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Baal-Peor's High Places For Q2 SP & DM

Just a quick note to tell you that Baal-Peor's High Places
was released this morning. For both single-player and
deathmatch, this level has classic flavor.

(Give the level a whirl yourself and see if it's worthy)

Download and information @

Thank you,

[edit: converted into news]
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who cares? 
I Care 
and I've posted a link at . I haven't yet checked out the map though ... 
Not Bad 
but it's a bit small. Looks ok and pretty fun gameplay. 
I'm sure alot of ppl care; and if u don't then why waste ours and everyone else's time with pointless degrading comments towards something which u obviously don't. Save comments like that for someone who cares wtf u think. 
I Would Care Except.... 
Map releases should be submitted as news, or posted in the General Abuse thread. A discussion thread is not the place for annoucing a new map.

Cardo: This isn't IRC, you can speak with real words. Otherwise you look like a blithering idiot. 
i have no clue who you are, but if you dont have something constructive to say, dont say anything at all. 
whoa. geeks really got angry. im surprised geeks didnt get it. 
UWF: take your own advice and just ignore the dickhead and keep the thread, no matter how 'incorrectly posted', on topic and flame free. 
Anyone need my input or to join a side in this? Uhm, no? All right then, back to the bottle we go. 
I'll try to catch up and play your level later in the week. For me, Quake 2 is more fun to play than it is too map for (though it is a great medium for machinima), IMHO 
If Q2 Were Here, 
i'd play it. 
The map.

Played it in Single Player and I didn't like it.. was far too short and too cramped. Your corridors and rooms should be alot bigger so you have the room to fit more gameplay and visual detail.. like wallsupports and whatnot. I wouldn't try and cater for both SP and DM at the same time though... a good DM level and a good SP level have totally different qualities, especially with regards to layout. 
It's A Start 
I still enjoy Q2 and this map shows that you could use what you've learned and move towards a full sized SPQ2.

I think the Q2 engine still looks great and plays very well on my machine. Great ambience is possible with the coloured lights and sound. While it may be difficult to map outside the base/future realm, it does these themes very well.

Hope you're planning your next one Baal-Peor. I'm available for beta testing if you have such plans. 
Baal, Sorry 
but my soundcard is shot right now so I wont be playing your level any time soon. All I can do is map -- no play time for me :( 
I second Scampie's encouragement on the use of Q2, an underrated game in my opinion. The monsters don't have the raw fear factor of Quake, but in terms of game play they and the weapon selection are about as well balanced as you can ask for in terms of an entity set. When you add Lazeras to it, it is all gravy.

I said earlier that I found Quake 2 not to be very pleasurable to map for and that is strictly because of problems in compilation that I have not seen in Quake or Quake 3. A contest map I made for Quake 2 choked on the compilation; I later put the same map through both Quake 3 (Q3map2 obviously) and Quake 1 compilers and had no serious problems. Is it perhaps stricter because the engine is based upon vertex lighting and not lightmapping as in Quake 1 and Quake 2? 
Quake2 Used Lightmaps. 
Yep That's What The Man Said. 
...and not lightmapping as in Quake 1 and Quake 2? 
read his entire paragraph and tell me you don't think he mistyped that last line. 
Metlslime Is Right 
That is just a typo, and I know where my misunderstanding of the Quake 2 lighting methods originates from; the Post Mortem chapter in Abrash's Black Book touches on Quake 2 radiosity lighting, and his explanation sounded a lot like vertex methodology, but rereading it, I see where I was making some assumptions. 
There's a few major things differant between q1/q3 and q2 light tools. q2 uses radiosity to generate the lightmaps, where as q1 and q3 had those added to later tools. Your problem most likely came from surface lighting. Q2 defines surface lighting and brightness in the texture .wals, and seeming as standard q1 and q3 tools and engines don't use .wals, you probably just overloaded the map with surface lighting. 
It was Scragbait encouraging q2 use. I could care less, I don't have it installed anymore and the game itself was boring anyway. 
I Have To Admit 
as time goes by Quake 2 seems a weaker and weaker game to me. The gameplay is simply too slow and repetitive, especially compared to

Quake 1 [single player masterpiece]
Qauke 3 [deathmach masterpiece]. 
Thank Goodness It Is The Off Season 
my batting average is really sucking tonight. 
Q2 Gameplay 
...does need a kick up the arse, i agree. It needs a mod focused on refining what's there (less hitscan, faster moving monsters, less fucking delay between weapon changover etc) as opposed to one that just adds loads of new crap. 
It was late when I wrote that. 
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