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Doom3 DM From Zombie.
Looks to be the first proper Doom3 DM map and it seems pretty comparable, if not better than, the maps released with the game. Worth checking out...

Oldish screenshots:

Download: (3 Meg)
Again nice screenshots !! I like the industrial - spacecraft architecture.. As well, texture use is very good, particularly the lava texture in first 2 shots.. Lightning effects are really cool too, even if the 2 first screenshots uses too much red colored light IMHO.. Anyway, nice work... really.. 
yeah it looks pretty nice, but plays like absolute crap. The layout is rather boring and confusing at first. I think its just too flat, the entire map is basically one floor. And a few rooms have pretty bad performance, I think too many light volumes?

But definately a nice effort, and the first worthwhile Doom3 map I've seen. 
<bear> Shambler, some areas might be id quality or higher visually while other's are completely unintersting
<bear> layout sucks and it performed worse than the id maps 
Oh And I Guess It's Still Probably 
much more interesting than most of the crappy maps released so far because of the areas that are well built. 
Finally took a look. It's ok. In some games this would be a decent amount of detail, but doom 3 seems to make detail easier so we need to demand more. The map just cries out 'just to release.' There's a blinking light ent sourced to a light which was always on. That's just embarassing. 
There's a blinking light ent sourced to a light which was always on. That's just embarassing.

Get used to it, it happens alot in stock d3 maps, and most lights don't have blink or strobe versions. Best thing mappers can do is like id did and hide it well. 
What I Like Even Better... 
is when the light source itself goes dark, but the corona/glow around it stays on! 
Shadowdane Is Right 
Layout isn't interesting, with nearly no vertical combat... gameplay wise it's pathetic. Had a couple of visually interesting areas, performance hits in a couple of regions are questionable.

The original doom had more variety in layouts and vertical combat than this map will ever witness. 
Aug 14 03:32:49 <Electro|zzz> nice first doom3 map
Aug 14 03:33:10 <Electro|zzz> fps killer in a couple of rooms, and that door that goes through the wall... aside from that it's a good first one :)

Good to see Electro is very good to his own words, someone you can't trust.

ALso, this map was made in 6 days, with no intention to be reviewed, if I had intentions of it being reviewed, I would not have released it in it's current state... which is quite faulty, but doesn't change the fact that Electro will for ever be a every lasting cock sucker.

Keep your personal issues to yourself Zombie, and i didn't say it wasn't good for a first doom3 effort. And for 6 days that makes it even better. But is that justification for the layout? 
Ben and Garth are good `ol buddies .... :) 
Oldish screenshots:

they dont show up btw 
Another Borked URL 
brought to you by speedy! 
and the letter R! 
can u read? I was saying they dont show up 
yeah but at least the original link goes to a webpage. 
Lost Your Thinking Cap? 
u are missing the point again 
Btw Speedy 
'you' is only 3 letters, you can type it out in full. this isn't irc 
/nick Starbuck|sleeping 
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