bsp reminds me a bit to chessp1, the same "oldschool" feeling. 
Great Stuff 
I enjoyed very much playing this map. The looks and the gameplay are great. I played on hard skill - many monsters, many good fights - died several times. The ending on skill 2 was little bit too hard in my opinion. On easy skill there are also enough monsters so you don't get bored but also have time to watch for the secrets (found only 2). The progression was intuitive - I always knew where to go next. But there is maybe a drawback because of this. I couldn't find the way back to the starting point after reaching the main room with the three wind tunnels. Also is there a way to get back from the exit?
Anyway, in my opinion this map is the best release in a long time. I liked it very much and also it is a map that makes me want to play it more than once.
One more: hard to find secrets seem to be a good idea in a map. I'm still curious how to get to the other 3 I didn't found, although I could see them :) 
I liked the progression and the brushwork, but hated the texturing. The gameplay was too one-after-the-other for my taste, meaning - I was hoping for monsters to pop in behind me and other variations.

I liked the design of the zombie area, the hub, and the grate with the shadows and light cast through, even if it wasn't perfect. 
I don't really have much to say about this map beyond what has already been said.

* a solid map, which unfortunately lacks the WOW factor
* it looks and plays lot like Wind Tunnels

It looks like you gave a lot of thought to the gameplay and besides a few predictable things, it was very good throughout the entire map. I ran out of ammo once but luckily was able to dodge some mosters, run through 2 rooms and grab some shells.

The quality of brushwork was good and consistent with some areas making me look around and say "nice": (1) the part with many zombies and (2) some platform designs come to mind. Some areas could have been more polished tho, for example the vore cage. It was a good idea gameplay-wise, but it looked odd and somewhat out of place.

I give this map 7/10. 
Cool Level 
Nice old schoolery while maintaining good build quality. Lighting was especially tasty. It was interesting to see how a few things had changed since I last saw the map a couple years ago.

Pacing was interesting and fun and a bit different from most maps. I had some ammo trouble in a few spots, but health seemed to be dispersed more adequately. Great job, and I'm glad you finally finished it.

Oh, and like I said when I first saw it, Antediluvian is quite possibly the best name ever for a metal-themed map. 
A few years back, during a QExpo, you had a screenshot of a map.

It was under a red sky, with a wooden bridge being crowded by the the ID rock texture rock3_8.
The bridge was over what looked to be blood (thus zer styled in my mind), and terminating it what was an archway, maybe wenter01. 
Nice enough. Design was proper old skool Quake. I like the outdoor bit.

Gameplay was fun for the most part. I fucked up badly near the RL, ended up playing for a while with 2-8% health which was very unpleasant. Ending was quite good. Seemed to be some impossible to kill Vores.

Secrets were impossible. 
Oh Yeah 
Vore cage was neat! 
oh, THAT map... yes. It's currently just a handful of disconnected rooms, but I think it's a cool theme and I am reluctant to just abandon it. 
This map had a rocket launcher somewhere? 
Fun Map 
Good verticality, gameflow and balanced action on Normal. I liked the many grates with nice shadows. Ammo/health was adequate but I could've used less armor in the beginning and more near the end. Got mauled pretty good in the big outside area.

Progression felt smooth, except that I would've liked to be able to get back after the final battle to go secret hunting. Like Ankh, I noticed that most paths led to the hub with the three wind tunnels, going back to the start proved more difficult. I finally found all five secrets, but the last two took a while ...

Is it possible to get to the MH without a RJ? 
This map had a rocket launcher somewhere?

The RL is inside one of the secrets.

Is it possible to get to the MH without a RJ?

There's a teleporter that will take you up there.

And as for the question of going back the start, that is a flaw in this level. Once you go up the tunnel with the silver key door, you can't return to before that point, and then when you go up the tunnel with the gold key door, you again can't backtrack. 
I've just played the map, and I enjoyed it. Good ammo/armor/health balance, I've never been loose in the map, very interesting progression, very good monster placement (I was surprised 2 or 3 times by ogres' ambush..) Gameplay is very good.
Concerning architecture and design layout, it is also very interesting. This rusty design with pipes and water remind me some underearth original ID's level... The only thing I could complain is the fact that the map has not been compilated for transparent water... Well, it is easily solved by console command but I like transparent water effect.. but that's my own taste... As well, lightning effects are really good...
In anyway, it is a very good map that smell to come from a professionnal mapper..
you did good work, I had good fun: kthx for that ;) 
Like Everyone Else... 
I enjoyed this map. Seemed a bit empty on skill 0 -- must replay it on a more manly setting later.

(Anyone remember the crazy talk about remaking all of quake after e1m1rmx got released? Well, this is e3m5 done, then...). 
Since you have used some teleporters for the secrets so why didn't you put a simple teleporter to enable going back from the exit room?
I have also a question about the secrets. I couldn't find the more hidden yet. Are there any hints in the map so you can find the entrance to them? Or is it just that the only hint is that you an see the secret place somewhere above you?
I found the RL secret by pure luck - just shooting a grille. 
3 of them require looking around. the other 2 are rather the usual things like bashing and humping the brushwork :> 
You'll Have To 
look around more carefully; don't just keep your head banging to the
walls ... 
Strangely Enough ... 
the least well hidden of the secrets kept me guessing for the longest! I think I must've shot just about every grille and light fitting in the map before accidentally stumbling across it.

Really liked the MH secret too, it was very satisfying. 
uff - finally I have found all of them :) 
Sorry if my earlier comments were a bit blah, was tired and felt blargh. I do think it is a good map, and the problem with the gameplay was my fault, other than that it played well. Also in addition to the architecture, I like the interconnected design. That bit where you can look down on the large area was cool.

Still frustrated by the secrets tho! 
i probably should have put a teleporter back to the start, but it's too late now. 
There It Goes... 
my ant run!!! 1150 kb qwd format 296 kb mvd format 
authentication required? 
in my webpage getright dont work maby is that... 
Secrets Aren't That Hard... 
I found the first 4 in a row while progressing without backpeddling and found the 5th and last after reloading a saved game (and it didn't take that long to find.) They are good and fair but you need to look all around as you go along your merry way.

I like old skool maps that are well made. This and Ceremonial Circles (which I played not so long ago) are a total delight. Long live id! I really like copper maps and this one is well made and laid out.

I played on Hard and found the map to be good, challenging and fair but there was a spell about 75-80% through when I only had rockets as ammo - not a great situation.

Texture work was great and took me back to the Windtunnels. Limitations on texture alignment were obvious and while not at the standard of today's fine map releases does give this map a nostalgic feel.

Thanks Metlslime - it's nice to see some pickup in the SPQ1 scene with this and other nice maps that have come out after a worrisome drought. 
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