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New Quake DM Map: 'Orkan' By Speedy
Even if you dont play Quake DM, take a look at the screenshots, I tried to make the map visually interesting.

Download and shots:

What do you think about it ?
Very pretty and some cool detailing. I had some very fun romps in DMSP on this map. Only complaint ATM is that one of the pipes that is used as a ramp is a little awkward to navigate.

Also, I downloaded SheHasLeaks which is another incredibly detailed map. Beautiful. Very fun in DMSP. 
I have a "confession" to make:

i play DM maps in DMSP!

Speedy - your maps are excellent, very nice textures.

PS: In case anyone didnt already know it, the DMSP mod TOTALLY OWNS. 
excellent architecture and texturing speedy. Now go and make a sp map :) 
Excellent Job Speedy 
I had the pleasure of beta testing this map and I'm glad I did.

This map is awesome. I love the texturing and the layout is *perfectly* suited for a good 1v1 battle.

Excellent weapon placement. (though I forgot about the LG a few times in beta testing hehe)

One thing that will strike you about this map is the very *very* brooding atmosphere. It looks like an abandoned graphite arena decked out in faded bronze trim. All the textures work together flawlessly.

The top walkway (GL) can be a little campy, but nothing that some skills won't get you past.

Keep it up da man. 
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