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Just wondering if anyone is interested in a wizard/arcane themed q1sp project. The idea would be a common pak file, including a bunch of arcane monsters/props, and whoever wants to donates a map in an arcane theme (id wizard, contract revoked, ikblue, new texture sets, whatever). Then they get strung together, and that's the pack.

Criteria for arcane: in my opinion, there should be lots of books, heh. And a focus on signs and symbols and magic and such. contract revoked is a good example.

Anyone interested?
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I'd Like To 
get my little Doom project out before August 3, but after that I'll certainly have time for map construction. Also if you need any static models or brush prefabs for Arcane let me know; I'm handy with both. 
Tronyn, is it OK if we just send you a .map with lighting done but item and monster placement absent...oh, and about 200 free entities. 
Ah yes. I'll add those to the list.

Currently I'm still fiddling with the library/start map - I may add an exterior shot or something.

At the moment what I really need to do is test ths master field business (and extra keys) and be sure that it all works.

Then the weapons, then the monsters, then the trigger_reads and other environmental doohickeys.

What I'm really doing is adding cute little rading lamps to the library and trying out styles for the graveyard map. 
Sure distrans send along, that sounds great.
And FC and Headthump, map scraps whenever you're ready too... :)

It's going to be a learning experience doing a FMB/SM_x map, fitting these sections together and whatnot. So far, I've noticed that the way I've put sections together (I've got 3 of my own I've made suitable and started) is "cheesy," so I'll need to work on that. 
Damn And Blast 
We've got ADSL working! :)

Seriously though, I have to completely redo the goddamn master system. All doors and shit are broken. This is what comes of trying to be too damn clever. NNGH!

If I can get this working, I'll start on any weapons and monsters I can find... Probably the Rogue and CoE ones, I think I have the code for those around.

(The fix should be easy. Just add a slave field. I thought I could get away without it...) 
I was thinking lately that with this much new stuff and 4+ (I think) new maps and a start map, this is actually close to as big as OUM. Maybe to make it more professional and coherent we should just make it into a linear episode, rather than a coagula-contest style pack branching from a start map... what do you think?

If we were going to do that, some kind of logical progression between maps would be good (like OUM).

Damn did OUM ever rock :) 
sure did 
Quake Doesn't Need Logic. 
Shotgun And Armor In A Library 
...doesn't strike me as logical. :)

However, I've had a brainwave. If we have four confirmed maps, then we can still use runes and have some nonlinear fun.

The runes, as intended, open the safe behind the reception desk, where there's a lectern that the Necronomicon is supposed to rest. The front doors open, and you take off outside towards Old Dethshill Cemetery... <Buford T. Justice>in hot pur-suit!</Buford T. Justice>

In other news, the master field now works properly for doors, as do the keys. I just have to check all the mastery code and then I'll start on weaponry. 
Hehe Fatty... 
...all this talk of master and slave is starting to sound very Neitzchean. 
When I Don't Get My Way, 
I take it out on the slaves 
"A Library Makes Me Sick" 
Actually, the idea is to be able to "turn on" or "turn off" an entity, like a door. The canonical example: A powered door that needs to be "turned on" to function normally.

My preferred example is a hub or central crossing where you do a few things, then the doors close and stop working normally, while several zillion monsters take turns buggering your skull.

Now I have to test the chainsaw. And the toggle-able push and hurt triggers, and 
Fatty, The Rumours Are True Then? 
You are showing off your QC AI programming skills with a path_bukake_groupattack function? 
There Are Three 'K's In 'Bukkake', Silly 
That Word Is Racist 
That Is Why I Avoided The Third 'k' 
because I am just that sensitive you know 
Not being an expert on these things...

Why is it racist? 
Btw, The Word Is Nietzschean 
what I meant by logical progression was just, thematic progression, like OUM had. However I think using the runes is good.

The 4-ish maps would be:

Fatty's map
Pulsar's map
My first map - Ikblue/Knave
My second map - Rogue Wizard/Runic

I've also got a map in production based on scraps from A Roman Wilderness of Pain, not sure if it would fit the theme though. Might be best to leave it for its own release later on, since it's also hardly started in comparison to the others.

As for prefabs/map objects, I've got a few but maybe some actual models (Headthump) would be good. Specifically I've made a candle-holder (like in Doom) prefab, but lots of these would make wpolys fly through the roof, so maybe a static model would be better (could incorporate the rogue candles possibly). Just an idea.

I've got some benches, chairs, bookshelves and lights for map prefabs, I could zip them and upload them somewhere.

and BTW, where are those map scraps? I'm making really good progress on the scrap-map now, so send them in while there's still room to incoroprate them. 
Count the Ks in "bukkake." It goes like this: k, k, k. Now what's racist and has three Ks? 
Is It 
Ken Kaniff from Konnecticut? 
I Have A Doom Style Torch Stand 
in production for Town of the Dead. I would be glad to hand over when it is completed.

BTW, in that Roman wilderness of pain,
are all the children insane?

meh suspects lycanthropy 
BTW, in that Roman wilderness of pain,
are all the children insane?

I've also got a map in production based on scraps from A Roman Wilderness of Pain

great idea, looking forward to this. 
I can't find the bits from that ikblue map I started anywhere. Sorry Tronyn, I think they're gone for good.

In further news, I still can't get the chainsaw to do its idle animation, and am starting to encode the chaingun. 
...ya, I tend to come up with some wrong combination of letters whenever I try to spell him ;)

The Rogue candles would be awesome!

You won't get a scrap from me, rather a medium sized map that needs item and monster placement. ETA 6-8 weeks. Incorporate it, cannibalize it, use it as a secret level, throw it away... whatever. 
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