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General Abuse
Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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Fitz Quake 
Is nice and rounded engine, but I can't use it to play my maps.

I use it when I record demos for others. 
Get A Load Of This Guy 
Engines And Steam 
Thanks for the great response guys, much appreciated!

Meanwhile I've spent a while trying to investigate the steam version of Quake, and it appears that the engines they supply have been slightly broken by the custom steam code they contain.

Winquake.exe is the less broken engine. Steam has some integration code, either to check you're still running steam in the background or to record your playing time for your profile. winquake must be a child process of steam.exe for the integration to work. If you launch winquake.exe from outside steam, it detects this, and signals steam to relaunch the process before shutting down.

This has two negative effects: 1) If you're watching for winquake to exit, you get signalled as soon as the first process closes, while the steam copy continues to run. Unusual problem, but I fell foul of it. 2) Much worse - when Steam relaunches winquake, it doesn't use any of the command line parameters from the original call. This means something as basic as
"e:\\steam\\ steamapps\\ common\\ quake\\ winquake.exe -game cass" does not work!

It's not impossible to run mods using the Steam version - you can add to the command line through the Steam interface, although it's cumbersome and persistant. But it's a barrier to making mods easy to run on Steam, as you can't supply a helpful batch file or external tool, users have to understand the command lines and manually action them.

I mentioned winquake was the better of the two engines - amazingly glquake is worse! It won't even run unless you launch it through Steam. My best guess as to how this happened is that some time in the past Steam integration changed. Since winquake is the primary engine for Steam's installation of Quake, it received a patch to make it compatible with the new version of Steam. Glquake got passed over for this, and so is nearly unplayable.

I doubt there's anything that can be done about all this, so I'm just venting/sharing. Fortunately you can just drop any custom engine into the directory and it works without any of these issues... 
fyi that is NSFL gore shit and I don't get how Shambler is a mod here. 
unless you wanna see the inside of a mans scrotum 
it's safe 
I Rarely Click On Any Posted Link 
But I post lots of links.

I am a member of the meta community.

Who's had a beer or two. 
I find this easy to masturbate to. 
Fuck You Shambler 
my name is madfox

i play fitzquake085 on winxp.
i play fitzquake075 0n win98.
i play quake1.08 0n dos6.4

steam has ruined my comp. 
On A Lighter Note:
(a dude eating hot peppers) 
As Always 
Madfox levels the plAying field. Uh, is caps allowed? 
Gore Shit? 
Are you mad? It's just the natural process of procreation. 
hey shambler, fuck you

unrelated to your post, just wanted to say fuck you. 
Cool Man. 
Appreciate it. 
There Are Few Things In Life More Certain 
than the NSFW-ity of a smabler link. I can't believe you chaps didn't see that one coming. 
Hello Boys 
Cephalotripsy-Uterovaginal Insertion Of Extirpated Anomalies 
Good theme. 
Devourment - Devour The Damned 
Got one of their albums, and two from these guys: 
Clicked Image Link 
Expected goatse. Disappointed. 
Can Never Resist My Curiosity 
no one posted this, I suppose because we all saw it coming a mile away 
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