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New Review @ RetroQuake
Marius has posted a review of Bastion of the Underworld. Also, we have a new site layout.

Bastion review:
Retroquake homepage:
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nice usage of wordpress, people :)

btw, some screenies are very dark on the white background. and isn't it possible ot make them clickable into the larger ones? 
In Progress 
Yeah, we noticed that as well. I'm already editng all of the screenshots but that's a big project in itself. 
Make Em Larger 
the problem with offering larget shots is that most of those shots are over two years old and the larger file nolonger exist. I would have to take new shots of everything to do this and no. Not just no, but hell no.

I'll discuss it with the others and see if they want to start that up for all new reviews though. 
Also Starring 
- I would like to see the dates of the reviews.

- White background is a bad idea when trying to make out darker screenshots. Larger shots or a different background color would either fix this problem.

- Why do I keep thinking of 3D Gamer's Edge when reading The Powersphere Quest's review? If the two are not affiliated, I would like to point out that the unit is made for cooperative play exclusively. 
The shots look like they had the levels auto-adjusted - rather contrasted and somewhat misrepresent the level texturing. 
Love the review, Marius! 
Most of these reviews are a couple of years old and I have no way of knowing when they were actually posted.

I am fully aware of the screenshot problem and I'm working on it!

You are right about the powersphere quest review. It is one of the older reviews so I added it to the quake2 multiplayer category as well as the single player. I left it in single player because the author does say what to do in the .txt file if you want to play it by yourself. I also added a comment at the bottom of the page stating all of this information. 
Powersphere Quest 
is very playable in solo singleplayer. Just have to vary playing style 
I Agree 
I think setting the skill to 0 for single player, as the .txt suggests, would dampen the gameplay.

As for the screenshots, new reviews I can start providing links to larger pics but for the old ones, I want to brighten them up but they don't look any better without adjusting the contrast and I agree that it takes away from the actual textures. I don't want to change the bgcolor either, so any suggestions. 
I don't see any problem with the shots gamma wise, just rather contrasted. Maybe the most you could do is to compromise on the bgcolor - something medium in shade. 
My First Play 
in PowerQuest was in Normal skill and it was eh, interesting. After killing numerous flying bosses with just my blaster (one in a locked down position where his chainguns couldn't reach me and me slowly killing him off with my pea shooter), I gave up and god/quadded the rest and Makron.

Then I saw the note; for SP, use Easy skill ... 
I see you are experimenting with the bgcolors.

The black would be OK if there wasn't alot of white text, but since there is - for some people white on black is quite a contrast and might bother their eyes. A lighter grey (or light, desaturated blue) for the text would work better. 
I'm Beat 
I'm gonna leave it how it is for now. It's 7am and i've been up all night and i'm tired. I meant to go to bed at 4 but i didn't and now i'm only getting half the sleep i was gonna get. Hooray for 3yr olds who slept all night, doh!

I'll get it worked out soon. Hopefully before this weekend if not sometime next week 'cause I'm on vacation. 
the brightened screenshots look a litte odd, better go for the bgcolor solution.
instead of changing the color of the entire site you could first try it with bigger (dark) borders around the screenshots... 
They wouldn't help as much. The white would still be too abundant and remain contrasted. 
Old Color Scheme 
Well I thought I could sleep. Anyway, I went back to the old color scheme. It's not completely finished yet so don't get critical on me but it's in a better direction. 
Powersphere Quest 
When i had written the review, i had played it through on hard, single player.

I had used the blaster on most of the first level, which left me free to use normal weapons for the rest of the pack, which was much fun. 
DorKwolf what bots do u use to test the maps out??? u said in the dazdm12se map that u use bots with ones??? 
yeah, that's a very old review so I'm not sure which ones I was using at that time. I've used most of 'em at some time or another.

I know I was a fan of the original reaper for quite some time but, as we all know, there are better bots out there. 
I use a modified version of frogbot from frog and Parboil that support many maps! this is last version with 316 maps supported the waypoints are inside the qwprogs.dat 
New Review 
Sawyer has posted a new review of Hexorcism!

I've made it so you can view larger screenshots for this review and all future reviews will have this as well. Also, at the bottom of the review the date of the post is given for Vigil. :)

Just understand that the date will only be true for the new reviews. 
While I haven�t played the map, it seems this review is quite biased - there are no pros/cons, just an overall positive review. Nothing wrong inherently with that - but also looking at the screenshots, this map doesn�t look even the least bit attractive - far from �in house quality�. It could be the choice of screenshots or maybe that�s all there really is to the map? I hate to be a dick but it looks like an unjustified review. 
First Time 
well, this is Sawyers first review and obviously he really enjoyed this level. I understand the points your making Phait and I'm sure Sawyer will take these into consideration with future reviews. 
Try It 
The review does mention the fact that there's quite a bit of backtracking - but other than that the level is great and I can't find any bad words to describe it. Play it. 
To Kinn 
I do want to know, was your first quake level? You must have mapped for some other game previously to hone your skill. Do you have a body of levels made for another fps? 
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