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Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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Who's gonna be CTO now?
I'm glad Carmack has left id. I'm not glad because he's lost a step and gaming has moved on without him. I'm glad he's left because he should be focussing on his passions, which are invariably these weird, geeky futuristic dreams that have just a tiny chance of becoming reality one day.

There was a time where he fantasised of virtual worlds, of people exploring 3d space together, no matter that they weren't in the same room, or even the same country. Then he gave people the power to create these worlds themselves.

I don't think Oculus is far removed from his earliest ideas of Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake. It used to be that each game generation brought massive improvements in graphics and immersion, but that just hasn't been the case in recent years. We've hit a plateau.

Now there's this headset that you wear, and when everything is working correctly, you'll feel like you're inside the game. It's going to open up opportunities for developers and players that we can't even imagine yet. Honestly, I'm really happy to see Carmack move on - because when he's passionate about what he's doing, amazing things happen. 
Fullbright Texture Cvar? 
Is there a cvar to turn off fullbrights, some levels have textures which are ruined by fullbrights. 
Gl_fullbrights 0 
Cheers Man 
also, added to the wiki page... 
It is not a standard cvar (considering that glquake did not even have any fullbrights). 
But who runs standard quake anyway? It'd be a shame to exclude information on the basis that it wasn't in the standard version of the game. 
Is your mail address (as in the profile) still current? Please reply if, or just mail me if not. 
Tutorial Gfx/site 
Hey guys, I've recently started a site mostly about game gfx, especially old games - from the creative angle. Since Quake is another community where some of the modders still stick to the old-school visual style despite all the modern features like normal mapped texture and per-pixel lighting, you might be interested: - tutorials, inspiration etc. Hope you don't mind this announcement here, if so, please feel free to remove it. 
very nice idea but I am not sure how useful it is to make the tutorials so specific to software that costs more than 1000$. Surely there are free alternatives, especially for "pixel art", that might even work better?

I'd also ditch any plans of a schedule. Those things are evil bitches that never work out! 
I was thinking about it myself too, it's just I wanted to have some actual tutorials instead of just giving a "general idea" how to do something. Thing is that I use Adobe software - at first, because I've had to - I don't think anyone is going to employ you if you list experience in free software only, in your cv. ;) Over the time I've grown to like the interface and now, I just need the features they have.

I'll be "researching" free software over time, and writing/revising. You have a very good point, since I'm sure that most people interested in my material would be modders or indie devs.

And schedules are indeedevil, thanks for the input! 
Don't Worry Cage 
The gradient map tutorial works just fine in GIMP - the function even has the same name. So the tutorials are very adaptable, and watch this space for an example for Quake! 
I think you should just keep doing the tutorials, maybe some Gimp genius or similar can 'translate' them. 
Don't It Make My Green Eyes Grey 
Tome of Preach officially turns 1 with a post where I try out Gradient Map texture conversion on one of Sock's old textures.

There will be a second post where we improve this conversion, part I is for technique, part II for style. 
Anyone Here Played 
The doom mod called "doom like id did"?

Asking because I played it recently and really enjoyed it. Was thinking of doing something similar for quake. Mostly because it is simple and with work commitments I dont see myself making a map as detailed as my last one any time soon. 
Quake The Way Id Did 
Would be pretty neat actually. 
Any Source Ports Which 
add split screen?

This is a sorely overlooked feature, I have a ton of fun playing doom on the 360. I know playing with a controller heresy but goddamnit it's fun. 
For Quake, FTE does. cl_splitscreen 1 to 3.

on windows you will likely need: in_rawinput 1; in_rawinput_keyboard 1; in_restart; too, in order to allow the engine to distinguish between multiple keyboards+mice so that you can actually control each player. Alternatively you can bind some keys to '+p1 attack' or so. 
More Texture Fun 
Yeah, yeah, at last. The second part of messing around with sock's textures is up, and there's finally something worth using... 
Terra is sort of Like "Quake the way id did", was always hoping somebody would finish the mappack 
Texture Work 
I'm really interested in messing with editing software to get the maximum value out of a texture. I had a play with that texture using PSP 7 and got this -

It's on the opposite side of the green scale to yours but has enough character to be nice and could be better with a higher contrast. 
Fuck 3D ! 
wasn't too bad. But as you said it's unfinished and personally I thought it threw cheap tricks at the player.

I'm working on it a bit now. I'm sure it won't take as long as my first map since it will be half as detailed. It wont be throwing ridiculous traps at the player either, very much vanilla style. The other thing is that I'm a bit concerned that I have deviated from the theme a little since the textures are properly aligned on my base map (unlike Romero's misaligned texture horror-shows). 
ATTN : Madfox 
Please set up a twitter account so we can follow you and get a dose of the madfox all day every day anywhere we are.

Arauna 2 RTRT 
This realtime raytracing stuff continues to amaze me, if you have a recent enough nvidia GPU you should be able to run it.

Imagine all those elaborate hacky rasterization schemes that just go away with realtime pathtracing. 
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