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General Abuse
Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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probably not, but since there is a seperate App Store for each country, Apple can de-list apps per country if they choose. 
Maybe it'll slip through :-P 
Looking For Some Early Feedback 
and because it is so web2.0 for people to add details, tag and vote. ;)

More than half the screenshots are not up yet and there are a lot of tiny annoying things. Anyways you are welcome to use it already.

Disclaimer: I had a random creativity burst after reading a wishlist in the forums. I guess that burst is almost over so I better quickly publish it. You know how that is. 
Maybe sort the maps in alphabetical categories - so in addition to "Page 1 out of 30" there would also be pages listing maps by filenames, starting with 0-9, A, etc. 
rebb already suggested that. Maybe later. Those things will be more fun once all the data is there. 
Actually, you are right. That is an important feature.
Well, until I add it you can at least use ?n=3000 in the url to get all maps listed (please be nice with that, it is stress for the server). And I increased the number of maps shown by default to 300. 
Oh dear, what an oversight. Thanks! 
QW Player Text Deleting Faggotry 
As to the efdat betas, there are newer versions, and possibly final ones soon(ish). 
Please use tags to take notes of such things. Eg "outdated" or something like that. 
I Did Stuff On Rcdm7 
that's my favorite dm/ffa/tdm map :D 
Rebalancing The X-Men Mod? 
Got this idea because of the New Wolverine Movie. The X-Men Quake mod was never popular, but most of the review I saw of it was due to gameplay being too hard and the weapons too weak. The source code of the mod is released, could may a mapper adjust the damage and the health values and make it more playable? 
So now my level is running out of mark surfaces. Damn it! I guess it's time to seal it up and get rid of the stuff in the void... 
This Is Going To Be Good 
Willems most massive/detailed Quake map EVA!!! 
tbh he's just been c'n'p-ing crates for a month... 
ye delete some crates willem :) 
Fuck that. Crates == gameplay. 
That was the MGS school of game design, yes. 
And that game was awesome so you see my logic. 
You'll never make a crate so big that it dwarfs Phait's "Aerowalk inside" crate! It can't be done! 
Zliffle go speedmap event 
Willems most massive/detailed Quake map EVA!!!
which one? 
The one I'm currently dry humping into existence. It's become a bit of a bear... 
Scan Reading 
So you're dry humping bears now?

Why not make a map instead? 
I'm dry humping a bear in a warehouse. Keep up. 
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