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Updated Clean Source From Tomaz

"Clean Source Update - Posted by Tomaz @ 25-Jul-2004

Omigoosh!! Almost a year since last update. Hopefully that will change in the coming few weeks since i will start to upload alot of things i have been coding / modelling / whatever the past few years, that never got released.
And lets start that off with adding the new improved Clean Source.
This time its a cleaned up source code base for both the winquake and glquake engine and this time i have even included a text file described in short words what ive changed. "
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Shouldn't This Be In GA? 
what Kinn said. Who cares? 
I Do 
Thanks for the heads up. 
I just posted without thinking, because the "Submit a News Story"-page said "Note: your news submission will not be visible on the news or forum pages until a moderator has seen it and approved it."...

Sorry, if it was wrong, I thought you should/would like to know:( I wouldn't have posted, if I knew that it would end on the wrong place. Maybe you can move the posting or something. Or maybe you can just close your eyes because a person who never posted here before (but I'm reading;) misunderstood something.

ARGH! English is a hard language when you're not used to use it... 
Sprit: not your fault, whoever approved it should've known better. 
This is news to those of us who care. 
LTH: I'm glad you 'care', but as we're a level design site and not 'a every incremental little thing that happens in the land of Quake' site, it should not be news here. 
Changed Headline 
since this is not actually a tomazquake release. Probably shouldn't be news, but oh well.

P.S. No, i wasn't the one who approved it :) 
it was me. sry.
i'm bad mod...

Oh No! 
don't worry Von!! we love you and your nuclear weapons!! 
And new engine source from one of the better source coders around of course has no effect whatsoever on mappers...

... no, wait, we're all stuck in 1996, right? 
Give Me A Compelling Reason 
to switch from DarkPlaces to Tomazquake, and I'll be very interested. Until then...

Kinn: The source is cleaner. And this is very important for mappers to know. 
A source release is irrelavent to mappers. Maybe if it was a compiled release, but even then it'd just be another engine to not make maps for (for most of us anyway) 
And The Lesson To All Of This 
Next time you engine developers even think about posting on this forum you HAD better include a few maps with it, or else it is going to get really pissy around here. 
We await the 'TomazQuake Special "Editor's Choice" Edition' with baited breath... 
Headthump: "engine developers"
Me: OMG, no! I'm not such a crack, I only posted the news...

Sorry again, you were right, the majority isn't interested. BUT: Please fix the Text I misunderstood! So no newbie will do that again. I learnt my lesson...

BTW: Have fun discussing;) 
Spirit Of 85 
Quite alright; that was meant to funny but at no ones expense. 
And new engine source from one of the better source coders around of course has no effect whatsoever on mappers...

Exactly right!

Even if I used (or at all cared about) TomazQuake, I still wouldn't care about this clean source code bollocks!

Having said that, I don't really care if its posted on the front page, or in GA, or not at all!

Frib don't care! 
Editor's Choice Edition 
I hear the Hyper Fighting Edition will be even better. 
I don't really like seeing Tomaz getting a roasting considering everything he has done for the Quake Community, however it probably isn't news that needed to be on Func_msgBoard I agree. 
Megazoid: Nobody is roasting Tomaz. I agree he's done alot of good work. The current issue isn't debating that, just what should and shouldn't be news here. 
Oh Okay... 
/me retracts the my statement then :D 
no disrespect to the guy, i read the news wrong and thought there was going to be a new version of tomazquake though, that would have been worth news in my book. 
holy mother of jesus christ on a flaming pogo stick wrapped in cheese, tomazquake is alive!!! yaaay! 
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