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Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

News submissions:
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Vimeo Ftw! 

Quake video collection including a toy surprise... the free ready-to-go eyecandy Qrack_HD engine.

So why resist the thrill of opening the toy surprise inside?]GoogleDrive

88 videos (+/- 1 minute each)
- Full HD image (1920x1080)
- HD audio stereo (44khz)
- 4.5 hours
- 10 GB
- 1/2 million pictures (1.0368e+12 pixels)

1000 people
- players (clans)
- artists
- composers
- designers
- developers
- producers
- programmers
- coders

66 groups / musicians (84 songs)

31 map designers (52 maps)

30 quake servers

26 mods
- airquake
- airshot
- capture the flag (ctf)
- clan arena (ca)
- cooperative (coop)
- deathmatch (dm)
- deathmatch plus (dmp)
- easy / nightmare run
- free for all (ffa)
- freeze tag
- future vs fantasy (fvf)
- in the shadow (its)
- instagib
- king of the hill (koth)
- open quartz
- pain keep (pk)
- practice
- qball
- quake done quickest
- quakeworld (qw)
- runes
- rocket arena (ra)
- speedball
- team fortress (tf)
- twisted christmas
- undergate

8 projects (each)
- Baker (introduction)
- R00k (e1)
- Qrack (e7)
- Special (e9)
- Video (conclusion)

8 competitions / tournaments

7 countries
- Belgium
- Brazil
- Canada
- England
- France
- Holland

5 engines
- darkplaces (dp)
- engine x
- proquake (pq)
- proquake playsation portable
- qrack




FULL DETAILS (100 pages)

Qracker Jack Quake








Let Me Put It This Way. 
If I was in a room watching videos of Qracker Jack Quake - and there were two other people in the room with me - Hitler, and Osama Bin Laden - and there was a single gun sitting on a table with two bullets in the chamber...I'd take the gun and shoot myself in the head twice. 
This Is Bad On So Many Levels... 
Rejected as news because:

1. A Youtube channel is not news.

2. Broken links.

3. No useful information.

4. Post too long. 
The Qrack_HD pack contains copyrighted material: pak0.pak and pak1.pak, if not more. 
5. Gave me cancer. 
OK. That Does It 
Some of the dumbest comments I've read in a while. 
How Do I Contact Mh? 
Kinns Comment 
is golden! 
There's the door. 
What Is This? 
31 Map Designers? 
Is There A Func Group On Steam? 
invite only?! 
What's your Steam name? 
Is this the same MH?

If so, I'm not sure how it works, but you could PM him, I wonder if he gets email confirmation of the message. Anyone? 
All Praise To The Baltoad 
Bal got us all a guild stash in PoE.

This means no french jokes for AT LEAST a day k? 
Ok Daz! 
I surrender! 
I will retreat from my plan of making any French jokes. 
I am going to place so many trash white items into the guild stash 
Poor dwarf :P 
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