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Straw Poll 
Hi guys, I'm probably about to cause this thread to be spammy for a day but it's for a good cause. Please don't turn this into a holy war or engine arguments but...

I'd like to know what your personal go-to default quake engine is. You don't have to justify your choice and please don't create arguments about which one is best. Just a quick post where you name the engine, and if you can be specific enough to give the exe name that would be doubly useful. Just a a quick

"My name is Preach and I use fitzquake085.exe most of the time."

would be fantastic. If you use 2 or 3 engines frequently you can add 2nd and 3rd place.

My Name Is Shambler And I Use Fitzquake085.exe Most Of The Time. 
I use this because it is the simplest one with the least extra bullshit. The few visual additions (fog, skybox, coloured lighting) are fine when done well, and I really don't want anything more.

2nd place is RMQ, only when the map forces me to use it. 
I've been using Tyrann's software engine, which supports bsp2 and helps me pretend like its 1996. 
My Name Is Nitin And I Use Fitzquake085.exe Most Of The Time 
My name is onetruepurple and I use fitzquake5.exe most of the time. 
My name is mfx, and I use QuakeSpasm 0.85.9.
2nd is fitz 0.85.
3rd choice is the engine Ijed mentioned. 
My Name Is Distrans And I Use Fitzquake085.exe... 
...unless a release calls for a specific engine to run. 
1st: unreleased engine. based on joequake with fitz,bjp,etc parts and influences.

2nd: quakespasm, usually freshly compiled from svn. 
My Name Is Mandel And I Mostly Use DirectQ.exe 
which is DirectQ 1.9.0 
My Name Is Fifthelephant And I Use Directq.exe Most Of The Time. 
I used fitzquake as a close second 
My name is ScampieSUXCOCK and I use Quakespasm. 
My Name Is RickyT23 And I'm A PC! 
And I use FitzMkV, or RMQE 
My Name Is Rick And I Only Use Fitzquake085.exe 
I remember an earlier version I tried did not animate the sky textures correctly on func_walls, which was something I had done in Castle of Oblivion. So I stayed with GLQuake for a while, but I think with 081 I switched for good. 
for a long time i've been using aguirres enhanced engine

and now i use fitz85 (modified to prevent that infamous "whats that name of willem map" bug) 
My Name Is Hrimfaxi And I Use Fitzquake085.exe 
Lately I have been using Fitz mark V with bsp2.
And Tyranns engine, as second engine. 
My Name Is SleepwalkR And I Use QuakeSpasm 0.85.9 Most Of The Time. 
This would have been a great discussion thread!

Anyway I use Fitzquake latest SVN version (which is basically 0.85 with 2-3 half-baked new features) 
My Name Is Drew! 
I vacillate between fitz .85 and the RMQ engine. 

Mostly because it's like Fitzquake, but also plays .ogg files from /music/ 
My name is Tronyn and I tend to use Jack Danieeaas I mean FitzQuake but with a strong secondary reliance on both DarkPlaces and RMQengine 
FitzQuake Vs AguiRe GLQuake 
I am JPL and I have two reference engines (aforementioned)

I personally use both of them depending on the map. No need to say FitzQuake is the reference engine I (have been used to) map with. but I always give a try to aguirRe GLQuake, because it has a different look ingame (i.e light and fog density are not rendered the same)..

Well... Fitzquake is my preferred engine in anyway ;) 
This Week, I Are Been Mostly Eating Cheesy Wotsits. 
Also, FitzQuake 0.85, because it comes with no bullshit and I haven't found a reason to use anything else yet. 
I Like The More Feature Rich Consoles Personally 
Some would say 'bloated'... 
My Real Name Is Kim Mahdoow 
and I used FitzQuake0.85 all of the time 
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