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Speedmap Pack 58
Here it is! The final pack in our '4 Seasons of Quake' Megatheme!

The Elder World's dark arcane might slowed most of the mapper's progress, and drove many of them insane with it's sheer vague terror, but 4 mappers persevered and brought us 5 maps this week!

Authors this week were: Rpg (who made 2 maps, 1 of which was in theme, the other in sm55's idbase theme), Starbuck, Xenon, and Myself.

Grab the pack here:
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Clearly Stated English?? 
My arse.

Now I know why those TeamShambler guys

What guys??

always complained

What complaints??

about maps being too hard and the combat too distracting

Distracting?? What on Earth do you mean??

for their walk arounds.

What walk arounds?? Do you mean "reviews"??

Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no way in hell I'm falling for your retarded trolling. So you were a better player than me, like I give a shit. Equally some people were worse players and found maps much harder. For God's sake if you're going to try a windup, try harder. 
Ah Well. 
I can write English but not Func_Qmap tags, obviously. 
it's useless to fight with shambler ;)

headthump, go map better 
Anyway, Ignoring The Ignorance... 
Sm58 blah blah. Quake would be a lot more fun these days if my fucking mouse worked properly. Ummm yeah so it was the usual bollox, quite inferior to the previous 3 sessions IMHO. I liked Xen's with the Fiend jumping from the water, and Starbucks was in the spirit of things. Oh yeah, the start and finish to Scampie's had a cool E4 vibe. But yeah blah boollox etc. Someone fix my fucking mouse already. 
TeamShambler reviews weren't 'rated', they are just Shambler's opinions. If you don't like them, write your own reviews.

Now. If a map is difficult, it should be pointed out. Most of those reviews were written when Quake was still alive and kicking and there were many casual players playing custom maps. Shambler's reviews reflected the view of a player expecting to enjoy a map. Use of skill settings is a large part of this.

If a map played in normal difficulty was reasonably harder to beat than an average id map played at normal, it SHOULD be pointed out. Skill settings are there for the players to choose how hard a map is to play. Not everyone is awesome at Quake. Good map design keeps this in mind to ensure fun for everyone, and that is what Shambler's reviews reflect.

Saying 'this map is hard' does not mean 'this map sucks'. Challenges can be fun for some, and it should be up to the player to decide.

Anyway. Quit trying to start a fight. You threw in an extra comment to your post that had nothing to do with what's being discussed (speedmaps, remember?) and Shambler wasn't clear on what you said. I suggest you stop turning this into a fight becuase you'll find you will not be well liked here if you get in battles with long standing community members. 
I was not trying to start a fight. My intention was to nip one in the bud before it got started and make it clear that I wont tolerate ad hominem attacks, especially when my original comment was a gentle dig at a tendency Shambler has in his reviews. I happen to think the work he did on the TeamShambler was excellent in the development of standards for Quake mappers.

You are right that this has drifted off subject and to a substantial degree that that is my fault, though I find your opinion to be one sided.

My original comment was on critical standards, whereas his comment and later comment were based upon the clarity of my language and my rhetorical abilities. I may be the new guy here, but I don't deserve to be treated disrespectfully nor will I tolerate it.

Shambler: As you should already be well aware of and as it has been established as the standard civilized people have lived by for thousands of years, when you descend in to personal attacks, you have already lost the argument.

Vondur: Great advice, I will try to fallow it. Flame wars sap too much creative energy that should be used else where. ;)

Finally, I played the map pack and the standards have really climbed over the past several weeks. The maps were varied and most importantly complete. Kudos for loosening up the rules in regard to the time factor, Scampie. 
/me selects easy skill 
It's not a popularity contest, quit trying to win. I'm the only egomaniac allowed here.

Let's go back to discussion of the topic at hand, if you think your points are so imporant, let's discuss them in a new thread. 
The Mind Boggles... 
Oh God what sanctimonious drivel. HeadThump why do you persist in this trolling, you are fooling no-one at all.

"Ad hominem attacks"

"Personal insults"

You think "make sense" is an insult?? Oh, boo hoo, cry me a river. You ever been online before?? Asking someone to make sense when they've posted a random and incoherent moan (which, of course, you still haven't acknowledged or explained, see post #31) is hardly the pinnacle of personal insults. Then, of course, you post an insulting, pointless, and entirely meaningless rant against me....fine words for your high and mighty attitude.

"'Oh, you have got me there, HeadThump. I apologize for being an obstinate jackass. In the future I will try to be more civil on my end of our discourse.'"

Well, how about this for an apology:

'HeadThump, you're a pompous, egotistical, self-deluding twat who is posting tedious shite without any idea of what you're talking about (see Scampie's reply that shows how ignorant you are).' 
Headthump, you'd lost the argument before you even started posting simply because you didn't have a case. Firstly, he hasn't reviewed there for about two years, and secondly, it's not a score-based map-ranking site and the 'rating down' of maps which you speak of is clearly bollocks. That was the most pointless rant I've ever read. 
So Anyway, 
How 'bout that SpeedMap Pack 58, eh? 
This Is Masochistic 
Scampie kind of hinted that he did not want this discussion to continue so I did not address the claims you made in your 2nd to last posting, Shambler.

Despite my attempt to soften the blow by pointing out your strengths (and I even offered you a way out of this, afterall), I obviously hurt your feelings and for that I apologize to you.

You have questions concerning the intent of my original posting, and I'll try to give you an unqualified answer.

'now I know what those TeamShambler guys'
'what guys?' you asked?

Before I wrote this, I had no idea that you were affiliated with TeamShambler. The sites closing statement kind of had a finality about it so I did not associate Shambler with TeamShambler. When you posted,'make sense, please', I checked with the FAQ of your old site and that is how I knew for certain who you were.
'TEAMSHAMBLER'? Do you claim TeamShambler to be a one man army? Well, true or not, you should understand it if anyone makes the mistake of thinking there is more than one individual involved.

'complained about the maps being too hard and the combat being to distracting'

By this I meant,
'In your reviews, you obviously placed a higher value on the design of the layout and the virtual architecture represented on the map then on the combat with which you often expressed frustration.'

'walk around, what walk arounds, the Reviews?'.
No, walking around the level, admiring the layout.

Xen, you point out not a weakness in my argument, but a poor choice of wording on my part. 'Rating' only in the sense of quantifying a given subjects value which all reviewers do whether they use a rating system or not. 'Rating down' in this context means placing a higher value on some aspects of a map over other aspects, therefore, some maps are raved about for apealing to the reviewers taste, and others are not raved about even though their strong points are not to the reviewers taste. So, though there is no ranking system, Shambler is not immune to Human Nature.

'Pointless', Well, the subject of 'ratings' was never the central matter of this discussion, though you are by all rights entitled to change the discussions subject matter to reflect your concerns if you wish. However, the current 'point' of the discussion has been drilled in the ground many, many, many times over, and I only do so now as an exercise in masochism. 
Hehe This Is Quite Entertaining 
So, though there is no ranking system, Shambler is not immune to Human Nature.

Grave. Digging. Own. 
Need a shovel, mate? Or Headthump? :/ 
and for clarity:

of course shamblers reviews are the best reviews of maps i have ever read, i strive to reach his standards in my own reviews. :)

i just like headthumps choice of words. Language amuses and interests me. 
No thanks, but if you have a bulldozer to spare, I'd like that. 
Walking Round The Level Admiring The Layout?? 
Some pass me TEH CRACKPIPE too... 
...and While You're At It... 
...the Babelfish link as well. 
..esome pack as usual, guys! Keep 'em comin! BTW, What's the first step in learning to map? 
The First Step Is Knowing 
The Crate 
...The Second Would Be Doing 
Thanks a lot, Kell! Next thing I'm gonna ask u is how to properly align textures, mine always fall outta place! Yours has been one of the best episodes ever.... Thanks also for that.... 
depends on the editor
but usually you have to open texture manager(inspector) and there will be all alignment properties
in some editors handy keys are binded for texture shifting
But Still 
speedmapping is a waste of mapping energy

/me still hates speedmapping 
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