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New Cube!
New release of the open source multiplayer/singleplayer first person shooter Cube is out! New features in this release include: demo recording/playback, new arena multiplayer modes, jumppads, improved mapmodel physics and configurability (bridges), mp3/ogg playback and a completely new cube soundtrack, many cool new maps and more!
Get it from:
Since I know all of you are zealous fanboys for stuff that has my name on it, I'd just like you to know that this release should contain rpgcb01. So go get it. 
Well If RPG Has A Map With It 
I ain't getting it. 
Cool... /me Downloads 
...and I know realise that the icon above isn't for use in tofu related discussions, but is some kind of cube logo. Woo.

Still, if at any time we feel a need to contemplate tofu it might come in handy. 
If a tofu falls in the forrest and there's no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? 
I like how my brief and entirely uninformative post was replaced with Aard's and yet I still get credit. 
This Is Just Phase One 
within a couple of weeks you will have entirely replaced Aard (much to the confusion of his family and friends) 
Especially Since I Only Speak English! 
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