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Industri Alpha
An alpha version of Industri is now available for download. The download is alpha code and level design. Nothing is finished and many 'things' are missing. It may not even run on some systems, however some people may be interested in checking out the current state of the project. Think of the release as an early preview.

dafuck is that ? who made alpha news
it doesnt even run on my machine ! 
Attempt To Prove My Innocence 
At first Mapist didn't play this alpha.

I was not sure where to move this puzzle news submission because from the one side it might be interesting for raped quake engine lovers, but from the other side it's so called "leaked alpha". The last drop that pushed me to move it here was that there was no news for a long time :) Sorry if i did my job bad and offended someone. 
I Think 
...Remove Vondur out the way :) 
Quake is a consenting adult; she knows what she is doing ;-) 
btw Vondur, Mapist is Speedy, In case you'd like to more directly insult him.

Also, this is good and fine news in my book. I had always viewed it as Tigger's very large map project, and he does enough for our community with his reviews to justify pimping even his alphas. And you're right about there not being much news lately.

I like the idea behind doing a 'leaked alpha', very cool tip of the hat to D3. Downloading this now, and I'll get back to you on how much I enjoyed it. 
Jeez, Have A Whinge... 
I wanted to know about this, thanks : ) 
scampie i know that mapist is speedy

good that i didn't do evil mistake, thx 
I Gave It A Go 
I needed something to put my new radeon 9800 through its paces anyways.

It took forever to load. I was able to do Christmas shopping and see Boeing about purchasing more planes while it was starting up.

Looks good if glitchy. Looks a lot better than th vinyl world that is tenebrae1. 
Ati Issues 
There appears to be a few problems with ATi cards atm. Someone also said that projected textures are not working with ATi, so that would mean a very different atmosphere as about 70% of the lights are projected. 
bet you made it run crappy on ATI's because they were the ones to leak your alpha :) 
ATI Patch 
There is now a patch for ATi/GF3 cards:

This should fix a lot of the rendering problems. 
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