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New Quake1 Level - Quatrotski
I finished a small Quake1 level.
Quatrotski, and yes...started a new toppic
(don't hit me)

Monsters are from the missionpack, so just wait.

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Well, even having partially good gameplay this map sucks. Misaligned brushes, some textures remind me ones of Aftershock pak (pinky shit all over the place), floor/decorative textures on the walls (omg), mindlessly placed monsters (grunt, knight, fiend, enforcer, wizard, etc). You'll have to fight fiends with 1barreled shotgun for quite some time before you'll get NG. Tho, there's plenty of ammo. The layout is confusing, important halways' entrances usually unlit so it's easy to run by them w/o noticing them. Well, this is a newb map afterall...
Welcome back to 1997 - wastes of :) 
dont u love the eyeball monster and the purple textures !
'purple is sexy!' (some girl) 
there are no eyeball monsters, just usual quake monsters. there's just bsp and txt in the zip, no qc and shit involved... not that i wanted to see that eyeball weirdness :) 
is better my maps :p i suck a lot ehehe keep doing! maby one of these days i learn to make a decent map 
If You Can Accept 
the extremely confusing layout/gameflow and the fact that you only have the SG and later the NG, the actual combat isn't so bad. The ammo/monster balance is pretty good and it's an even combat from start to end (that is, if you can find your way through ...).

In all other aspects (architecture, lighting, texturing etc) it's "less than optimal" to say the least ...

What I really don't understand is why the whole map (and all other MadFox's maps as well) is compressed into a cube where every cube inch of addressable space is utilized to the max.

This is probably one of the reasons behind the confusing gameflow; you really have no idea where you are geographically and if you noclip to a nearby room, you'll be surprised at where you end up. 
I Love... 
.. the way aguirRe explains very bad things without hurting... It's like if you eat shit with chocolate around .... 
Super Fantastic! 
I couldint find the gold key.. 
I Love... 
.. the way JPLambert points out something that someone else said and comes up with a funny parallel to it .... 
i think purple is sexy too, but that's just me. 
I Love... 
.. eating shit with chocolate around .... 
I'm glad to see at least one man loves chocolate here... ;) 
Purple is evil

Shit with chocolate too 
Purple is evil

no... YOU are evil. 
...I'm gonna keep on eating nothing but that funky chocolate snack, until speedchainmap #82 comes out...
Do you wear purple underwear? 
Sure A Newbe Map... 
Thanks Vondur,not that I wanted to received that well earned critism, but I told that "eyeball-weirdness" was only in the mission pack, in which the skill setting is changed. So there it will be even harder.

I did my best for the texture misalignments, but it seemed there's always a mocking bird.
True I am conceiled to Aftershock, otherwise I would have been start mapping for Quake2.
It wasn't my intention to make a clear accessible map. In fact it was one of the first maps I made with Qmap, and I know it isn't representive for nowadays players.

Then aguiRe, the reason my maps are cube-alike, is because when I started mapping, my computer would crash everytime I tried to connect two different cubes in space. I really wondered (and still do)how people could make those maps with so much parts without a connecting borderwall. I guess it must be the defective reach of my computer.

Dakza, I could tell you, but then it would spoil the advantage. I think the environmental protection suit has its nature to explore.

Glad you people are so taken with chocolate, only my marshmellows are purple. 
Only on tuesdays. 
I just reckon it'd be much easier also for you to map in a less compact fashion. As it is now, you can't expand anything in any direction without having to shrink something else accordingly.

I also don't know why it should be more crash prone to map in a more distributed fashion, since most mappers actually do it that way (and for good reasons).

But you're certainly a hot candidate for the Most Map Contents In Least Amount Of Space Award
Most Map Contents In Least Amount Of Space Award. 
That is still held by SPOG. 
people who released aftershock and sold it for money must be destoryed....

madfox, indeed what aguirre said, use 3d space wider, there's no need to cram room by room under room, etc. noclip through the existing quality maps and learn that way. and avoid uberthin walls like 1 unit thickness. this is the main sign of lame leveldesign. and develop proper theme of the level in your future releases. select proper textureset don't add scary shit, it isn't original.
and make further progress more obvious. i still dunno how to finish this map and i don't wanna bother finishing it.... 
It Didn't Occur To Me 
before but when looking at the map source, I noticed that it's actually very similar to how a decompiled map looks like; like a big Borg-cube where everything is filled with either brushes or player space.

Also, if you want brighter lighting in a map, I'd suggest not to just set -range 1, moderate it with a lower dist value. 
It Looks Like A Doom To Quake Conversion 
In that regard. Where all the brushes have to stretch the non used Z-space to the highest and lowest points. 
I Wasn't Assuming To Break ID Standards... 
In the time I bought Aftershock, there were no editors like Qmap or WorldCraft for free. I still remember I thought it a big mistake to buy it for the Thread-Editor, as for the same money I could buy Dissolution Of Eternity. But my intention to make Quake levels for my own was bigger, than buying a new mission pack.

Sorry you can't finish the level, and I won't bother you further for doing so. I just get the feeling you won't like my further maps, because they all are that same crappy cube-a-like size.

I can only say, that in februari 2003 I had finnished the whole thing, and when I decided to send it to the net, the ID came to me to make them compare to four sequences of six maps. It took me quit a time to look through the critism I found myself here on the board.
I had made myself a pleasant time, and thought to share this with others. Not for the rating of good levels, but just for fun.

But now I understand the reason of your commands, and while time has passed me by, I am just wondering between the joy of level-making and the sense of finishing a good quality Quake map.

Afterall, these levels won't fit in nowadays compilers, are just the results of an enthousiastic Quake player, who has found himself unfortunately between more than amateur game designers. Not for a lame excuse, but it was just a small Quake1 level.

Thanks for your commands and point of view anyway! 
Well, you don't have to stop mapping because most of people said that your last map is not pretty good ... Just continue mapping, learn from "pro" mappers, and considers bad comments as a "what not to do"... Keep it up, and improvement will come naturally...
I'm a beginner like you, and I didn't eat only chocolate for the 2 maps I released these last months.... hoping one day shit will disappear ;) 
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