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New Q1SP (AD) BeHop Ranger And The Spicy Wizards
A remix of a remix of a remix in moonlight!
Screenshot 1 Download
This was a really fun map. A lot of fighting, so I'm gonna take my time to look around later. Cause wow, that definitely feels like a map Colossus would play test.
Also kind of weird that you filled the bunnyhop map with water, but we forgive you.

I heard you like demos. Recorded on VkQuake for the spicy particles. 
Cool Map! 
It's a solid one. Thanks a lot. 
Congratulations On The Release! 
Very nice. Reminded me very much of some old remake-themed speedmaps but obviously with that sock level of polish.

I played recklessly, AKA as intended, and nearly paid the price for it. Pretty vanilla-ish gameplay overall (I did read the readme), just about my preferred level of difficulty and pace.

I felt that this evoked both E2M5 and E3M6 (or midsnack) in more than just the texture theme too.

Skill 2 demo: (warning: anticlimactic ending) 
Played in AD on ironwail 0.7.0

Enjoyed it, felt like a palette cleanser really as a lot of maps now are quite distinct from the vanilla game, although I think I would enjoy seeing a sock map in something like dwell or alkaline. 
Great Stuff. 
Extremely cool :banta:

I initially thought this was a straight-up remake of The Wizard's Manse, but then it turned out to be totally its own beast.

Enjoyed the architecture, which wasn't hyper detailed, just solid and elegant.

Combat was fair, got punked in the final gauntlet, but that was my fault for catching my quad rocket in my face, leaving me on 1% health lol. Thought I might make it on 1% health for an epic limp into the slipgate to end the level, but then a shambler just nicked me.
Thanks everyone for the demo's, I enjoyed watching them all! :) The map has certainly got an old school detail vibe, but I did not want to spend months making it!

Metlslime, please could you change the download link at the top of the thread to include https instead of http. Most modern web clients require https nowadays and block anything else. - My mistake.

Here is a new link just in case Download 
Thanks a lot for this quality map. It's a real pleasure to play it. It's the kind of Quake maps I want to permanently keep in my collection. It's also one of the things that make Quake1 still the best game (IMHO), even by today's game standards! 
I hope Custom Gamer covers this one. 
A Nice Little Romp With Some Memorable Encounters 
Really enjoyed some of the combat setups in here, especially the quad run.

Not the fault of the map, but I was enjoying this up until I thought I had run out of ammo and was left with the axe, I took a lot of damage and save scummed my way through the last 20 or so enemies, but before that it was great. It turned out to be my key binds preventing me from changing weapons and I still had nails and rockets, but was too focused on playing to read the message. I should fix my binds and replay again on hard, searching for those last few secrets I missed. 
Where're the demos?! 
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