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-Replicon- SP Map For Arcane Dimensions
Same promotional picture:
ironwail 0.7.0

29 fps...

This map completely brings Ironwail to its knees, straight from the very start. For reference, not even the craziest of Orl's facemelters in Ter Shib goes below 72 fps on my rig! What is going on lol... 
Seconded. I am playing on a laptop and vkQuake got me single digit FPS.

Also, why tie your framerate to 72? Ironwail won't break physics at higher FPS if your monitor supports that. 
Also, why tie your framerate to 72?

72 is fast enough for me, never did find a reason to change it from that tbh. 
I don't want to slag off the map really, but I am actually fascinated from a technical point of view as to what's causing this.

I guess it's a very interesting test case for potential engine-side improvements! 
Tested On Ironwail 
The map runs a lot better on Ironwail. And sure enough, even with less than 40% CPU and GPU utilisation, it still won't ever rise above 30 FPS. At first I thought it might be CPU-bound, but it's GPU utilisation that will spike to over 90% sometimes. I hope this can be optimised.

This map looks very enticing, but I don't think I'll get through like this. 
Makro (Ironwail) Has Located The Issue It Seems 
#QM convo here:

I would suggest fixing all the rotators that are causing the problem, and doing a second release. 
Andrei pushed a build of Ironwail that'll play this well. 
Yeah Holy Shit 
Makro's latest fix takes me from 30 fps originally, to 300 fps. 
Love The Fishes. 
From 37 FPS to 490s, nice update.

BTW: Those fish models are great. 
Ver. 1.1 
Changes: -reduced details of many brushes/entities to increasing performance.
- .map now included

(rized fps from 50 to 200 on my system)

Performance drops due to exceedingly "round" brushes (24+ facets) and a huge rotated vent on a round tower. In addition, a quad-styled hollow sphere causes a lot of performance drops. Yet one: I'm pierce a few rotate obj to only one info/func_rotate, not shure if it causes a dropping fps. 
1200 Fps With Updated IW 
How deep is ability of the engine?
Excuse me for double post. 
Any tips/cvars to improve performance on vanilla Quakespasm ? Looks awesome, but not really playable for me. 
Try New Quakespasm 0.96.2 Version 
It outperforms previous release at some (50+ vs below 40 fps on my system). At least map is playable on QS now. Or try IW if you system support it. 
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