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Just wondering if anyone is interested in a wizard/arcane themed q1sp project. The idea would be a common pak file, including a bunch of arcane monsters/props, and whoever wants to donates a map in an arcane theme (id wizard, contract revoked, ikblue, new texture sets, whatever). Then they get strung together, and that's the pack.

Criteria for arcane: in my opinion, there should be lots of books, heh. And a focus on signs and symbols and magic and such. contract revoked is a good example.

Anyone interested?
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Whatever happened with this? 
I think that people are working on it and we have to wait til like November or something for it to come out. 
The QC coding is proving to be a bit of a nightmare, with weird errors all over the shop. I 'm still attempting to get the new weapons to compile... and then I have to replace the axe. It isn't helping that I'm using a new compiler either.

Then I have to add in new monsters.

And work on three maps.

And three essays.

But before that... I have to get Ontranto all fixed up, out the door and out of my hair. 
Goodluck FC 
*big hug for Fatty* ( well, as far round as I can reach ) 
your maps are worth waiting for. ;-) 
I'm still in, my map should be pretty good. MY monitor blew up so I haven't been able to work on ANYTHING of any kind lately, so that sucks. Is anyone else still mapping for this?

BTW, I may make a second map for the project out of scraps, so if anyone has a map section that would suit this project, send it over. (
Fatty, your Far Aira sections (if you're not using them) might be suitable.
I missed out on this entire thread while I was gone.
Those screenshots rock. 
/me drags biff_debris to the altar and sacrifices him to the gods of visual aesthetics 
Ikbase Rules! 
Idbase, ehhh? Some mappers can make it work, the ramp room in the SlipGoat Complex (unintended spelling error too cute to change) makes it work, but overall, they look like shat. 
Hey Kell 
I remember back when we thought of a project like this originally, you said you didn't have time to map, but you'd help with some texture editing. Are you still up for that? I want some custom textures for my map.

And yes, my monitor is back, finally! Good thing it was on warranty (mere months away from expiring too!). 
Unholy Resurrection 
A few questions:
Is anyone besides myself and Fat Controller still working on maps for this?

Anyone have any maps partway done they'd like to finish and contribute, or contribute for an FMB-style scrap-map?

Is anyone willing to do some heavy texture editing for the main map I'll be doing?

(For FC), what enemies and weapons are going to be in?

Also for FC, what did we dedide (anything?) about the start map also housing the finale? 
Well, a long time ago I posted here that I wanted to map for this project after the release of my map I was working at. I thought I would finish my map fast, but I was wrong (the release was only few day ago).

I still want to join your project, but I have just started a new map (I want to make it completely knave covered). If you want to wait for at least few (3-4) months, then I'm in. If you don't, then I'll release it as a single map.

Actually I think it may take me more than 4 months, because I want it to be at least medium-to-large sized. 
I Have An Unfinished Map 
intended for a speedmap done a few weeks back. It has a promising layout and probably fits the Arcane theme (mostly Ogro textures). I could work it up some more this weekend and hand over what I have Sundayish if you like. 
Pulsar: Don't worry, I will take at least 3-4 months too so it'd be great if you were in.

Headthump: Sure send it over and I'll have a look. Right now the scrap-map is mostly IKBLue but I could use it as a secret area, make another scrap map, or retexture it a bit to fit the theme. 
Will the knave only map fit the theme? (without ikblue) 
Will Do 
IkBlue will be an easy conversion. 
Oh Yeah 
Yeah Knave is perfect
Each map could be its own style, anything the mapper thinks fits the theme of arcane. I was just informing Headthump that the map I'm making out of various scraps is mostly Ikblue, though it is in fact Ikblue mixed with knave :)

I've also made a bunch of prefabs of furniture, bookshelves, etc in case anyone's interested...

Headthump: Sounds good.. 
Progress Report 
Coded so far:

Enhanced Brush Entities
There are several triggers which can be toggled on and off, and start off; I am working on toggleable func_trains (wait -1 can be restarted) as well.

Extra Keys
So far I have written code for five more keys.

To Do
1. Weapons
* Replace axe with chainsaw
* Add Rogue multirockets and lava nails
* Add chaingun and ammo_slugs for same (impulse 8 twice to select?)

2. Trigger_read
I'll be creating the trigger_read as a point entity the size of a player. It won't fire at once, but will make a selectable noise, requiring an impulse to fire, like Unreal's translator. Books and combat don't mix.

3. Monsters
* Rogue Dragon
* Baron
* Axeman
* Ontranto archers and crossbowmen

I had all this written down on a piece of paper, or I can check my mail on the computer downstairs.

Uploads of any test alphas are dependent on getting this ADSL wireless business running, and we've had to call for professional help. In the meantime, I'm still faffing with the code and two maps. 
will there be such features as chest remover and/or one entity teleporter? 
I have no idea what you mean by "chest remover".

As for "one entity teleporter", I am intending to implement Ritual's func_spawn entity (if you're referring to teleporting in monsters) as it has more flexibility. You can spawn any point entity you like with it. 
Chest Remover 
I mean the code, that removes chests of dead monsters to free edicts. 
Oh, Corpse Removal 
Given Tronyn's penchant for horde combat, that's not a silly idea. 
My map count can be upped to 3... hehe//
What about "Mage" monsters like the CoE mage (3 classes in 1?), Troglodytes and Overlords/Wraths?
I'll release some more screenshots and update the page pretty soon. 
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