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Jex3dm1 - Eulogy
OMFG! One of the best looking q3 maps i've seen.


wow. you guys are fast ..
but i hoped that someone would write a decent text to replace my crappy english :] 
I was so happy that someone finally wrote a nice short news item that i didn't think to edit it :)

This map is really nice looking. Good use of a mixed texture set, nice compact layout, good details. My only complaint visually is that the railgun/MH shaft is very uninspired compared to the rest of the map. 
The one line review doesn't disappoint.

I don't like having to rj to the hm and rg though. Ack, acronym overload. 
i can cross "Eulogy" off of my list of level name ideas. 
just. whoa.

not often that maps look AND look like they're designed to be played. Great work Jex. 
Er, That Is 
maps that look this great 
That is one beautfiul map. I'm sure comparisons to UT2003 will be mentioned, but I don't care, myself. Nice detailing, and all those curved stairs rock, too. And I so want to use that teleporter shader... 
very nice map.
detailing is top and alphashadows rocks!

a pity there are no sounds to add some atmosphere tho... 
Its Good 
I dl/ed a while back but it runs a bit slow on my comp. 
Top Notch 
No complaints here. The map rocks with detail. Nice job. 
Love It! 
Great detailing, nice layout, really nice lighting, cant fault it :) 
like this map a lot
it actually kind of reminds me of doom 3, with all those tiny pipes and guard rails, but not as dark. Great work. 
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