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New Quake DM Map
There is new brushpile appeared on horizon entitled - Uzuldaroum. It's small and for duels. Screenhots, download and info here:
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zzjzz, Blitz and I just had a few fun romps on this. zzjzz 0wned us all, but it was quite fun. Blitz and I were constantly trying to "de-throne" John from the RA room, and he kept wh00ping us. ;) Powerups were off, and it was very cool.

Oh, and the secret is a bit too easy. :/ 
the link to the file is a 404 
The fact that it's so dark kinda hides the excellent brush work and texturing. 
the link to the file is a 404 
works now, weird 
The big V maps on still? Respect... I'll have to check it out when I get home. 
20 extra monsters in DMSP senses another hidden Single player section (ala zed2).....

but i havent found it yet. 
I Railed All Your Shamblers !


Nice map layout, feels like koohoo again .
BTW, do you DM quake at Nival ? 
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