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Speedmap Pack 58
Here it is! The final pack in our '4 Seasons of Quake' Megatheme!

The Elder World's dark arcane might slowed most of the mapper's progress, and drove many of them insane with it's sheer vague terror, but 4 mappers persevered and brought us 5 maps this week!

Authors this week were: Rpg (who made 2 maps, 1 of which was in theme, the other in sm55's idbase theme), Starbuck, Xenon, and Myself.

Grab the pack here:
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And To Silent Again 
don't ask such a dumb questions here.
all the editor basics are in the editor help or tutorial sites.
we're here to help you align crates on the map but not align texes on a crate. 
Speedmapping recharges mapping energy! Irc is all that wastes it! The more you map the more mapper energy you have! 
....Sorry VonnduRRR,ButmE is tHe Dumbeďż˝t LaifeFOrrm on da BlAhnetH... You Iz veRRRyy KKinnDD! 
The Silent 
cough, sorry if i touched your nerves too strong ;) 
Wc3.3 allows you to rotate any texture, anyway. You could have a stack of 20 crates, all rotated on all the axis', and automatically they would all have proper texture alignment. TOO BAD if you load it in regular WC, or try to compile it with any Quake supporting QBSP, this alignement isn't retained. Plus my example probably wouldn't compile well anyway : 
A stack of 20 crates...

* Shambler gets w00d! 
No Way! 
...just kidding Vondur!!! Anyway u were right..... Too dumb a question.... I'll have to get down to some serious learning. Thanks everyone who bothered answering.... 
No Way! 
...just kidding Vondur!!! Anyway u were right..... Too dumb a question.... I'll have to get down to some serious learning. Thanks everyone who bothered answering.... 
No Way! 
...just kidding Vondur!!! Anyway u were right..... Too dumb a question.... I'll have to get down to some serious learning. Thanks everyone who bothered answering.... 
The Silent, A Few Approaches To Take 
If you use the Radiant series to edit (personaly, I use Bmp2Map for all of my mapping solutions ;-) the texture editing function is listed as Surface Inspector in the Texture pull down menu, from there, play with the buttons, and you should do fine. Or, alternatively, you can align the brushes along the spatial dimensions of your textures, an artful approach perhaps, but limiting. 
What? Bmp2map? 

i wonder if it's possible to make something worthy there ;) 
No Way! 
...just kidding Vondur!!! Anyway u were right..... Too dumb a question.... I'll have to get down to some serious learning. Thanks everyone who bothered answering.... 
Every time I refresh the window, it sends the same message again! I begin to doubt to be REALLY stupid.... 
multiple posting sucks for everyone!

is this a browser problem or a func_msgboard problem?

it never happens to me. i use IE 6.0. 
don't refresh the window
it's some bug of this board
press Forum button instead
It's probably possible to stack about 10 of those maps together along the z-plane for that fresh Mayan look ; 
must be the speedmappers dream.... 
"...some maps are raved about for apealing to the reviewers taste, and others are not raved about even though their strong points are not to the reviewers taste. So, though there is no ranking system, Shambler is not immune to Human Nature. "

I understand your points but cannot comprehend out how you managed to derive them all from Shambler's reviews since they're pretty much nothing like you describe them. If it weren't for you posting the quotes I'd think you were reading the wrong site. Even with the selective quoting you provided, your rants just don't fit in context. Gameplay is mentioned in all reviews, and highlighted if it's significantly harder/easier than that of the initial ID maps, so players know what to expect. It's even worded that way in most cases (eg. "some may find this level rather hard in places") - not opinionated in the slightest and definitely not a rate-down. Besides, balancing gameplay is an important aspect of level design and if the mapper is too lazy to add sufficient supplies and balance out the gameplay then it deserves a mention. There have been cases where maps have been critised for being too easy though, it seems you're only looking at one half of the picture. And even then, it doesn't matter what bad was said about the maps... if it made the site, it was a good map, and recommended by the reviewer. All happy.

And the point of this discussion thread was, a long, long, long time ago, to comment on the maps in speedmap pack 58, which is why your sudden outburst about a two year old review site seemed kinda pointless to me. It might also be worth mentioning you're the only person I've ever seen complain about the issue here, which added to the, erm.. general whatthehellisthisguygoingonabout-ness.

Can we get back to posting movie quotes already? 
...for the careless transitions between present and past tense in that above post.

Is this the longest news-thread ever since the Insanity Pit? 
Alot Of Comments 
Must mean speedmapping is pretty popular or interesting, or both. 
Xen, You Make Some Good Points 
I never intended, originally, until I OVER interperted his remark 'make sense, please' (it had an undertone of passive aggression to it that perked my interest), to note anything beyond the man knew how to appreciate a good layout. But my quote selection wasn't that selective, I just went back to my favorite maps to see what he wrote originally, but you are right, you can't ignore the qualifications he gives in the reviews and draw an accurate picture. 
A Little More On Bmp2map 
I love these little utilities, though I have always been dissapointed in the various model formats to map (asc2map, vrl2map, 3ds2map) ones. If one worked even half way well, most of my mapping would be conceived in Blender and Wings3d and only translated over to either GtkRadiant or Hammer (incidentally, you can export to DXF in it) for the finishing touches and processing.

When I first played around with bmp2map one test I did was to translate the layout maps (easily available on-line) from the first DungeonMaster game and I stacked them into one map which compiled without a problem.

So its a fun little utility and could possibly be useful; esp. for speed mappers. 
emphatic emphatic lolz 
those programs are pretty much destined to suck, becuase map files are fundamentally a different kind of data than what most modelling progs produce (convex volumes vs. polygonal meshes) 
Absolutely correct. If you examine a .map file, a simple cube even, and a .map file converted to a .raw or .asc of that cube, it is easy to see how different they are organized in mathematical terms. No getting around that, it is true. I'm just stuborn about finding new ways of doing things to the point of redoing a complex conncave surface by calculator and hand because it wasn't working out in the editor. That's just me butting my head with reality. 
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